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Recruitment Information

We are actively on the lookout for genuine players who are well mannered, considerate of others, and interested in making long-lasting friendships regardless of guild tags. We expect that those seeking to join the guild want to develop their character stories, and have a strong desire to engage with guild stories or be storytellers themselves.

We strive for an open, pleasant and fun atmosphere in the guild, and welcome members who will add to this, and embrace the tone we already have.

We Accept

Male NelfFemale Nelf
Night Elves
Male HighborneFemale Highborne
Male NightborneFemale Nightborne
Alliance Nightborne

Druid Hunter Mage Monk Priest Rogue Warrior








How to Join

Joining the Silver Circle does not require a lengthy or impersonal application process. We recruit by invite-only, but we do not accept just anyone who is interested in joining. We only offer guild invitations to people who have taken the time to get to know our members and who have truly proven they're invested in their own characters, making friendships, honoring the guild mandate and all we have to offer. Below are some helpful tips for you to use if you want to get more involved with us and eventually join or become an affiliate of the guild.

Introduce Yourself

To begin the process of getting to know us, come tell us a bit about yourself in our Guestbook Forum. You might be surprised by how much we all have in common! This is also a great place to let people know you're looking for roleplay, new friends to play the game with, or to ask our members questions about the guild.

Click the book to fill out our introduction prompts!

Learn About Us

Before going further, it's important to learn what the Silver Circle is all about! Take some time to browse the guild website. Our About Pages contain all sorts of important information including the guild mandate, history, rules, and guild structure. We also encourage you to read about the guild Paths and our Membership FAQ.

Play With Us

Seek us out on Azeroth or send a member a /whisper for some walk-up roleplay or fun PvX action! You can also follow our ongoing storylines and events by keeping a close eye on our Event Calendar. You are also free to create your own storyline or event with us as a means to introduce your character. Just let an officer know of your intention so we can help advertise what you'd like to do.

Deciding to Join

After meeting the members and joining us for some roleplay or fun PvX encounters, determine if we are the right fit for you. Be sure to review all of our Guild Rules as well, to ensure they're agreeable to you. If you enjoy the atmosphere we provide and want to add to it, let a Guardian or Officer know that you are interested in joining the guild on your elf.


Once you have been around the guild long enough to prove you're invested in your own character, the friendships you've made, and the guild concept, mandate and rules, you will be invited to sit with an Officer for an in-game interview. If approved, you will first receive an invitation to this website, followed by an in-game invitation. New members are expected to stand before the Circle during a Council Glade event to formally introduce themselves IC and make their pledge to the cause.