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Circle Paths


Serving the Goddess is a challenge and a privilege, and each must follow their own path in Her name. In broad terms, though, there are several overall paths. The Elders and Wardens are responsible for each of these paths, for guiding the way along them, and guarding against the dangers that lurk there. Four are known to exist, while whispers are heard of a fifth. In common for each is that following it requires the completion of several tasks, increasing in complexity and demand with each stage.

New Members: New members may choose and begin their Path progression at any time, after making their in-character pledge to the Silver Circle and becoming Aspirants. For in-character context, it may be assumed that following their pledge, new members can locate the details of the various paths in the Silver Circle archives.


Path progression is entirely personalized for the individual character, because of that new members can begin path progression at anytime! To get started, simply notify the leader of your chosen path.

When you're ready to start completing tasks listed on your path constellation, simply reach out to the leader of that path to let them know you're planning on completing a task. The leader of the path does not need to be present for the role-play for you to complete your task, but they do need to be notified by you in order to document your credit.


Completing a stage in a Path entitles you to wear a Seal, a symbol of achievement and honor within the Silver Circle. Seals are earned for every three (3) tasks that are completed, excluding the introductory task (bottom most) for the Path.

Each new seal that is achieved comes in the form of a rank up and an additional enchantment on the Path Insignia, as shown below. When a member of the circle earns four seals in their chosen path, and all five lunar phases on their Path Insignia are illuminated, they qualify for the opportunity to complete the Path's final task. Completing the final task in any path merits a custom in-character title in homage of your character's journey and development on the path.

When a member completes the final task in their Path Constellation a ceremony honoring their achievement takes place at Council Glade, and they become known veterans of that path. It is acceptable for a new path to be chosen after the final stage of a Path is complete.

Example of Unlocking Seals
Zero (0) to four (4) seals, right to left.

0 Seals 1 Seals 2 Seals 3 Seals 4 Seals

Path insignias by Elor Blinstov.