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Moonlit Monk

This guide was originally written by Melyria of Moon Guard in 2012, and was her headcanon to explain ancient kaldorei monks.

During the events of the Mists of Pandaria expansion, the monk class was introduced to kaldorei society. However, because non-Pandaren monks adopted Pandaren philosophy and even venerated their deities, it conflicted with traditional night elf roots. To help bring more depth to traditional kaldorei monks, we created a style unique to the kaldorei.

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The Moonlit Path initially started as a philosophy developed after the War of the Ancients by priestess Ceyora Nightstride. This philosophy eventually evolved into a meditation and exercise form of martial art that allowed the priestess to contemplate Elune's mysteries.

As the War of the Satyr broke out the cursed kaldorei assaulted towns and settlements. Because satyr strike fast and often from shadow, it would place the relatively weak priestesses at a disadvantage within melee. To combat this Priestess Nightstride modified the purely non-combat style into a hand-to-hand style with additional training in stave and one handed weaponry training. Teaching this style to a few priestesses greatly improved their chances of survival during the Satyr Wars.

For many thousands of years Ceyora developed the style and philosophy further until it was split into four schools. The Moonlit Path remained unchanged for a great deal of time until the coming of the Pandaren. With their coming, Ceyora learned the concept of chi, inner strength and power, and learned to manipulate it, creating the modern incarnation of the style.

The Maiden's Path is distinctly non-combat and is what remains of the original philosophy developed 10,000 years ago. The Maiden's Path dedicates one's life to learning Elune's mysteries and to see her hand within the world. This path acts as the foundation for the others and it is difficult to learn them without first understanding the Maiden's Path.

This path consists of brewing teas, meditation and seeking to see the oneness of the world, under Elune's light. To fully embrace the the path one must learn to see how everything is interconnected, how Elune's light envelops everything. One must become aware of their entire body and the world around them, inner and outer awareness, be aware of the tiniest of details.

When one masters this path they can see every detail and move almost as if they have some sort of precognition, able to glance blades with their hands, catch arrows and dodge strikes with minimal effort. As well they can see and exploit openings and gaps in the enemy stance and armor.

The Path of the Fawn focuses on defense and grace, able to dance around strikes that would crush them like a deer in the moonlight. To follow the fawn is to embrace the grace of Elune. However, a deer has strong hooves, making them dangerous to fight. In combination with the usual jabs and strikes the Path of the Fawn employs sacred oils and the Flame of Elune to ignite anyone in their way.

Those who master this path can shift around a staggering number of strikes. Any who do manage to hit seem to be blocked or guarded. A follower of the Fawn is renowned for their reflexes and should they master the Maiden's Path their already impressive defense is improved even further.

The Stormcrow's Path is one of magic, to contemplate Elune's divine moonlight. Using chi as a rail and mystic moonlight a follower of the Stormcrow's Path allows them to heal in ways unique to the monk. Their power allows them to channel moonlight through others and create powerful shields around their allies. However, just because a monk chooses the path of healing does not mean they are defenseless. Their healing spells are often tied to specific strikes, allowing them to focus their chi and direct their faith through their own inner strength.

The Saber's Path is the path of Elune's wrath. While Elune is a goddess of peace she will advocate violence when it is needed. Those who take this path must struggle with understanding that line, to fight or to desire peace.

A follower of the Saber's Path draws upon the mighty sabers of Kalimdor, mimicking their power and deadly agility in combat. Many Kaldorei who follow this path even use their own claws in homage to their path's namesake. Their strikes can rend armor, crack stone and slice through stave and shield.

Those who master this path are said to move so quick their claws become a blur, shredding those who stand against the flow of war. A master of the Maiden's Path may also see every armor gap and exploit each weakness to devastating effect.

Kaldorei men and women who follow one of these paths are often treated like priests or priestesses. They are within the hierophant line and are subject to the same trials, events and duties other priests and priestesses tend to.

However, because of the differences between the Moonlit Path and the Pandaren style of combat there are some differences in the skills used:

  • Healing skills use Elune's light instead of mist.
  • Dizzying haze uses oil instead of liquor.
  • Flame breath uses Elune's flame.
  • All brews are teas, not ales.

If you're looking for ideas of what to call specific skills you have access to:

  • Tiger Palm: Saber Palm
  • Blackout Kick: Eclipse Kick
  • Spinning Crane Kick: Cyclone Sweep
  • Keg Smash: Flask of Oil
  • Flying Serpent Kick: Moon's Charge
  • Rising Sun Kick: Moonfang Kick
  • Xeun, Invoke the White Tiger: Invoke Chi Frostsaber