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Here you will find brief descriptions from the various events that transpired and ultimately led to the creation of the Silver Circle. To read the continuing story, please visit the Campaigns page.

12,000 Years of History

As the kaldorei awoke to their heritage, growing wise and graceful and immortal on the shores of the Well of Eternity, a heartbreaking vision of the silver Goddess Elune was revealed to a handful. Though Her words are lost now, Her vision of the kaldorei as the stewards of Azeroth was not. Inspired by the grace and beauty of the Goddess, and the glory of this vision, a select few swore an oath in Her name to safeguard Her people and Her will. They would be secretly known as the Silver Guard, and would stand watch over the kaldorei for millennia to come.

Following the war of the Two Empires and the destruction of Elah’lune Majora (an ancient kaldorei city) 12,000 years ago, a group of fanatical Elune worshippers had arisen from the burning wreck of their city, called the Crescent Circle. Their purpose and methods have been lost to history, but it is known that they once resided throughout other ancient cities and were led by an ancient kaldorei soothsayer called Imyira Whisperblade.

War of the Ancients

The Circle of the Crescentmoon led by Celissera Glaivewhisper was mainly a collection of explorers, refugees and displaced warriors and mages from the Kaldorei Resistance and the Moon Guard during the War of the Ancients. The order took a more direct approach to the war and their members are openly recorded in ancient histories and were involved in everything from treating the ill to shielding entire villages from the demonic threat of the Legion.

Historically they have been regarded as unstoppable warriors who followed the “Night’s Code”, an ancient Elunian code lost to the ages. Yet over the 600 years following the War of the Ancients, the esteemed order dwindled to little more than a band of mercenaries and eventually disbanded following the formal establishment of the Sentinel Army 9,400 years ago. In the aftermath, the few survivors of the Silver Guard gathered at the feet of the demi god Cenarius to learn the ways of Nature. Sacrificing the name of the Silver Guard in honor of their lost brethren, they took the new title of the Silver Sentinels, and dedicated themselves to securing their new homelands in Ashenvale Forest.

The First Reformation

As the ageless kaldorei stood watch, they opposed many new threats, both domestic and foreign. The return of the Burning Legion to the shore of Kalimdor was a bitter thing, dreaded for Ages, but prepared for. Though the arch demon was slain, the cost was nigh unbearable, and years would pass before any would truly understand that price.

Following the events of the Third War, the Battle for Mount Hyjal and the formation of the New Alliance, Niviel Silvertree and Taiev Shadowglade met in Dolanaar where, appalled by Warlocks and their supporters openly recruiting kaldorei followers, they decided the time had come to form the Silvereye.

They sacrificed the name Silver Sentinels in honor of those who had fallen in defence of the World Tree, and earlier, and took the name of Silvereye - vowing to watch more vigilantly than ever before for the return of old foes, or the rise of new.

The Aftermath

For three years, Taiev Shadowglade led the Silvereye on several quests to protect and aid the people of Kalimdor and the Alliance. In the end, the oracles proclaimed that the Silvereye had lost its way and those who followed its banner were sent into the wilderness to wander for a time. Some remained, those who clung to the oaths or beliefs, for its hopes. For them, this was the aftermath, the time after the great conflicts, and the epic stories. It was the time for small rituals, or walking with those who share the memories. For all remember that the world turns.

A Circle Reborn

Nearly ten years later, a priestess from an ancient house of proud and resilient kaldorei rose to power in the Sisterhood of the Elune and used her influence to rebuild a circle of keen-eyed kaldorei who would stand vigil over Kalimdor and the Alliance. They have named themselves the Silver Circle, and until recently they have remained elusive. 

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