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Good Elf

Ishnu-talah Silver Circle,

Word of your campaigns in Val’sharah this season has reached my ears. I am grateful you stood in defense of our forests, and that you endeavor to help our people find a new place to call home.

We have endured much these last few years. Take to heart what you do in the service of Elune and the Kaldorei; cherish what you have, for in an instant it can be gone. But remember, when it’s gone, let the memory not be a weight that drags you down, but a bright light that leads you forward.

Where each alone we are weak, together we are strong enough to overcome any foe. Continue protecting those we love, Silversworn.



This year, the Silver Circle has received a message from Kaldorei leadership thanking the Silversworn for their service to Elune and the Kaldorei. The video message comes from Greg Chun (the voice of Jarod Shadowsong from World of Warcraft and Seong Gi-Hun, the main character, of Squid Game), in the voice of Jarod Shadowsong.

Our guild is lucky to have so many dedicated members and allies and we would like to thank you all for the contributions you have made to the Silver Circle’s story over the past year. May this Winter Veil season bring each of you success, good health, inspiration, and happiness. Wishing you all a happy holiday and a bright New Year ahead.