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Does a sentinel’s moonglaive pierce the armor of a basilisk or just bounce off its iron-hard scales? Will the ogre believe an outrageous bluff? Can a character swim across a raging river? Can an archer avoid the main blast of a shadowbolt, or does she take full damage from the blaze? In cases where the outcome of an action is uncertain, a player rolls a 20-sided die, a d20, to determine success or failure.

The Silver Circle implements a dynamic d20 roll system inspired by tabletop RPGs that is used for events in-game and, occasionally, on Not all Silver Circle events use the system, but many do. Skill checks and combat rolls are the two main kinds of d20 rolls, forming the core of the rules.

With these simplified tabletop RPG rules, players will be able to customize their characters to enhance their odds for skill checks and even in combat scenarios. The more the character is involved in roleplay, the more they grow in might. Each event they participate in, each story completed, earns the adventurer new capabilities. This increase in power is reflected by a level.

But there is no winning and losing with this system - at least, not the way those terms are usually understood. Together, DMs and players create exciting stories of bold adventurers who confront new perils and challenges.

Please use the tabs in this guide to build your character, to join Silver Circle in their many adventures.

Follow these steps to create your D20 character for Silver Circle events. This information should be stored in-game using a Roleplay Profile addon such as XRP, MRP or TRP, or in your Character Dossier. It is recommended you save this information in a Character Dossier first, to avoid losing any information. If you really do not want to do that, be sure to take a screenshot of your character's information after making any changes to it.

I. Imagine your character. Think about what kind of adventurer your character is, and prepare to help your character grow in a way that best suits them.

II. Select a template. Grab a template from the coded templates below, to add to your RP profile in-game or your Character Dossier. Prepare to make edits to this template to build your level 1 character.

III. Set your character’s Hit Points. All character’s begin with 35/35 HP; total Hit Points can change based on perks chosen as you level.

IV. Record your character’s racial perk. This is based exclusively on what race your character is, in the Racial Perk Library.

V. Set your level and experience. Everyone begins at level 1, with 0/3 experience. Experience is earned by attending roleplay events, or hosting roleplay events. Every time you cap experience it bumps you up a level, which grants your character more attribute points and perks. The experience required to cap a level increases as you level up.

VI. Upgrade your skills. Consider the types of skills your character is proficient in, and plan to spend attribute points to upgrade those skills accordingly.

VII. Determine the number of spell slots your character has. Spell slots represent a finite fount of power, based on your character’s in-character class.

VIII. Roleplay your character to see it grow. This step is pretty straight forward. Play your character to see them develop and grow.

All templates are designed for Level 1 characters, and can be added to over time.

This template goes in the [About] tab of your TRP profile.
{h2:c}{col:085fe6}D20 Character Sheet{/col}{/h2}
{h3}{col:085fe6}Level:{/col} 1{/h3}
{h3}{col:085fe6}Hit Points:{/col} 35/35{/h3}
{h3}{col:085fe6}Spell Slots:{/col} X/X{/h3}
{h3}{col:085fe6}Experience:{/col} 0/3{/h3}
Skill Name +X
Skill Name +X
Skill Name +X

{h3}{col:6666cc}Racial Perk{/col}{/h3}
Add perk details here.

{h3}{col:ff6600}Active Perk{/col}{/h3}
Add perk details here.

{h3}{col:00cccc}Passive Perk{/col}{/h3}
Add perk details here.

This template goes in your Character Dossier.

[color=085fe6][size=15][b]D20 Character Sheet[/b][/size][/color]
[color=085fe6][b]Level:[/b][/color] 1
[color=085fe6][b]Hit Points:[/b][/color] 35/35
[color=085fe6][b]Spell Slots:[/b][/color] X/X
[color=085fe6][b]Experience:[/b][/color] 0/3
Skill Name +X
Skill Name +X
Skill Name +X

[color=6666cc][b]Racial Perk[/b][/color]
[quote][u][b]Perk Name[/b][/u]
Add perk details here.[/quote]

[color=ff6600][b]Active Perks[/b][/color]
[quote][u][b]Perk Name[/b][/u]
Add perk details here.[/quote]

[color=00cccc][b]Passive Perks[/b][/color]
[quote][u][b]Perk Name[/b][/u]
Add perk details here.[/quote]