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Here you can read about the campaigns written and hosted by the Silver Circle.

JUNE 2017 - MAY 2018

New Beginnings Legacy of the Ancestors
I. New Beginnings
Members of the newly formed Silver Circle learn that for their new order to be listed as a legitimate order, they need an adventurer’s charter. Now, the hapless new members must begin to wage a mental war with the awesome amounts of red tape that the Kaldorei government, and the Alliance can create.
II. Legacy of the Ancestors
Now that the Silver Circle is officially recognized by the Kaldorei Nation and the Alliance, the new Keeper, Feyawen Nightfury, leads a small series of ceremonious events that address the past, present, and future of the Circle.
What Pain Wrought Crystal of Elune
III. What Pain Wrought
An enigmatic alliance between satyrs and ogres spread their influence throughout southern Feralas - their goals unknown, but the Mythanil Briarblade fears the worst. She beseeches the Silver Circle for aid.
IV. The Crystal of Elune
The crystal of Elune and its keeper, Ranshalla, are nowhere to be found. There are signs of a struggle at the altar in the Owl Wing Thicket, and a body is lying near where she once stood.
Bane of the Botanists Smoke on the Water
V. Bane of the Botanists
A new strain of water lily has been found along the waters of Wellspring Lake. Aptly dubbed as the wildgrowth, the dark red flora has been negatively influencing the timberlings in the area. Denalan, a long time resident of Dolanaar, calls on the Silver Circle for aid.
VI. Smoke on the Water
Disturbed by reports of bizarre fatal events regarding uncanny mists in her homelands, Priestess Nelysea Shimmerweave took steps to lead an investigation into the Stonetalon Mountains to oppose a dangerous presence.
Blight on the Blackwood Haunting of Bashal'Aran
VII. Blight on the Blackwood
The glaring corruption of the Blackwood Tribe is ever in the minds of the people of Lor'danel as both a reminder of the horrors of the Third War, but also a threat they must constantly battle to prevent the spread of corruption and to preserve the balance of nature.
VIII. Haunting of Bashal'Aran
The dead call out. An old friend returns. The way of Elune's devoted lies clear, but a heretic's valley promises a safer passage. The Circle must decide where to turn to secure their new home.
Seeds of Corruption Starseeker Legacy
IX. Seeds of Corruption
The glaring threat of Xabsic's satyr extremists is ever in the mind of the Silver Circle. They race against agents of darkness to protect the relics of the Ancient Guardians.
X. Starseeker Legacy
Haunted by ghosts of his family's past, Kelthos Moongale sought the Silver Circle. He moves against unseen enemies to unlock the time-lost secrets.
Fate of an Outrunner Sand and Scales
XI. Fate of an Outrunner
Outrunner Fylorean Fartree has discovered silithid in Feralas. Unfortunately, he has gone missing. The Silver Circle set out to rescue him.
XII. Sand and Scales
In the wake of The Wound, an ally has gone missing and old enemies stir in Silithus. The Silver Circle answers a desperate call for help.