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This page lists all the notable affiliates of the Silver Circle, including Circle allies, member alts, and non-player characters (NPCS).

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Last Updated: 01/20/2019

Naeyenna Moonwater

Affiliation: Political Ally

Titles: Elder Moon Priestess

Naeyenna Moonwater is an elder moon priestess, and a co-founder of the unofficial Council of Elders within the Sisterhood of Elune. When the time came for the Sisterhood to sanction the creation of the Silver Circle, Naeyenna Moonwater agreed to sponsor the new organization.

Sarynth Stormglaive

Affiliation: Military Ally

Titles: Lieutenant of the Sentinel Army

Sarynth Stormglaive is a Kaldorei warrior and a former Commander in the Sentinel Army. Sarynth is a driven and ruthless individual, utterly dedicated to the Goddess. Her love for her people is undeniable, but the way in which she carries herself has put her at odds with many of her kin.

Kelyiara Ebonfall

Affiliation: Loose Ally

Titles: Ebon Sentinel, Twice-born

Kelyiara Ebonfall, once a faithful servant of Elune, now walks the earth as an unholy abomination whose very existence disrupts the balance of the world. A victim of cruel manipulation, Kelyiara retained her faith in the Goddess, and has willingly chosen to continue her servitude in undeath.

Sister Nightshadow

Affiliation: In-debt Ally

Titles: Ana'shala

Since being saved by the Silver Circle on a mission of theirs, Sister Nightshadow has decided to become an Ally of the Circle. She is rather small for her height, and is an albino, with very pale skin and washed out lavender hair. Snowy as her friends call her, is always willing to help those in need. Her eyes look wise and weary as if she has seen many things.

Priestess Saracia Rivermoon

Affiliation: Spiritual Ally

Titles: Lor'danel Anchoress

Priestess Saracia Rivermoon was once dedicated to a secluded life of meditation and study, but when Deathwing destroyed her shrine, permanently scarring her body, she was mysteriously saved by those same flames. Crippled but recovering, she has long sought the answer to this miracle only to be met with more mystery. With her Moonsaber mount Lakshi, Saracia was given the post of Anchorite at Lor’denal but her drive for answers pushed her to the service of the Silver Circle.

Bruno Walker

Affiliation: Ally

Titles: Knight Hospitaller

Hailing from Lordaeron, Bruno voyaged to Kalimdor on a pilgrimage of sorts to find his redemption. It was found first among Commander Wintershade’s Sentinels. Then secondly with the Silver Circle who helped him spiritually and gave Bruno purpose, he to this day continues to help and protect his friends to the best of his abilities.