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The Silver Circle has one primary 'rank' structure, though it operates on a flat hierarchy in-character. The secondary rank structures are path specific titles, which members can read about in our Circle Paths page. 

Two structures might seem like a lot to keep track of, but the reason we do this is simple: character development. In the Silver Circle, your character has the opportunity to grow not only in a social setting, as with our primary ranks, but also in a specialized path chosen by the character. 

Recently admitted to the Circle after attending their first Council Glade, or yet to prove themselves fully, the Aspirants are none-the-less full members of the Circle, on an equal footing with the Silversworn, Guardians, Elders, Wardens and Keeper. They are encouraged to join in discussions and vote, but should heed the wisdom of veteran members on issues that concern the Circle.

The Silver Circle is a circle of equals. And while the Keeper and the Elders and Wardens exercise the will of the Circle, the Silversworn define that will. All Silversworn are expected and required to speak their hearts and minds and make their opinions known on all issues that concern the Circle.

The Guardians (or Silversworn Guardians) are veteran members specially chosen to aid the Elders and Wardens with specific tasks relating to their path. They are selected for their initiative and active involvement in their respective path.

Warden / Elder
The Wardens and Elders are chosen for their experience, wisdom, and leadership, and given special responsibility in matters of importance to the Silver Circle. They are advisers, aiding the Keeper in significant affairs, mediating disputes, and are charged with directing the varied activities of the order. 

At the heart of the Silver Circle stands the Keeper, a guide and advisor for the order at large. Together with the Wardens and Elders, she counsels the Circle on the wisest course of action and acts to carry it out.