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Circle Paths

The path system is designed to provide an extra layer of immersion and extra role-play opportunities for members who wish to get their characters more involved in the role-play community. The paths are fluid and flexible, and tasks for each path can be molded by the player to suit an individual character. Progress in a chosen path is purely based on individual achievement and character development, and plays no part in a member's rank in the guild (note: this is not the case with leaders of the path, as leaders of paths are still required to complete the path prior to leading it).

Below are some answers to commonly asked questions about the Silver Circle path system, to help clarify confusion and get you started.

What do I do when I'm ready to choose a path?
When you've decided upon the path that best suits your character, you should contact the leader of that path to notify them. They will update your information on the in-game roster.

How do I begin path progression for my character?
New members may choose and begin their Path progression at any time, after making their in-character pledge to the Silver Circle and becoming Aspirants. For in-character context, it may be assumed that following their pledge, new members can locate details about the various paths in the Silver Circle Archives.

Do I have to choose a path to be in the guild?
No. The path system is an optional feature in the Silver Circle, and while members are encouraged to participate to the fullest in the guild, progressing in a path is not mandatory.

My character relates to more than one path, what do I do?
Members can follow more than one path. Though, a character's primary path (what is seen on the in-game guild roster, under notes) will be based on what you choose as your character’s primary path.

What do I need to do to complete a task?
Each path contains an interactive HTML5 player called a "Path Constellation". Each path constellation contains 14 stars, of which you can interact with by clicking them with your cursor. The info box that pops up in the center of the path constellation will contain all the information you need to know, including the requirements that must be met to complete the task. If you have additional questions relating to a specific task, you should contact the leader of that path.

I'm having trouble coming up with ideas for my tasks, what can I do?
You can use our Events and Storylines forum to ask for help from fellow guild members,
or to brainstorm ideas. Additionally, you can reach out to the leader of your path. In the absence of a path leader, you can ask the Keeper.

I'm anxious about getting started, everyone else already seems so far ahead. What can I do?
Take a deep breath. Remember that the paths are about individual character progression with long-term and well thought out development; the paths are not indicative of where your character stands in the guild. The path system is typically used to progress your character's story, so take your time coming up with what you want to do. There is no rush.

I'm nervous about hosting events and being a storyteller. Is there an alternative way for me to complete event related tasks?
We always encourage members to give hosting a try first, even with an assistant host to share in event storytelling. But, if you are too uncomfortable hosting events you may opt to write a short story in our Moonlit Terrace forum for tasks that require events. The theme of the task should still be pertinent to the story.