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Circle Paths
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Those who walk the Path of the Wild make it their duty to ensure the balance of nature is maintained. Followers of the Wild are capable of recognizing the subtlest changes in their respective domains and the world around them, responding to preserve entire ecosystems with a spell, shield, blade, or their words. They closely monitor animal and plant populations and cull excess fauna when it is necessary.

To those who walk the Path of the Wild, leading rituals that honor our ancestors and pay homage to the Kaldorei Pantheon of Ancient Guardians is equally important as guarding the spiritual well-being of all life. For this, the followers are often viewed as the most politically savvy, able to draw upon old alliances in times of great struggle.

Outside observers may view the Path of the Wild as the home to druids, hunters, and monks, but as Elune’s children we all have a hand to offer the prosperity of the Wilds.

Path Correspondence

On the wheel of the year, the Path of the Wild corresponds with the Spring season. Spring represents rebirth from death, new beginnings and a time of rejuvenation and balance. The Quarter Moon lunar phase shares an attunement with the Path of the Wild and the Spring season. This lunar phase symbolizes the space between life and death, and the precarious balance they share.


I pledge myself to the Quarter of the Wild, not only to give myself to the Silver Circle, but to Azeroth in her entirety.

No longer will I be focused upon the smaller trouble of politics, and the petty squabbles they cause. Instead I will learn the power of one's actions compared to one's intentions.

I am no longer without duty or strength, as the Wilds yearn for my wisdom and experience.

I am no longer alone, for She is watching, and He is always in my heart.

Companionship comes with a price, however, which will guide my actions from now on until my passing. This price is in words, words which I will recall often in the times ahead. I shall heed them, and always have an ally in Azeroth.

Law of the Sacred Protector
The preservation of Azeroth overall. Our first and foremost goal is the protection and restoration of Azeroth and her lands.

Law of Balance
The universe is made up of cycles. Creating balance among the universal patterns we exist in together is the key to achieving peace.

Law of Reason
A word is as powerful as a sword. A moment of hate can destroy a lifetime of progress, but a lifetime of patience and reason can cultivate everlasting bonds.

Path Insignia


“Like the seedling, we learn to grow at our own pace. Like the beasts, we all have our role within the Her cycle. As Her children, we adapt, overcome, and cultivate the land for those who come after us....”
- Elder of the Wild

1 Seal Student of Nature
The Student of Nature (Thero’dure) is a novice of the path. They learn to grow with assistance of others and by their own determination. This title is earned after pledging to follow the Path of the Wild during Council Glade, and is maintained through attaining your first path seal.

2 Seals Guardian of Nature
The Guardian of Nature (Dorini’nar) is a title bestowed upon those who have proven themselves worthy and valiant defenders of Azeroth’s wild places. This title is earned after attaining 2 seals in the Path of the Wild.

3 Seals Traveler of the Land
The Traveler of the Land (Malanore’doras) is a veteran of the Wilds. They are responsible for assisting the Eldre’dor and guiding the Students of Nature with the Melu’fal. This title is earned after attaining 3 seals in the Path of the Wild.

4 Seals Guide of Harmony
The Guide of Harmony (Melu’fal) is an honored teacher of the Path. A champion and oracle of the Wilds, those who call themselves Melu’fal make it their duty to guide thero’shan and spread the teachings of the Wilds. They offer close counsel to the Elder of the Wild. This title is earned after attaining 4 seals in the Path of the Wild.

Only the Guide of Harmony can complete the final task in the Path, to earn their custom title.

Elder of the Wild
The Elder of the Wild (Eldre’dor) is the experienced master of the path. There is only one Elder of the Wild in the Circle at any time, and they are responsible for overseeing the path and assigning various tasks affiliated with their path. This title is earned by an exemplary member of Path of the Wild, who has gone above and beyond to aid the Circle and demonstrates a strong sense of leadership and devotion to others. The Elder is specifically chosen to lead the path. This position is currently held by Kelanthos Ivyfang.


The Path of the Wild philosophies are strongly rooted to the constellation known as Anath’dorenar, the Soul of the Wilds. The constellation is of an elk whose antlers represent the changing of the seasons, a symbol of growth, adaptation, and community for all Kaldorei.

Hovering over the stars on the constellation will display tasks associated with the Path of the Wild. The bottom-most star is the introductory task and must be completed before you can move on to new tasks linked with that star. You can only complete tasks that are linked to stars you have already completed. Excluding the introductory task, one path seal is earned for every three tasks you complete.

Path Constellation by Bruno Cesar.