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Circle Paths

The primary focus for those following the Path of the Wild is to ensure the balance of nature is maintained. Followers of the Wild are capable of recognizing the subtlest changes in the world around them and respond to preserve entire ecosystems with a spell, shield or blade. They closely monitor animal and plant populations and cull excess fauna when it is necessary.

Ancestor worship and paying homage to the Kaldorei pantheon of Ancient Guardians is equally important and guarding the spiritual well-being of all life is respectively part of their charge. For this, the followers are often viewed as the most politically savvy, able to draw upon old alliances in times of great struggle.

Any class can follow the Path of the Wild, though more commonly druids, hunters, monks, rogues, and warriors make up the majority.

As you pledge yourself to the Quarter of the Wild, you not only give yourself to the Circle, but to the entirety of Azeroth. No longer are you focused upon the smaller troubles of politics, the petty squabbles it causes, no longer are you without duty, or strength, no longer are you alone, for She will always be watching, and He will always be in your heart. Companionship comes with a price, however, one which will guide your actions from now until your passing. This price is in words, and words which you will often recall in times ahead. Heed them, and you shall always have an ally in Azeroth.

Your duty to the wilds is to uphold these laws...


Law of the Sacred Protector
Azeroth overall. Your first and foremost goal is the protection and restoration of the land.

Law of Balance
Every life is equal. Never humble yourself or demean others, for you are nothing more and nothing less than anyone.

Law of Reason
A word is as powerful as a sword. Always use violence as a last resort, when reason becomes impossible.

"We all begin like the seedling, then learn to grow at our own pace..." - Elder of the Wild

Thero'dure (+2)
The student of nature. Choosing this path gives you a one-time (+2) bonus for D20 events, which increases as you earn seals on the path. As a novice of the quarter, you will learn to grow with assistance from others and by your own determination. This title is earned after choosing to follow the Path of the Wild and is maintained through attaining your first path seal.

Cenarion (+4)
A rank bestowed to those who have proven themselves worthy and valiant defenders of Her wild places. This title is earned after attaining 2 seals in the Path of the Wild.

Learned One (+6)
These members of the quarter are veterans of the wild. They are responsible for assisting the Elder of the Wild and guiding Thero'shan with the Shan'do. This title is earned after attaining 3 seals in the Path of the Wild.

Shan'do (+8)
The honored teacher. A champion and augur of the wild, those who call themselves Shan'do make it their duty to guide Thero'shan and spread the teachings of the wild. They offer council to the Elder of the Wild.  This title is earned after attaining 4 seals in the Path of the Wild. When a member completes the final stage in their Path Task Tree they earn an in-character title during a Council Glade ceremony and become veterans of that path.

The wise master. There is only one Elder of the Wild in the Circle at any time. Responsible for overseeing the path and assigning various tasks affiliated with their path. This title is earned by an exemplary member of Path of the Wild, who has gone above and beyond to aid the Circle and demonstrates a strong sense of leadership and devotion to others. The Elder is specifically chosen to lead the path. While it is preferred that the individual has completed their path, it is possible to become Elder if a minimum of two seals have been earned.

These ranks are separate from the basic Circle ranks. To earn rank here you must complete various tasks associated with the given path to earn seals. The first seal earned marks a character as a student of the path. Up to four seals can be earned to reach rank 4 in a path. All Elders and Wardens must have earned up to Rank 4 in their path, Walking the Path, and earn their title from completing the final task in their path.

Path of the Wild Seals

Here are all four seals affiliated with the Path of the Wild Task Tree, which can be viewed below. Hovering over the icons in the Path Tree will display tasks associated with the Path of the Wild. To earn a Seal three tasks in a linked column must be completed, these tasks may be completed in any order of your choosing, with the exception of the final stage which is listed independently at the bottom of the tree. You can write an in-character forum post to receive credit for tasks that require written reports here.

Note: Remember to send in-game mail, a PM, or a ping over Discord to let your Path leader know when you plan to complete a task so they can track your progress!

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