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Circle Paths

Followers of the Path of the Moon (also referred to as the Moonlit Path) are devoted to scholarly pursuits. They are practitioners of magic, scholars, spiritualists, healers, diplomats, and politicians. Many engage themselves in societal affairs, organizing respectful debates, cultural events, and religious ceremonies.

Elune is strongly rooted in this Path. She is the mother of all life and has a hand in the creation of society, freethinking, and faith. Because of this, the leaders of the Moonlit Path are often priestesses, submissive devotees of the Goddess who seek to use their knowledge and power to guide and protect the Kaldorei people. It is for this reason that the practices and teachings of the Goddess are heavily present.

Any class can follow the Path of the Moon, though more commonly priests, mages, druids, and monks make up the majority.

The vital essence of Mother Moon governs all life. As Her children, we are connected with growth and the nurturing power of the peaceful night.

Your duty to Mother Moon is to uphold these laws...


Law of Leadership
Honor the High Priestess who embodies Her will. Guide your brothers and sisters on the moonlit path. Your first and foremost goal is to spread the teachings of the Goddess.

Law of the Warrior
Her vision will be opposed. Meet Her enemies in battle, and strike them down with the wrath of the Goddess.

Law of the Healer
Offer succor and receive love. Mend the broken and offer spiritual guidance to those in need.

"Walking the moonlit path is to know every face of the Goddess..." - Elder of the Moon

Neophyte (+2)
The beginner starting along the moonlit path. Choosing this path gives you a one-time (+2) bonus for D20 events, which increases as you earn seals on the path. You must be completely devoted to scholarly pursuits and have some spiritual awareness. This title is earned after choosing to follow the Path of the Moon and is maintained through attaining your first path seal.

Disciple (+4)
The proven. After proving your devotion to Her you continue your journey, following the moonlit path. There you begin receiving guidance from veterans of your quarter. This title is earned after attaining 2 seals in the Path of the Moon.

Learned One (+6)
The disciplined. These members of the quarter have established themselves in the eye of the Goddess. They are responsible for assisting the Nahlen'nor of the Circle, and continuing their studies under the teachings of Elune or the Arcane. This title is earned after attaining 3 seals in the Path of the Moon.

Nahlen'nor (+8)
Walking the path, a moonlit champion of the Moon. Those who earn the title of "Nahlen'nor" or "Master of the Heavens" make it their duty to spread the Will of the Goddess, or the discipline of the Arcane. They offer counsel to the Elder of the Moon and assist in guiding the Circle. This title is earned after attaining 4 seals in the Path of the Moon. When a member completes the final stage in their Path Task Tree they earn an in-character title during a Council Glade ceremony and become veterans of that path.

The wise master. There is only one Elder of the Moon in the Circle at any time. Responsible for overseeing the path and assigning various tasks affiliated with their path. This title is earned by an exemplary member of Path of the Moon, who has gone above and beyond to aid the Circle and demonstrates a strong sense of leadership and devotion to others. The Elder is specifically chosen to lead the path. While it is preferred that the individual has completed their path, it is possible to become Elder if a minimum of two seals have been earned.

These ranks are separate from the basic Circle ranks. To earn rank here you must complete various tasks associated with the given path to earn seals. The first seal earned marks a character as a student of the path. Up to four seals can be earned to reach rank 4 in a path. All Elders and Wardens must have earned up to Rank 4 in their path, Walking the Path, and earn their title from completing the final task in their path.

Path of the Moon Seals

Here are all four seals affiliated with the Path of the Moon Task Tree, which can be viewed below. Hovering over the icons in the Path Tree will display tasks associated with the Path of the Moon. To earn a Seal three tasks in a linked column must be completed, these tasks may be completed in any order of your choosing, with the exception of the final stage which is listed independently at the bottom of the tree. You can write an in-character forum post to receive credit for tasks that require written reports here.

Note: Remember to send in-game mail, a PM, or a ping over Discord to let your Path leader know when you plan to complete a task so they can track your progress!

If you are unable to read the flash file on this page, please try viewing it at the link here.