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Night Elf Roleplay Guide

The term “Night Elf” is a general, layman's term in reference to the race. The Night Elves, in their own language, call themselves “The Kaldorei”, which translates to “The Children of the Stars”.[17] Unlike the Quel'Dorei and Sin'dorei (High and Blood Elves, respectively), Kaldorei is not spelled with an apostrophe.

In traditional Night Elf society, there is a clear distinction between male and female gender roles. Beyond the civilian sector, women could progress to the formal military or the sisterhood while men could only progress into the Cenarion Circle.[18][19][20] Recently, because of the losses from the Third War, the Night Elves have lifted the restrictions on their society, yet women still hold the majority in the temple and military while men hold the majority in the Circle.[18][19]

A common misconception is that the majority of men became druids, leaving the women behind to enter the Emerald Dream, the realm of Ysera the Aspect of Nature. However, this was not the case and in truth only a small number of men were druids.[4] This meant that a large portion of the populace was male during the 10,000 year period between the War of the Ancients and the Third War.

Another misconception is that men were/are looked down upon in Night Elf society. This was and is not the case. There is no proof that such opinions were held. In truth, because Night Elf men had only one path beyond the civilian sector, while women had a few more choices, this would ultimately lead males down the path of being artisans, traders, and hunters, all key facets of a society. Men could be warriors, archers or scouts, holding those skills without being in the formal military, similar to how one can own a gun without joining the army in modern life.

Because the gender roles have been lifted, males can become Sentinels and priests, while women can become druids. It is important to recognize that there is a vast power gap in these positions. The restrictions were only lifted less than ten years prior to the current timeline. This means that your male priest or Sentinel or female druid will only have at most two decades of experience compared to the hundreds or thousands of years the opposite gender possesses.

However, in recent expansions we see more and more male night elf NPCs (non-player characters) holding higher military ranks such as captain and even commander, and more female night elves holding positions as high as Archdruid. Examples of male leaders are Captain Elendilad at Fallen Sky Lake in Ashenvale and Commander Skyshadow who is the town leader at Sylvanaar in the Blade's Edge Mountains. Examples of female archdruids are Lilliandra, Elerethe Renferal, and Koda Steelclaw <Archdruid of the Claw>. Other female druid leaders include Sylendra Gladesong who is the leader of the Druids of the Antler.

The Darnassian government is fairly simple. In modern terms, Night Elf territories are considered a theocracy and military dictatorship. What this means is that the individual who runs the religion also runs the government and that order is kept through the formal military. This does not mean that Night Elf society is oppressive in any way, just that the military is who keeps the peace.

Tyrande Whisperwind is the head of the Temple and, thus, the leader of the Night Elves. With her marriage to Malfurion Stormrage, he has also acquired the title of leadership.[21] Tyrande also runs the Sentinel army through her adopted daughter General Shandris Feathermoon, who happens to be next in line for Tyrande's position of High Priestess should anything happen to her.[22]

In smaller settlements and towns there is usually a village elder and/or a council. These both control the local Sentinel guards and seem to handle local politics, passing judgment and running the town.[23][24]

The Sisterhood of Elune is the main religion of The Night Elves. These elves count themselves among Elune's servants, leading day-to-day Night Elf society and the faith. They work as healers and spellcasters, calling down Elune's power to heal and to destroy.

As mentioned above, the majority of the Sisterhood is still female, though some males have taken to their ranks. Most men would only still be acolytes, considering the age gap between the new male adherents and the more experienced female priestess.

The Sentinel Army is the formal, official army of the Night Elves. They employ a wide variety of units, including archers, mounted cavalry, scouts, outrunners, foot soldiers and priests from the Sisterhood.

The Sentinel Army was created 10,000 years prior to the Third War, for the purpose of defending Night Elf land and preparing for the Legion's return. They replaced the old, devastated Highborne army, which had become more of a spot for nobility than soldiers, resulting in poor tactical and military command during the War of the Ancients. The Sentinels were crafted from the existing Sisterhood of Elune and thus were composed of only women.[18]

The longer a Night Elf stays in the Sentinels, the more skilled they become. They are subjected to a great deal of specialized training and drills, keeping them sharp even during times of peace.[18] Veteran Sentinels could potentially have served in several campaigns prior to joining the Alliance, including the War of the Ancients, War of the Satyr, War of the Shifting Sands and the Third War. They are potentially the most experienced soldiers of any Azerothian race. Sentinels are known to place blessed banners around their camps to grant protection and aid.[162]

However, The Sentinels lost many, meaning new recruits and men were accepted into the ranks. The army is still composed of mostly women and, due to the gap in training, the men tend to be a lower rank than the more experienced women. With the destruction of the original Feathermoon Stronghold, the Sentinel Army rebuilt on the mainland of Kalimdor. Other changes included the addition of the Moonclaw worgen to the ranks of the Sentinels, serving directly under General Shandris Feathermoon.[163]

Initially, the Cenarion Circle was an entirely Night Elf organization up until after the Third War, sans the Sons and Daughters of Cenarius. The Circle's name itself comes from the demigod Cenarius, who was the trainer of Malfurion Stormrage, the first druid of the order.[19]

The Cenarions initially were a male only organization, with the druids going for extended dream walks through the Emerald Dream. These dreams could last hundreds to thousands of years.[25] After the Third War, the Malfurion taught druidism to the Tauren and opened the Circle to them. At the same time, because of the causalities of the war, the order opened its doors to females as well. Since the Cataclysm, Worgen and Trolls have also entered the Circle's service.

Unlike The Sentinels and The Sisterhood, the Cenarion Circle has moved away from being a purely Night Elven organization. They have pulled away from the race slightly and focus on the world at large, becoming neutral in many conflicts and recruiting aid from both the Alliance and Horde.

Still, even with a neutral tie they still have a presence in Darnassus, with many druids pledging themselves to their beliefs.

They are currently being led by Malfurion Stormrage and Hamuul Runetotem.

Love for Night Elves seems fairly similar to other races. Courting seems to involve gift giving, between both genders.[31][32] At some point, there may have been a restriction on two castes or levels of society from being in a relationship (of course this was in ancient times).[33] Love can blossom early on in Night Elven life and doesn't appear to need the two to be extremely old.[29]

It appears that love is a long lasting emotion for Night Elves, with numerous cases of Night Elves holding on to relationships for thousands of years. Malfurion and Tyrande were loyal to one another, even with there being thousands of years without contact. Jerod and Shalasyr were together for thousands of years as well. We even see Night Elves who stay devoted long after the death of their spouse.[34][35] Because of such devotion, it is likely that these relationships are not jumped into the spur of the moment.

If two Night Elves do manage to get married, both keep their surnames. It is unknown if children normally take the mother or father's surname or if it is something agreed upon by the two.

We have one possible case of same-sex interest in Night Elves. Sentinel Sweetspring in Dragonblight seems to flirt with her commanding officer without nothing but slight exasperation in response.[36]

As with any race, Night Elves look after their young and help them grow to maturity. While we don't know much about Night Elven children and how they live, we know a few key facts.

We know Night Elf children participate in 'plain' activities by a modern standard; chasing wisps,[26] racing, hunting,[27] playing with dolls,[28] and collecting glass figurines.[29]

Upon coming of age, Night Elf women tattoo their faces as a rite of passage.[30]

Night Elves are omnivores, meaning they eat both meat and vegetables. Night Elves have no large farms and tend to hunt for their meat. Hunting is an old tradition amongst the Night Elves.[37]

We know Night Elves eat kimchi as a staple.[38][39][40] Kimchi is made by fermenting and pickling specific spices and vegetables in pots over the course of weeks or months. The vegetables can vary but, usually, it is cabbage. The taste depends on the vegetables and spices included, but one can make the comparison between it and sauerkraut.

Rice, both white and wild, also seems to be a staple, with most houses having a bag of rice flour.[41] Rice flour can be used to make dumplings, bread, rice bread and rice noodles. Rice can also be molded into rice cakes, which Night Elves consume.[42]

Night Elves also have a staple called pine nut bread.[43] It isn't known if this is bread with pine nuts in it or a type of bread made using ground nuts as an ingredient. Either way, pine nuts taste like how you would expect, like a pine tree or pine cone.

It also seems like Night Elves consume plenty of fresh fruits. Moonberries, eyes of Elune, sun fruit and lunar pears grow around moonwells[44] and Night Elf vendors sell heaven peaches.[45]

Likely a side-dish, Night Elves also appear to eat a variety of dumplings. We know they're served as part of the lunar festival[46] and mandu is readily available from Night Elf vendors.[47] Mandu tends to be a dumpling filled with shredded or ground meat of varying types.

Meat tends to be implied by the animals Night Elves have access to. We know they use deer meat[48], tallstrider[49] and have no issue with consuming giant bugs.[50] However, Night Elves also have access to boar, wolf and bear meat. They don't seem to have had access to beef or lamb prior to off continent contact with the Alliance.

Because of the above-mentioned lack of cow or sheep/goats there comes the question of where Darnassian bleu comes from. After some research, I've found out that it isn't possible to make cheese out of carnivore milk, meaning nightsabers, wolves, bears and such are out. After more research I found that it is possible, however, to make cheese out of deer milk.

Fish also seems to be a fairly important part of the Night Elf diet. Clams are eaten,[51] octopus.[52], herring[53] and whitefish[54].

For drinks, Night Elves seem to have invented moonberry juice as they grow by moonwells.[44] Presumably, they also drink other fruit juices.

In terms of alcohol, we know that Night Elves make wine and we haven't seen a case of Night Elf ale, beer or mead. In some cases, Night Elves add ginger to their wines.[55] Some Night Elf wine can be sweet.[56] Considering their aging and access to exceptionally sweet moonberries, it is likely that Night Elven wine can be exceptionally strong and/or well aged. It should be noted that wine can go bad, the oldest drinkable wine to date is approximately 350 years old.

Clothing in Night Elf culture varies, especially from caste to caste. Druids can often be seen wearing furs, priestesses dresses and robes made from mooncloth and sentinels in their armor. Civilians can be seen wearing a wide variety of dresses, robes, shirts, vests and pants. Many wear sandals or go barefooted.

Skin isn't something that is shied away from. Women, often archers or soldiers, can be seen wearing revealing armor and men are free to walk around shirtless. Modesty seems to be taken differently by the Night Elves.

As well, there seems to be a small group of Night Elven outfits that herald back to their oriental style. Hanboks and dangui are both Korean style dresses, dangui typically being worn like a jacket over top of the hanbok.[57] As well, some Night Elves can be seen wearing an almost hakama-esque outfit, with robes and a jacket over top.[58]