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Night Elf Roleplay Guide

Here, there will be specific words and phrases found in the Night Elven language. These words have been either confirmed or near confirmed, due to the presence of certain phrases found repeatedly (Nordrassil, Teldrassil sharing the phrase “drassil”, for intance). The Night Elven language is called Darnassae in their own tongue.[130]

"Al'anath" = "Frostsoul"[156]
"Alara'shinu" = "Finding beauty in imperfection."[157]
"An'da!" = "Father!"*
"Alor'el" = "Lover's leaf"*
"Ande'thoras-ethil." = "May your troubles be diminished."**
"Andu-falah-dor!" = "Let balance be restored!"**
"Anu'dorini Talah" = "Let my will be known." - Said by the Voice of Elune.[135]
"Ash Karath!" = "Do it!"**
"Bandu Thoribas! = "Prepare to fight!"**
"Ellemayne" = "Reaver"[136]
"Elune-Adore." = "Elune be with you."**
"Elun'dris" = "the Eye of Elune"****
"Fandu-dath-belore?" = "Who goes there?**
"Ishnu-alah." = "Good fortune to you"**
"Ishnu-dal-dieb." = "Good fortune to your family."**
"Jai'alator" = "Noble blade of Elune"***
"Kaldorei" = "children of the stars", "people of the stars". (Starborne, night elves).[17]**
"Lathar'Lazal" = "Seat of the Sky"****
"Min'da" = "Mother"*
"Nahlen'do" = "Master of the Fang"
"Nordrassil" = "crown of the heavens"**
"Quel'dorei" = "children of noble birth" ("Highborne", "High-borne", "high elves").**
"Ru shallora enudoril." = "I anoint these caretakers of the wild." - Said by the Voice of Elune.[135]
“Sael'ah” = "You're Welcome." (Quest: Encrypted Sigil)
"Shaha lor'ma" = "Thank you."[137]
"Shalla'tor" = "Shadow Render"[136]
"Shal'nar" = "Aunt"[138]
"Shan'do" = "Honored Teacher"**
"Shanna melor'ne adala fal" = "The truth is a guiding light"[138]
"Shen'dralar" = "Those who remain hidden."****
"Sunstrider" = "he who walks the day"**
"Teldrassil" = "crown of the earth"**
"Thero'shan" = "Honored student"**
"Tor ilisar'thera'nal!" = "Let our enemies beware!"**
"Vordrassil" = "Broken Crown"****
"Xaxas" = Chaotic, elemental fury. Also the name for Deathwing.**
"Zin-Azshari" = "The glory of Azshara"**

* = Located in the “Seeds of Faith” story
**= Located in the Warcraft Enclyclopedia
***= Stormrage Novel
****= Chronicle Vol. 1

“Alah” = “To you” (Ishnu-Alah and Ishnu-dal-dieb, Ishnu likely meaning “Good fortune”. Alah would mean “To you”)
“Anaar” = “Village” ( as seen in villages Dolanaar, Sylvanaar, Astranaar, Talanaar and Satyrnaar)
“’Aran” = “City” (as seen in city ruins such as Tehris’Aran, Morlos’Aran, Ordil’Aran, Ameth’Aran, Bashal’Aran and Loreth’Aran)
“Do” = “Teacher” (Shan'do = “Honored Teacher”, with Shan meaning honored)
“Dorei” = “Children, Born” (Kaldorei, “Children of the Stars” and Quel'Dorei, “The Highborne”)
“Drassil” = “Crown” (Teldrassil = “Crown of the Earth”, Nordrassil = “Crown of the Heavens”)
“Ishnu” = “Good fortune” (Ishnu-Alah = “Good fortune to you”, Ishnu-dal-dieb = “Good fortune to your family”)
“Kal” = “Star(s)” (Kaldorei = “Children of the Stars”, Dorei being children)
“Naar” = “Settlement” (Astranaar, Dolanaar, Thalanaar, all towns or outposts)
“Nor” = “Heavens” (as in sky) (Nordrassil = “Crown of the Heavens”, Drassil meaning crown)
“Quel” = “High” (as in noble) (Quel'dorei = “Highborne”, Dorei meaning children)
“Serrar” = “Blade or Sword” (Quel'Serrar = “High Blade”, Quel meaning high)
“Shan” = “Honored” (in reference to a person) (Thero'shan = “Honored Student”, “Shan'do = “Honored Teacher”)
“Thero” = “Student” (Thero'Shan = “Honored Student”, Shan meaning honored)
“Zin” = “Glory” (Zin'Azshari = “Glory of Azshara”, with Azshari referencing Azshara)

“Thero’dure” = Student of Nature
“Thero’dora” = Student of Truth
“Thero’thoral” = Student of Warfare
“Thero’delah” = Student of Ancient Ways
“Nahlen’nor” = Master of the Heavens

“Shan’are” = Honorable Ones, or Honored Brethren
“Shan’re” = Honorable One, Honored Friend

“Mino'falore” = Little sister
"Falore'surfal" = Beloved sister
"Falore" = Sister
"Mino'dalora" = Little brother
"Dalora'surfal" = Beloved brother
"Dalora" = Brother

"An'da" = Father
"Min'da" = Mother
"Shal'nar" = Aunt
"Thal'nar" - Uncle

"Kaldorei" = Children of the stars/People of the stars (plural)
"Kal'dorei" = Child of the stars (singular)

"O" = I
"Ano" = I am
"Dalah" = My/Mine
"Ana" = Ours/Us
"Anande" = You're/You are
"Ande" = you/your

“Anu Zin-Elune” = For Elune’s Glory
"Zin-al-Elune" = Glory to Elune
"Anu'thalas!" = For homeland!
"Anu Kalimdor!" = For Kalimdor!
"Andu-dora-dor" = Let truth be restored.
"Elun'dorini talah" = Let Elune's will be everlasting
"Anar'alla Elune" = By the light of Elune
“In'elah” = A formal salutation, often used when writing letters

“Sela'mor” = At ease
"Shaha lor'ma" = Thank you
"Sael'ah" = You're welcome

"Alla" = Light
"An" = Snow
"Anre" = Kin/Brethren
"Arkhana" = Arcane
"Asta" = Month/Moon
"Belo" = Sun
"Dieb" = Family
"Dorei" = Child/Children
"Dorini" = Nature (literal)/Disposition/Essence/Will
"Doru" = Tree
"Doras" = Trees
"Dracon" = Dragon
"Fanass" = Indeed/Yes
"Fanel" = Final/Last
"Falo" = Fire/Flame
"Fel" = Corrupt/Bile/Evil
"Ishnu" = Good fortune
"Ishno" = Bad fortune
"Kal" = Star
"Kalo'noras" = Starry Heavens
"Keer" = Magic
"Nor" = Sky/Heaven
"Quel" = High
"Quel'il" = Height
"Sin" = Blood
"Surfal" = Beloved
"Tel" = Earth/Wild
"Thal" = Home
"Zin" = Glory

"Anar" = By
"Ano" = But/Yet
"Anu" = For/to
"Lo" = As
"Na" = Of
"No" = So
"Nora" = Also/too
"Rae" = And
"Su" = Or

"Adore" = To Be
"Ashore" = To Do
"Ban'dore" = To Prepare
"Belore" = To Go
"Delore" = To guide
"Do'lore" = To Teach
"Dore" = To Restore
"Enore" = To Kill
"Eran'ore" = To Rise
"Ethore" = To Diminish
"Falo're" = To Balance
"Fan'ore" = To Declare
"Mush'ore" = To Hunt
"Nalore" = To Feel/Know   
"Talore" = To Survive
"Thelore" = To die/To return to earth (literal)
"Tho're" = To Fight
"Tor're" = To Inform
"Shan'ore" = To Honor
"Surfo're" = To Love
"Xelore" = To hate

"Andu" = Be
"Ash" = Do
"Bandu" = Prepare
"Beldu" = Go
"Deldu" = Guide
"Doldu" = Teach
"Dordu" = Restore
"Endu" = Kill
"Eran" = Rise
"Ethu" = Diminish
"Faldu" = Balance
"Fandu" = Declare
"Mushu" = Hunt
"Naldu" = Feel/Know   
"Taldu" = Survive
"Theldu" To die
"Thor" = Fight
"Tordu" = Inform
"Shandu" = Honor
"Surfas" = Love
"Xelas" = Hate

"Adil" = Been
"Ashil" = Done
"Bandil" = Prepared
"Bel'il" = Gone
"Del'il" = Guided
"Dol'il" = Taught
"Doril" = Restored
"Endil" = Killed
"Eranil" = Risen
"Ethil" = Diminished
"Fal'il" = Balanced
"Fanil" = Declared
"Mushil" = Hunted
"Nal'il" = Felt/Knew  
"Tal'il" = Survived
"Thel'il" = Died
"Thoril" = Fought
"Toril" = Informed
"Shanil" = Honored
"Surfil" = Loved
"Xel'il" = Hated

"Anah" = Being
"Asha" = Doing/Deed
"Banah" = Preparing/Preparation
"Belah" = Going
"Delah" = Guiding
"Dolah" = Teaching
"Dorah" = Restoring
"Enah" = Killing
"Eranah" = Rising
"Ethah" = Diminishing
"Falah" = Balancing
"Fanah" = Declaring
"Mushah" = Hunting
"Nalah" = Feeling/Knowing
"Talah" = Surviving
"Thelah" = Dying
"Thorah" = Fighting
"Torah" = Informing
"Shanah" = Honoring
"Surfah" = Loving
"Xelah" = Hating

Night Elves have surnames and given names. Their given, or first, name is not usually something you'd expect a modern day human to have (John, Jack, etc) but more exotic and flowing (Maiev, Tyrande, Malfurion, Shandris).

Surnames, however, are much easier to decide upon. Often these names are a combining of two words. These two words tend to fall into defined categories. These can include animals (usually ones important to the Night Elves, such as ancients), actions (movement, etc), celestial bodies (particularly the moon and stars), the night, natural forces (such as storms, leaves, trees, etc), clothing (crown, cloaks) or weapons (glaive, blade).


Raene Wolfrunner: Animal (wolf) + action (Run)
Broll Bearmantle: Animal (bear) + clothing (mantle)
Tyrande Whisperwind: Action (whisper) + natural force (wind)
Fandral Staghelm: Animal (stag) + clothing (helm)
Shandris Feathermoon: Animal (feather) + celestial object (moon)
Maiev Shadowsong: Night (shadow) + action (song)
Kur'thalos Ravencrest: Animal (raven) + clothing (crest)
Daros Moonlance: Celestial object (moon) + weapon (lance)

If you are really struggling with a surname, take a look around Darnassus, Teldrassil or a Night Elf heavy zone and pick two names you like. Break them apart and combine them into a new name! For instance:

Erion Shadewhisper (Rogue Trainer: Darnassus) and Jeen'ra Nightrunner (Hunter Trainer: Darnassus). These names now give you the terms “Shade” and “Night”, then “Whisper” and “Runner”. Combined you could take the name “Shaderunner” or “Nightwhisper”!