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Night Elf Roleplay Guide

Elune is the chief deity of the Night Elves. She is depicted as the larger of the two Azerothian moons, the White Lady. The Night Elves refer to her as Elune, “The Goddess” and “Mother Moon”.

The Night Elves believe that they originally were born in darkness and that Elune's light allowed them to see. This light filled the Night Elves and allowed them to see in the dark and to channel her power even when the moon was not visible.[59]

While she is a goddess of peace, Elune also is a warrior.[60] She accepts sacrifices of weapons and flesh of the Night Elves' enemies in exchange for her blessings.[61][62] It is said that she takes the souls of dead Night Elf soldiers and guides them to the afterlife.[60]

Most consider Elune to be kind and loving to her children. Her priestesses are to be devoted to her, yet she did not expect the complete and total attention of her clergy.[63] However, all priestesses are required to have an unshakably strong faith to become a member of the temple.[64]

Calling upon Elune's power invokes moonlight, starlight,[65], moonfire,[66] and falling stars.[67]

Washing one's face is considered a religious act to the Night Elves.[68]

There are suggestions that Elune may have a connection to the shadow. Being the moon, Elune represents the light that is present in the darkness, but even the light of the moon casts a shadow. Elune may be the Goddess of the Moon, but even the Moon has a dark side. [158] This is further supported when Khadgar discovers evidence that Elune played a part during the great ordering of Light and Shadow, and may even have had a hand in the creation of the naaru. [159]

Aside from Elune, the Night Elves venerate the Ancients, aspects of nature and demi-gods. While the Night Elves worship Elune, pray to her and give her offerings, the same does not seem to be true of the Ancients. A comparison I've seen used describe the Ancients much like how the Virgin Mary and Saints are depicted in the Catholic faith, being revered and venerated without being the focus of true worship.

Druids often work alongside and walk the path of these beings. Should an Ancient gain a following of druids, they become a 'totem' ancient. The current totems include:
  • Ursoc and Ursol, the bear siblings. Druids of the Claw follow these two and can transform into bears and felines.
  • Aviana, the sky ancient. Druids of the Talon follow her path and control storms, winds and can transform into birds, particularly the Storm Crow.
  • Malorne, the stag. Druids of the Antler are said to follow his path but their skills are unknown. Presumably, they can transform into deer.
  • Goldrinn, the wolf. Druids of the Pack, a defunct sect, followed his example. They became the first Worgen and propagated the curse.
Other venerated Ancients include:
  • Tortolla, the turtle.
  • Aessina, the forest spirit
  • Cenarius, the son of Elune and Malorne

Other Ancients have existed in the past but many were slain. We only know of a sparse few that the Night Elves focus on.

Typically Night Elves bury their dead, believing in returning them to the earth. In special cases, a druid may hasten the process and burial is not needed.[59][69] Prior to the funeral and burial, the body is washed, clothed and any injuries are hidden.[69]

Night Elves believe that Elune calls them to the hereafter. It is not known exactly what the Night Elf afterlife is like or even if they know themselves.

Small shrines and cemeteries are constructed for the dead, graves marked by small, rounded stones. A common custom is to lay food, specifically blessed rice cakes, by the shrines as an offering to the deceased.[70]

The balance is the philosophy of 'The balance of nature'. This entails keeping nature going on, keeping things in order and for the natural cycle to continue, preventing unnatural means from taking hold.[71] Archdruid Malfurion Stormrage would often reference the balance during the third war.

This philosophy permits for the culling of excess fauna.[72][73]

The well of eternity's waters are placed within a stone well and allowed to absorb moonlight during the night.[74] These are called moonwells. These wells have many practical purposes but Sentinels (and presumably priestesses) keep them as shrines to Elune.[75] Night Elves use them to bless food stores and weapons. Moonwells contain sacred waters that can heal wounds and restore energy and vitality, and often are put to use purifying corrupt areas.[160] A few drops of water from a moonwell can cleanse the taint of the scourge from wildlife.[161] Fruit grows readily by them, specifically moonberries, and Moonwell water has the ability to destroy corruption, create mooncloth and the water has a number of magical properties, including purification and enhancing spellcasting (though arcane is strictly prohibited).