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As the moon guides Elune's chosen warriors along the midnight paths, so does the Mandate of the Silver Circle guide its members in their vigil. These are the core values of the Silver Circle, and form the basis of the Code which guides them: a vision of Elune's will for the world:

For those that offer loyalty, let them receive fair council. For those that offer aid, let them receive succor. For those that offer faith, let them receive love.

To speak their heart and mind in council. To spill their blood to oppose those who defile nature. To stand in defense of the ancient places, against all who would bring war to the deep forests.

In the Circle stand Sisters and Brothers, those who will stand together when all others fail. Where each alone are weak, together the Circle abides, and is strong enough to overcome any foe.

Defend the Kaldorei Nation
Stand in defense of the Kaldorei nation against all threats, from outside and within.

Oppose those who are an affront to the Goddess
Uncover and cleanse all threats to Nature, the fortitude of the Ancients, or the Will of the Goddess.

Honor the Alliance
Answer all honorable calls to arms, should the Alliance be attacked. Disregard brutish incitements to meaningless violence.

Role-playing of a High Standard
Set an example of good role-playing socially and on the battlefield. Seek to engage as many other players as possible in a way that creates an enjoyable play experience for all. Play the game in such a way as to add to the general atmosphere and immersion of every player.