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Here you can read about the campaigns written and hosted by the Silver Circle.

A Spirit Sundered Ruinous Cohort
I. A Spirit Sundered (Pt. 2)
Desperate to save the shattered soul of young Aspirant Tanefrun Stormhelm, the Silversworn of the Circle venture into the Shadowlands once more to seek the fragments of Stormhelm's soul in the realms of Revendreth and Bastion.
II. Ruinous Cohort
After the imprisonment of Sargeras, the Burning Legion was thrown into disarray, leaving several demons stranded on Azeroth. One of these holdout forces is the Ruinous Cohort, a powerful demonic regiment. They now seek to use mortal souls to empower their fel engines, so they can contact the remnants of the Burning Legion in the Twisting Nether.
Shin'anath: The Fallen Spirit SOON(tm)
III. Shin'anath: The Fallen Spirit
Undead prowl the forests between the sleepy village of Bradensbrook and the Temple of Elune, haunting the denizens who dwell there. Who is raising the dead from their graves? Can the Silversworn solve the mystery of the Blood Moon? Can the people of Bradensbrook and the Temple of Elune be saved?
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SOON(tm) SOON(tm)
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