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Here you can read about the campaigns written and hosted by the Silver Circle.

ATangledWeb ThoseWhoRemain
I. A Tangled Web
Unrest in the ruins of Falanaar reaches an apex as rumors are corroborated of fal'dorei rising anew from the depths, disturbing the sleepy residents of Lightsong. Determined to do their part in keeping Val'sharah safe, the Silver Circle rallies to investigate and defend their home.
II. Those Who Remain
Possessions belonging to the Kaldorei have begun to flood the markets of Boralus, with smugglers plundering Darkshore for trinkets left behind. As the matter is brought to the Silver Circle, they seek out the culprits behind this grave robbing in order to put a stop to this disgrace. But secrets of the past never stay hidden forever, even in Kul Tiras...
DeathRising Through the Valley of Death
III. Death Rising
The masterless Scourge begin rising in a scope even greater than that of the original Scourge Invasion. Undead have begun to swarm graveyards and small hamlets and settlements across various kingdoms. Worse still, the Scourge appear to be infecting the living once more...
IV. Through the Valley of Death
The Silver Circle finds itself in the City of Lions, researching rumors surrounding the Shadowlands and how to access the mythical realm. With news of the Flame of Elune dying again, finding means for Silversworn to pass over and investigate the broken cycle of life and death could be their only hope of saving it.
The Unraveler of Secrets Rise of the Snow Giants
V. The Unraveler of Secrets
Armed with proof that the shattered balance between the living and the dead plays a role in their quest to restore the Flame of Elune, the Circle has agreed to send a party into the Shadowlands. Guided by visions from Ancient Silversworn, the Silversworn of today seek a "shadowed forest beneath a sky of perpetual starlight", which lies somewhere beyond the veil...
VI. Rise of the Snow Giants
Unnatural and unseasonable blizzards batter the Hills of Hyjal, devastating settlements and wildlife. The Winterblade Sentinels have called on the Silver Circle to help them investigate that cause of these uncanny developments.
A Spirit Sundered
VII. A Spirit Sundered (Pt. 1)
Desperate to save the shattered soul of young Aspirant Tanefrun Stormhelm, the Silversworn of the Circle risk another expedition into the dreaded Shadowlands.