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Here you can read about the campaigns written and hosted by the Silver Circle.

Secrets of the Primordial Flame Who Watches the Watchers
I. Secrets of the Primordial Flame
When news of another ancient flame reaches the Silver Circle, they journey to Pandaria with the Explorer's League to investigate. But deep secrets await them in the lands of mist, guarded fervently by their keepers.
II. Who Watches the Watchers
With most of the Watchers battling at the warfront, the Wardens call upon the Silver Circle to assist them in the recovery of the fragments of a Shadow Orb.
The Curse of Hallow's End Shadowed Dreams
III. The Curse of Hallow's End
Every year, a dormant spirit rises from the grave to terrorize the city of Hearthglen. This year, the members of the Silver Circle find themselves inexplicably drawn into the events. Now they must unravel the mysteries of the curse, or risk losing their heads!
IV. Shadowed Dreams
A cry for help, a druidess ensnared. Unknown forces linger in shadows beneath the jungle canopy. Time is of the essence. Will the Circle be prepared?
The Curse of Hallow's End Storm, Earth and Fire
V. A Tale of Two Flames
The Silver Flame is in peril. In its dwindling hours, the brave and wise Silversworn rally to defend it. To do so, they must unravel the mysteries of the Silver Flame through the ages of history. Standing much to gain and more to lose, the Silversworn will bring about a great change, while the future of their precious Silver Circle hangs in the Balance.
VI. Storm, Earth and Fire
After the violent elemental manifestation that unleashed havoc and chaos in Ashenvale and killed a criminal shaman fugitive, the Silver Circle must join forces with the Earthen Ring to fight this new Elemental threat that looms over Kalimdor before they rise up against their Lords and start a full blown elemental civil war.
An Eye for an Eye
VII. An Eye for An Eye
Darnassian and Gilnean refugees have left the protection of Stormwind City and have begun moving into the kingdom's countryside, causing some trouble for local farmers in Elwynn Forest along the way. But something strange seems to be happening in the forests of the Kingdom of Stormwind, and the Silver Circle has been called to aid in the investigation.