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Here you can read about the campaigns written and hosted by the Silver Circle.

War of Thorns Crystals of Corruption
I. War of Thorns
As the drums of war thunder in Warsong Gulch, and Horde warbands move at will through Ashenvale, Warden Razorleaf and Ranger Leafswift gather Silver Circle warparties to respond.
II. Crystals of Corruption
As war comes to the distant backwaters of Kul Tiras and the Eastern Kingdoms, another desperate call rings out. Travelling north in search of a new home, the Silver Circle pursue ominous rumors of a growing madness among lesser-known tribes.
The Long Road Home Journey to Val'sharah
III. The Long Road Home
Equipped with a mysterious tome procured from a dark alley in the Stormwind Market, Warden Moonfeather takes the initiative to unravel its secrets!
IV. Journey to Val'sharah
The glaring conflict over the Emerald Dreamway has ended. Xabsic the Corruptor has gone into hiding once more, and the Circle must deliver word to the Dreamwalkers of Val'sharah. They journey through the ancient forests to pursue their final task.
Tides of Vengeance Tome of Absence
V. Tides of Vengeance
War erupts in Darkshore once more as the Horde and Alliance clash on the battlefields, in a growing dispute destined to prelude an even greater conflict. Called to aid on the warfront, the Silver Circle undertake dangerous missions to reclaim their lands. For Teldrassil, for the Kaldorei! For the Goddess!
VI. Tome of Absence
Strange lights have begun to appear in the forests and an ancient Azsunian spire is seemingly restored overnight. Rumors of nightborne invaders and vanishing people set the spirits of Farondis' Court on edge, but not everything is as it appears...
Vengeance from the Depths
VII. Vengeance from the Depths
From the depths, they came. Driven back by the will and blade of the elves. But it was not the end, no... It was only the beginning. For months they plotted. Now the depths rise, and with it the unrelenting anger of those who will not be denied the blood of their enemies.