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[Pinned] Darnassian Primer

This thread is for canon, speculative-canon and headcanon Darnassian terminology, created by members of the Wyrmrest Accord roleplay community for the sake of roleplay and roleplay-related works. All are welcome to use it for their own creative p...
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Circle Headcanon

[Pinned] Silver Circle Reputation

SILVER CIRCLE REPUTATION[/center]Over the years, agents of the Silver Circle have made a name for themselves with various groups, organizations, and factions around Azeroth.In roleplay, members of the Silver Circle can gain or lose favor with thes...
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Circle Headcanon

[Pinned] Night Elf Markings and Meanings

This forum is used for storing information regarding player-made headcanon that pertains to the Silver Circle. Feel free to contribute your own fanon or information to this forum in a new post.Credit for the original rendition of this thread goes ...
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[Pinned] Silversworn Notes: The History of the Circle

HISTORY OF THE CIRCLEA compendium of lore collected by Silversworn about the ancient iterations of their order.Copies of these notes can be obtained from the Silver Circle archives. TIMELINECult of Elune15,000 BDPThe kaldorei were born and bless...
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[Pinned] Member Assets & Resources

SILVER CIRCLE RESOURCES Over the years, agents of the Silver Circle have accumulated various resources to benefit their cause. These resources are material goods and supplies as well as contacts and networks of communication and travel.All member...
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[Pinned] Silver Flame
Circle Headcanon

[Pinned] Silver Flame

ORIGINSIt all began with the faintest spark. As the kaldorei awoke to their heritage, growing wise and graceful and immortal on the shores of the Eternal Well, a heartbreaking vision of the silver Moon Goddess was revealed to a handful of mystics....
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[Pinned] Elunian Calendar
Circle Headcanon

[Pinned] Elunian Calendar

The ideas and concepts below were developed by several people from <Silvereye> on Argent Dawn EU, and have been developed further by night elf fans across both EU and US realms. The following content is strictly fan-made and should not be ...
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Circle Headcanon

[Pinned] Circle Headcanon Rules

This forum is specifically for the creation of headcanon lore, or fan-made lore, pertaining to Night Elves and members of the Silver Circle. The world of Azeroth is so much larger than what we see in-game, and part of the fun of roleplay is being ...
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Circle Headcanon

Hippogryph Anatomy and Description

There are several different breeds and nesting locations found across our world. Most commonly seen species are: Ashenvale Azshara Feralas Howling Fjord Teldrassil (former) Suramar Each of these species vary in size, plumage, weight and speed, a...
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Paladins of Elune, A History

Inspired by lore from Chronicle Vol 1, in-game lore, and the Silver Flame headcanon. Art and screenshots are not my own. Early Night Elf Empire: Between 15,000 and 12,000 Years Ago 15,000 years ago the Dark Trolls, who would later evolve into th...
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Hippogryph Riders

DESIGNATIONThe basic role and design of a Rider and Hippogryph is a long range, quick deployment aerial superiority and interceptor fighter and scout. A light and mobile unit able to provide ranged air support and escort to larger heavier artiller...
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Traditional Kaldorei use of Mauls and Warhammers

Dorah'anil - 'The Flowing Mountain' formA traditional Kaldorei martial form for the use of Mauls and WarhammersBefore the Sundering, the Kaldorei developed and refined many fighting forms and techniques which revolved around certain weapons as the...
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[Community Headcanon] Dream's Refuge

Credit for this headcanon goes to Gwyneth Shadowbreaker and the <Shadow of the Forest> guild on Wyrmrest Accord. Posted with permission.ORIGINAL FORUM THREADIn wake of the Fourth War, the refugees of the Burning of Teldrassil have languished...
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Release of the Night Warrior Blessing

RETURNING WHAT WAS BORROWED"Legend says that long ago, the Night Warrior was used by the night elves to carve out their empire. None who have attempted the ritual since then have survived, for Elune's raw power tears them apart..." "The time has c...
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Kaldorei Zodiacs (WIP)

Kaldorei ZodiacsThe Kaldorei zodiac is an important factor to the Kaldorei culture. The signs have been used since ancient times as a way of dating seasons during the cycle of the Elunian calendar. The importance of the zodiac to the Kaldorei cult...
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Circle Headcanon

Kaldorei Courtship & Marital Ceremonies

Kaldorei CourtshipLove for Night Elves seems fairly similar to other races. Courting seems to involve gift giving, between both genders [Archaeology: Hairpin of Silver and Malachite][Archaeology: Cloak Clasp with Antlers]. At some point, there m...
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Fel Torn Tomb: Demon Hunters. Roleplay Ideas

Do you like slaying Demons? What about empowering yourself with forbidden magics? Entrapping a Demon Soul within your body? A Demon Hunter might be the class for you. Here is a little basic guide of how to Roleplay a Demon Hunter. Enjoy. So lets s...
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Weather: The cold, the hot, and the stormy. [Rosegrove's personal Headcannons on WoW Weather]

Welcome to my personal headcannons on weather in the World of Warcraft Universe. Given the blessings to Teldrassil no longer affect us we are in desperate need of a Weather channel and wardrobe update. Feel free to use any of my own headcannons as...
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Blessings of the Night Warrior

BLESSINGS OF THE NIGHT WARRIORThis headcanon post was developed by Mythanil and Feyawen of the <Silver Circle> as a means of explaining how the Night Warrior appearance can be reasonably obtained by night elf players in-game. Should any info...
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A Fated Discovery

Nestled within the Temple of Elune at the center of Val'Sharah, Isuldien finally had a moment to delve into his mother's journal he'd collected off her body in Astranaar. After all these months, it was time to discover family secrets that had long...
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