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Events and Storylines

The Wildgrowth

This post features information relevant to the Bane of the Botanists campaign. All knowledge shared here may be considered common and/or accessible IC knowledge by participating parties.The Wildgrowth (also occasionally referred to as the "dark li...
Small Shaureyne Razorleaf 4y
Shaureyne Razorleaf1551Small Shaureyne Razorleaf 4y
Events and Storylines

[August 2017] What Pain had Wrought

A campaign by Mythanil Briarblade. First BloodOn the 3rd of Mennare the newly found order of Feyawen Nightfury's 'Silver Circle' was summoned to the temple of Elune in Darnassus, their keeper had her Silversworn listen to the plight of Mythanil ...
Small Mythanil Briarblade 4y
Mythanil Briarblade1761Small Mythanil Briarblade 4y