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Events and Storylines

[Pinned] Minutes for Council Glade 2022

Original post by Asvi SwiftfootContained in this thread are things of note that were announced during each Council Glade. If you were unable to attend a Glade meeting, click the link to the date of the meeting you missed to learn what was discusse...
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Events and Storylines

[Pinned] [Sign Up] Campaign Queue

Hosting a CampaignThe various storylines that we run are part of the charm of the Silver Circle, and each of us have our own way of hosting them. For those interested in organizing and hosting a campaign for the guild, please follow the instructio...
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[Pinned] Recap Template
Events and Storylines

[Pinned] Recap Template

RECAP TEMPLATE Below is a preview and code box of an event recap template. The template can be used for campaign recaps, or any event recap. It can be modified using our BBCode Guide, and the font colors and sizes can vary.If you'd like to make a...
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Events and Storylines

[Pinned] Events and Storylines [Rules]

The various events that we run are part of the charm of the Silver Circle, and each of us have our own way of hosting events. This thread covers important rules and tips about how to start, organize and run an event so that more people can get inv...
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Events and Storylines

[September 2022] Shadow's Gather

PremiseThe chase for justice continues, dragging the Circle into the frozen wastes of Northrend to find a rumored Death Knight potentially sworn to the shadow-flame, and in doing so potentially find Halia herself. However the path is naught withou...
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Events and Storylines

[August 2022] Burning Plague

PREMISEThal’darah Overlook is a small town nestled within one of the few valleys that cross through the Stonetalon Mountains. It has been a way-stop for travelers and adventurers seeking to rest aching limbs and drown painful memories within its...
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Events and Storylines

[July 2022] Wake of the Shal'lora

PREMISEMore than 10,000 years ago, in the age before the Sundering, the once great Silver Guard struck a devastating political blow against the arrogant highborne of Queen Azshara's court in a gambit to revitalize the Elunarian faith, which had be...
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Events and Storylines

[April/June 2022] - Where Darkness Dwells

PremiseWith the voice of Ralazar vanquished and the line of succession muddied, the Dark Strand began to consume itself in the north, many outright abandoning the Shadow March amid the power vacuum, Emdreath's demise was poison for the cult, a poi...
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Events and Storylines

[March 2022] In Elune's Name

PREMISEFor more than ten years, the Dark Strand has extended its dark hold over portions of the Darkshore and Ashenvale. This small sect of the Shadow Council was born in Darkshore and thought destroyed following the Shattering, but it has been sp...
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Events and Storylines

[January 2022] A Parent's Plea

A PARENT'S PLEAPREMISEUnexpected visitors to Lightsong bring news of a Shal'dorei infant, Timolet Luneau, who has been kidnapped by a mysterious organization. Timolet's desperate parents enlist the Silver Circle's aid in finding their son, but doi...
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Events and Storylines

[Path of War] War Council Minutes

⚔️ WAR COUNCIL MINUTES ⚔️Preparation before Warfare CALL TO ORDERThe first meeting for the Path of War was held at the Temple of Elune in Val'sharah on the 17th of Astrahe (February). ATTENDEESThinius ShadowfernMythanil BriarbladeGlynindra Breeze...
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Events and Storylines

🏹 [Path of War] Training Events

⚔️ TRAINING EVENTS ⚔️Preparation, Strife, and War in the Name of the Goddess The past is certain, the future obscure. Those who walk the Path of War understand this, for they have been charged with the defense of the Kaldorei nation. Walking this...
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Events and Storylines

Minutes for Council Glade 2021

Original post by Asvi SwiftfootContained in this thread are things of note that were announced during each Council Glade. If you were unable to attend a Glade meeting, click the link to the date of the meeting you missed to learn what was discusse...
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Events and Storylines

[November 2021] Court of Reprisal

Premise Since the days of the legion’s invasion the Nightborne have met the open hand of the Kaldorei with contemptible regard, where guidance and peace was offered the Shal’dorei turned their noses at the unrecognizable people their kin had turn...
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Events and Storylines

[Oct 2021] Shin'anath: The Fallen Spirit

SHIN'ANATH: THE FALLEN SPIRIT Prelude: Council GladeEvent I: The RefugeSide Event: Shroom HuntEvent II: The VillageEvent III: Vale of the MandrakeEvent IV: A Book of BloodInterlude: Rhut'van SummitInterlude: Long, Long Time AgoEvent V: Shadegrove ...
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Events and Storylines

[August 2021] The Ruinous Cohort

A campaign by Athaea Lonelight. Part I: Harvest SeasonPart II: Wiles and WyrmtonguesPart III: Reap the WhirlwindPart IV: Ruinous ReturnPart V: Like a PrayerPart VI: Night in the MuseumPart VII: Demon's SoulsPart VIII: Soul-Crusher PREMISEAfter t...
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Events and Storylines

[May 2021/July 2021] A Spirit Sundered

PREMISEAfter expeditioning to Northrend with Knight Benjamin Grandblade and Silversworn Renoris Feathersong to combat the chaotic numbers of the Scourge, the young aspirant Tanefrun Stormhelm was taken by the dark-winged Mawsworn; spirited to the ...
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Events and Storylines

[MAY 2021] One Light in the Darkness: Recap

Mythoral called those of the Circle who could aid him to the prison-island of Tol Barad, where he awaited them at the foot of Forgotten Hill Cemetery. There Mythoral explained that in Revendreth he had encountered the soul of one Aloysius Ainswort...
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Events and Storylines

[April 2021] Rise of the Snow Giants

PREMISEThere are rumors of a small but growing force of undead activity in Winterspring. Nearby towns worry that this may be the precursor to a large-scale event. In the midst of this anxiety, portal travel to and from Winterspring has become nigh...
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Events and Storylines

[August 2020] A Tangled Web

Part I: The DividePart II: Upstanding CitizensPart III: Stranger ThingsPart IV: Belly of the BeastPREMISEUnrest in the ruins of Falanaar reaches an apex as rumors are corroborated of fal'dorei rising anew from the depths, disturbing the sleepy res...
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