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An apology from Fyfaesia

Hello all,I saw the cinematic for the new expansion and of course after thinking to myself "How are they going to write their way out of this one?" my thoughts drifted to all of you here and the game itself. Fyf is always "with" me in some way it ...
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Fyfaesia21250Small Feyawen Nightfury 2y
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[Introduction] Telandros Greystorm

Hey y'all! So I know I'm no stranger to the Circle, and have been regularly attending SC events for several months now on Za'tiya. But this should be fun. OOC: What about the kaldorei inspires you, and what is your favorite thing about them?Althou...
Small Telandros Greystorm (Za'tiya) 2y
Telandros Greystorm (Za'tiya)3811Small Telandros Greystorm (Za'tiya) 2y
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[Introduction] Ellesthe Shadowfern

Hello friends! My name is Ellesthe Shadowfern and I am a druid of the talon and a distant relative to Thinius (so he and I both think anyway). I came upon the circle while I was taking a walk through Val'sharah, they were very nice and even offere...
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Ellesthe3815Small Nadyssa Leafbreeze 2y
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Dalressian Autumngrove and why i want to join the guild

So I made a post earlier but felt like it gave too much info so thought of a better way to introduce myself after having it removed.I'll start off about Dalressian in an OOC standpoint:Originally Dal was going to be a chill out character I had whe...
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Dalressian2663Small Y'fayelle Lunadoe 2y
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Sarnae Wintersong

OUT OF CHARACTERHello all My name is Mike and I have been a long time avid player of wow when it was an rts, I never really played wow the mmo. I started with games like guild wars 1 and warhammer. I have always had a special place in my heart tho...
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[Introduction]3825Member avatar small Sarnae 2y
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{Introduction} Emalia Stagshade🌿

*waves*Ishnu-dal-dieb! My name is Cheyenne & I've known of the Silver Circle since the days of the Silvereye. I was never once part of the Silvereye as I was not on any EU servers, however, I always admired it's structure, it's style, and pret...
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Emalia Stagshade41217Small Shaureyne Razorleaf 2y
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Introduction: Therandra Starsworn

OOC:Hello!! My name is Elle, I’ve been playing wow for 12 years now maybe? I’m pretty big into raiding but have been very interested in roleplay for years now. I started dabbling in rp 3 years back before taking an indefinite break from the game, ...
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Therandra Starsworn102175Member avatar small Therandra Starsworn 2y
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Intro: Tyrinell Featherwing

Hello everyone! I've been creeping around for quite a bit over the past few months with either Cynnus or Tyrinell, figured I may as well make a proper introduction here!Touch of EluneOOC: What about the kaldorei inspires you, and what is your fav...
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Tyrinell3912Member avatar small Ariasande Moonsinger 2y
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[Introduction] Nalasera Moonsorrow

[OOC]Howdy folks! My name is Orian, and I've recently come back to the World of Warcraft after another brief hiatus, looking to settle back into my Alliance roots and find some folks to play with! I've been keeping on eye on a lot of different gui...
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Nalasera Moonsorrow3801Member avatar small Nalasera Moonsorrow 2y
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[Introduction] Nadyssa Leafbreeze

[OOC] Hey ya'll, my IRL name is Isaac and I am interested in this guild because it seems like it would be a really nice fit for me, and the character(s) I plan to roleplay. I am twenty years old.[Touch of Elune]I'm particularly interested in playi...
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Isaac102229Small Feyawen Nightfury 2y
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[Introduction] Ariasande Moonsinger

Hello, Silver Circle family! I've been to a few events over the months so I decided to formally follow procedure and create an introduction post. Ariasande is a Priestess of Elune who mostly focuses on her goddess's magic over bow and arrow (she's...
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Ariasande Moonsinger31069Member avatar small Ariasande 2y
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Ishnu'alah, Silver Circle!I'm Evelyn and I've been hearing my friends talking about Silver Circle and their rp's for a year now. I've started playing WoW a few months ago and love the lore about the elves and hearing what happens in your events. I...
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[Introduction] Evelyn Alden41091Member avatar small Evelyn 2y
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Illalath Starfang

IC Intro: "Ishnu'alah brothers and sisters. I am Illalath Starfang. For many years now, I have lived in solitude within the wilderness of Kalimador, but with the growing assaults from the horde I wish to rekindle my relations with my kin once agai...
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Introduction2629Small Feyawen Nightfury 2y
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Introduction: Luna Moonsaber

Ishnu'alah Silver Circle!I have had the wonderful experience of roleplaying with fellow members of the guild and attended some of your guild's events that I felt that it was time to introduce myself here in the guestbook. I play a level 120 Kaldor...
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Luna3947Member avatar small Luna 3y
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Taliyannah Wildwood

Touch of EluneOOC: What about the Kaldorei inspires you, and what is your favorite thing about them?IC: What memory has the most impact on your character's life, and does it drive them today?I would have to say most of the Kaldorei culture inspire...
Small Taliyannah Wildwood 3y
Taliyannah Wildwood3988Small Allethea Windhowl 3y
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Apply for Silver Circle

Touch of EluneOOC: What about the kaldorei inspires you, and what is your favorite thing about them?Ya'll are a night elf centric guild.IC: What memory has the most impact on your character's life, and does it drive them today?I maybe very old com...
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Garitohal2744Small Feyawen Nightfury 3y
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Dhrys Rosenoak

Hello everyone! I am excited for this endeavor. The character name is Dhrys Rosenoak, a young (about 30) druid without very much experience in the world. War has not ravaged her family and she grew up in a home without strife. She is naive to the ...
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Dhrys61648Member avatar small Dhrys 3y
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Introduction: Ilaera Windsong

((Hello everyone! I play Ilaera Windsong, a priestess-turned-warrior cleric (monk) that has been around since 4 months after the game was released. I've been missing night elf roleplay so much as Ilaera is my main and my 'baby' after all these yea...
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Ilaera Windsong71679Small Laranel Ellin'ia 3y
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Olha Nightwind: Silver Circle, so long ago.

Hello everyone!I originally hail from Argent Dawn when the RP was rich, before the dark times! Joking aside, I have traveled to different realms since the server transfers were a thing and eventually found myself in Moonguard back in 2014 - I came...
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Olha Nightwind (Fala'Andu)51349Small Feyawen Nightfury 3y
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Sistrina Nightleaf

Ishnu'alah, Silver Circle!I originally came across Silver circle through website a few months ago, but saw that applications were closed, and so discouraged, I walked away. I came back a few weeks ago to find them now open, and I am really excited...
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Sistrina Nightleaf3913Member avatar small Sistrina Nightleaf 3y