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[Introduction] Eleanare Stargrove

Greetings, Beautiful Souls!My name is Kristin, though I go by Kris (and a myriad of character aliases). I am a priestess, author, storyteller, and rather fanatic RPer. I've played WoW since early 2009 and been storytelling far longer. In that time...
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Eleanare Stargrove5746Small Seldarine Stardragon 1y
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[Introduction] Vaelthir Dawnswift

Hello, I'm Mitch, but most of you know me as Jackie (Celassa's) Fiance/Husband/Boyfriend or whichever fits that day. I work on cars for a living. I can talk forever about wrestling (Olympic, please dear god not WWE) Also plenty of other sports, ...
Small Vaelthir Dawnswift 1y
Vaelthir Dawnswift2353Small Seldarine Stardragon 1y
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[Introduction] Failaira Asterleaf

Aloha everyone! I have been wanting to roleplay a Kaldorei for quite some time and in my research on Kaldorei lore, culture, and guilds, I found the Silver Circle. I am a lore-abiding roleplayer and appreciate playing with other lore-abiding rolep...
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Failaira Asterleaf2507Small Elliistra Skysong 2y
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[Introduction] Iraavos Stargaze

Hello everyone! I hope you're all doing great. My name is Iraavos, I'm 25 and I've been a Warcraft fan since I was 8 years old and I started playing Warcraft III. I started playing WoW during WoD, but I've only been roleplaying since the end of Le...
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Iraavos Stargaze6916Small Therandra Starsworn 2y
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[Introduction] Renoris Feathersong

Hello all! My name's Rhys and I'm very excited at the opportunity to meet all of you! I'm an Australian player trying to survive on NA servers, since I've always found the community so much more welcoming and lively/active in NA. I'm still pretty ...
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Rhys3607Member avatar small Rhys 2y
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Introduction: Caindele Starscribe

Caindele Starscribe (known to all as Caindele) is a venerable kaldorei hunter. He has seen many a battles and witness many of the pains that nature has gone through over the years events have ripped apart at the fabric and nature of Azeroth. He ...
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Caindele Starscribe3547Member avatar small Caindele Starscribe 2y
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[Introduction] Elenras Grovestalker

Hello, everyone. My name is Matthew and I've been a lifelong fan of World of Warcraft, having played since the tail-end of 2005 at the age of 11. For most of my time in-game I've been a Horde player exclusively, though during WoD I began to branch...
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Matthew4661Member avatar small Elenras (Matthew) 2y
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[Introduction] Azsharia Leafspring

Hey hey, everyone around here calls me bibbly, I'm 21, and I used to play WoW before we had the big re-texture patch (thing?). I was an avid roleplayer, but most of the guild I roleplayed with are pretty much obsolete now so I figured it'd be best...
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Azsharia Leafspring (Bibbly)2485Small Shaureyne Razorleaf 2y
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Path Request

Hi there Feyawen and the Silver Circle,I'm not sure if you remember, but we have spoken on a few occasions before. I am the GM of a Sentinel guild on Argent Dawn EU and I tend to pop in to your website every now and again when I'm in search of ide...
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Tinwëtar Ravenmist71128Member avatar small Tinwëtar Ravenmist 2y
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[Introduction] Aquita Shadowbreaker

Hello friends! I'm most commonly known as Greyah (Orc Warrior) or Clair (Tauren Shaman) on Horde-side. I've lead the Southfury Watch for the last year and a half and I have decided that it was time for a change. I previously had led the Silverwing...
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Aquita Shadowbreaker6872Member avatar small Aquita Shadowbreaker 2y
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[Introduction] Finlae Dawnleaf

Hello, my name is Trace, and I am newly dipping my feet into WoW-rp. I have a lot of text and D&D RP experience, but this feels like a whole different ball game. I look forward to playing off you all as I get used to this format.Touch of Elune...
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Trace4627Small Lor'athan 2y
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Guild Song and ressources request

Ishnu'alah,I am the huntress of the Mondklingen (Moonblades) on Forscherliga/Die Nachtwache. I want to ask with respect and hope, if I may use the lyrics of your guild song as well as the ressources for my own roleplay or any text based on rolepla...
Member avatar small Avalora Stardust (EU-Server Forscherliga/Die Nachtwache) 2y
Avalora Stardust (EU-Server Forscherliga/Die Nachtwache)5852Member avatar small Avalora 2y
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Alundath Faemourn

Preface: Greetings! I am Songbird! I am 19 years old and go by any pronouns! I'm fairly new to Kaldorei-specific lore but am always welcome to learning new things! I've never had a longstanding character until now, and I am super excited to develo...
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[INTRODUCTION]111617Member avatar small Alundath 2y
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[Introduction] Florbela Strongpine

Ishnu-alah friendsI am Brazilian, teacher, artist and passionate about the kaldorei, their culture and the World of Warcraft.Florbela is a character that has existed for over 10 years and was developed and transformed during those years to suit th...
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[Introduction] Florbela Strongpine71080Small Lor'athan 2y
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[Introduction] Baelodin

Hey guys, guess I'll start off with the basics. I'm 30 been playing WoW since launch on and off. Life has diverted me a couple times. I was a climbing instructor before all this madness happened. I found this guild off of the WRA guild directory. ...
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Baelodin4696Small Lor'athan 2y
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[Introduction] Vestorath Stormpyre

Hello everyone, I have been a long time roleplayer, and World of Warcraft player, but it never occurred to me to put the two together, until now. After reading a few articles and posts, I’ve decided to give it a go and try it on the blue side. I’v...
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Vestorath Stormpyre61005Small Feyawen Nightfury 2y
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[Introduction] Symoora Maplewind

Greeting All, I am an artist, storyteller, and all around crazy but fun person. I have played WoW a bit ago for 3-5ish years and left the game around Warlords of Draenor. I have a friend that has been playing for a long time and recently pulled me...
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Symoora Maplewind6987Small Lor'athan 2y
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[Introduction]: Yshiia Starflower

Touch of EluneOOC: What about the kaldorei inspires you, and what is your favorite thing about them?I would say the variety of different style, subsets, and themes within Kaldorei culture. Like you have Sentinels, Elune, Night Warrior, Druid, and ...
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Yshiia Starflower81253Small Nadyssa Leafbreeze 2y
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[Introduction] Sataleeti Fala'andu

Hey I'm Seven, I've been in the guild before a few years ago. Some of you might remember me, specially since I play a blind character! I left mostly because of stress and a lot of emotional stuff happening. But I'm better and back! I would love to...
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Sataleeti Fala'andu (Nightwind)61011Small Luna Moonsaber 2y
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Introduction/Re-Introduction: Lythria Moonspear

Hey all!Some of you may remember me as a previous member from some months ago. I've recently made a return to the wonderful World of Warcraft, and am interested in re-joining the Silver Circle. This Guild was amazing to me and I had such a great t...
Member avatar small Lythria Moonspear (Santhang in-game) 2y
Lythria Moonspear (Santhang in-game)2477Small Therandra Starsworn 2y