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[Introduction] Astrea Evermoon

Hey hey readers. This post has been pending for a while. I've spent several occasions contemplating a place for my favorite Mage since Starfall died. I've been of the Kaldorei since I learned about Warcraft. My earliest characters were Night Elves...
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Antimache4494Small Feyawen Nightfury 1y
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[INTRODUCTION] Sinrall Whiteleaf

IC LETTER:*An envelope is found upon the Silver-Circle. Woven across the back is a wax seal, the seal enclosed with a crescent moon. Hailing from the remaining of what was once known as the Darnassus Sisterhood. Inside a carefully written letter h...
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Acolyte Sinrall Whiteleaf3388Member avatar small Acolyte Sinrall Whiteleaf 1y
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[INTRODUCTION] Aedrelle Oakcliff

Hey everyone! I'm a recent Moon Guard refugee - after BFA and the post-Shadowlands slump I realized that I’m simply not enjoying the Kaldorei community over there - and I figured there’s no time like the present to see if the grass is any greener ...
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Aedrelle Oakcliff2490Small Celassa Kal'nor 1y
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🌱 introduction!

Hello! My name is Cam, I’m 21, and I accidentally deleted what I had written before, so I’m retyping this lol! 😊 I’m terrible at talking about myself, so I guess here goes nothing. For one, I love drawing and writing – it’s something I love doing ...
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Vylltia Wildmoon2369Small Celassa Kal'nor 1y
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Voloris Ravenflower

Hello my name is Voloris I'm 21 years old. I love writing and drawing, its been with me since I was little. I am currently going to medical school due to me not wanting to be a starving artist. What made me choose the medical field, It was my gran...
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Introduction4436Small Celassa Kal'nor 1y
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[Introduction] Adahvros

Hi! I'm Chatell (Ricky), and I had the wonderful chance to RP with you all on the 17th, the preface to your Shadowlands campaign. While I was incredibly anxious about RPing on them, the SC made it incredibly friendly and welcoming! I would be hono...
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Hi there! I play a ren'dorei ghotstblade (rogue) called Feyahni. I've played this in-game character since 2007, though the RP character itself was not always a void elf (obviously) and not always who she is now. I've been back and forth between...
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[Introduction] Thyria Wildward

Ishnu’alah,My name is Thyria Wildward. I am a Kaldorei huntress interested in contacting the members of the Silver Circle, as I feel our goals align. In my youth, I trained as a sentinel, but realized I am more drawn to independent discovery and e...
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Thyria Wildward5503Small Elieene Dawnspyre 1y
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[Introduction] Kovis Moonsong

Ishnu'alah,I am Kovis Moonsong. Much of my life has been spent as a tracker and pathfinder, first guarding the realms of the Kaldorei, then as a member of the Alliance. After the burning of Teldrassil, I chose to return home to my people. I made m...
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Kovis Moonsong5676Small Feyawen Nightfury 1y
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Old Face

Well hello there!I happened to stumble upon a comment on a piece of art recently referring to someone from a "Silver Circle". Being incredibly nostalgic, curious and still somewhat active I just had to do a little digging. Imagine my surprise when...
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Aerandul4519Small Feyawen Nightfury 1y
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[Introduction] Ayune Nightwhisper

Ishnu'alah Kaldorei of the Silver Circle,Greetings to you all, esteemed guild members.By way of introduction, I am Ayune Nightwhisper, a Night Elf Priestess of the Temple of the Moon in Darnassus. Since the burning of Teldrassil, I have been charg...
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Ayune Nightwhisper5662Small Celassa Kal'nor 1y
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[Introduction] Elthiah Moonglow

Hi! My name is Minchi and I am nineteen years of age! I've been roleplaying for about eight or nine years now, but six of it would be primarily in WoW. I'm a pretty friendly individual, and I am no slouch to being talkative or social. The Silver C...
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Minchi3419Small Therandra Starsworn 1y
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Technical questions

Ishnu-alah,Having found a link to this website on the WoW forums, I have been happily reading about your guild and the campaigns. What a rich and exciting world you have here! Thank you for sharing it with us. My character is a night elf priest on...
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Introduction: Illusia Lunefeather

Hi! I've been looking for a kaldorei rp guild and this seems like a good fit :) My name's Sarah and my character is a night elf priest on wyrmrest accord. Illusia Lunefeather is a traveling priestess and hippogryph rider. I've chosen the quickness...
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Sarah :)2371Small Kelanthos Ivyfang 1y
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[Introduction] Faelyrin Ravenbough

Hello everyone! I am no stranger to Kaldorei lore, but I am relearning how to play my elven characters after a long break. I fell in love with the Gilnean lore when Cataclysm was released, and my kaldorei were shelved or deleted. The character cus...
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Faelyrin Ravenbough4476Small Elieene Dawnspyre 1y
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Like to join guild.

Hi. Would love to join your guild. This is Areowin. Thairath is a new druid I created for this server. Been always one on the other server. Why change what works. Plus, Im pretty good as one. ;) I would like too see your guilds RP. Do you...
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I came up to your website when I was checking Forums. What hooked me was the theme song of the Kaldorei. I am a regular player. I am on wow on a regular bases. Mind you, I'm not on everyday. I must admit, I have never RPed before but would be ...
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Lawrence4558Small Shaureyne Razorleaf 1y
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Inquiry from Argent Dawn RP - EU

Greetings. I am currently starting a small RP project centered around Kaldorei lore, knowledge and rituals and would like to inquire if it would be possible to use the zodiac/calendar system that I have found on your page and that has been used by...
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Orithiel4586Small Feyawen Nightfury 1y
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[Introduction] Marsarias Bladesong

Before I start, I would like to state that I am not new to roleplay, but I am newish to Kaldorei specific lore and roleplay. I am a lore-abiding, but not extremely strict in this. I do read and seek out lore on my own. Some aspects of my character...
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Marsarias Bladesong6928Small Elieene Dawnspyre 1y
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[INTRODUCTION] Shaeneth Nightbloom

Greetings, well met, salutations, and all that jazz!My name is Greyson, and I'm actually Kristin's (Eleanare's) husband IRL. Most people simply call me Grey, Bishop (an old gamer tag that stuck as a nickname -_-), or like her, a multitude of other...
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