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[Pinned] Introduction Prompts

INTRODUCTION PROMPTS Ishnu'alah weary traveler and welcome to the Silver Circle website. If you are interested in playing with us and you would like to introduce yourself please create a new thread in this forum with a subject line in this format...
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[Pinned] Guest Book
Guest Book

[Pinned] Guest Book

Ishnu'alah Honored Guest,Welcome to the Silver Circle website. Here you can post in-character and out-of-character greetings to the Silver Circle. We also encourage you to ask our members questions about the guild or World of Warcraft lore, if you...
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[Introduction[ Nemriel Swiftstalker

Hey y'all! Cold-call introductions can be a tricky one for me, and I've visited and then closed this page a good half-dozen times over the past week, but here goes!I'm a server transfer from A-MG that meandered over in early-ish February, and whil...
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{Introduction} Maeryna Starcrest

Ishnu-Dal-Dieb! The character I'm wishing to introduce to the Circle is none other than my Highborne Mage, Maeryna Nightcrest! A former Shen'dralar Highborne that has since tried to integrate back into society, and make up for the mistakes that he...
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[Introduction] Delanrya Moonleaf

Elune'adore, Silver Circle! I hope all is fairing well in your endeavors! I am the writer behind Delanrya Moonleaf ; A devoted Priestess of Elune! I initially started WoW at the very end of Burning crusade, and started roleplaying in Cataclysm! I ...
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[Introduction] Allauyine Embersage

Hi everyone! My character's name is Allauyine Embersage. You may possibly know me as Faydori from the Horde guild, Duskwatch Saberguard. Allauyine needs a kaldorei home and I've had only great experiences with the Silver Circle so far, so I figure...
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[Introduction] Maerkala Windingpath

Well met everyone! I'll go by D for now, I'm shy. Maerkala is a balance oriented druid who also wishes to grow in strength as a healer. As a player, I have been wandering in WoW on and off since the beginning days. Tabletop rp is also somethi...
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[Introduction] Valdryth Willowmoon

Hello! My character's name is Valdryth, a night elf priest. I've been roleplaying on and off since Wrath of the Lich King, and been playing WoW since a little before Burning Crusade launched. I've experimented with RP in Guild Wars 2, SWTOR, FFXIV...
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Touch of EluneOOC: What about the kaldorei inspires you, and what is your favorite thing about them?IC: What memory has the most impact on your character's life, and does it drive them today?OOC: I've always had a love for the magical aspects of f...
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Touch of EluneOOC: What about the Kaldorei inspires you, and what is your favorite thing about them?Kaldorei are without a doubt one of my favorite original races in World of Warcraft. Humans, Dwarves and Orcs may predate Night Elves in terms of f...
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[Introduction] Runemaster Elurandir

For this best experience I recommend you listen to this music as you read: Shan’are. Thirty and seven moons ago a heavily tattooed and road worn night elf wandered into Karnum’s Glade accompanie...
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[Introduction] Ivahra Autumnsong

Ishnu'alah brothers and sisters of Elune!I'm Valerie. I've RP and interacted with a few of you before and it's always a pleasure running into someone from the Silver Circle out in the world! Freelancing art forced me to shake the altohalic addicti...
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[Introduction] Budoreal "Buddy" Mellowspyre

Heyo heyo! My name's Buddy and I'm a friend of Tane! They're the reason I know about this and I figured it was time I made one of these to just up and say hi! I'm an rp'er, obviously, but I'm also just always around playing tons of other games too...
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Karadryn Saberfang

Hi there, I'm Karadryn. My in game tag is Sàber and I took an interest in your guild some time ago. Seeing posts about an all night elf guild during some key story moments in the game felt like something I wanted to be apart of, but I have been a...
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[Introduction!] Schen Willowfeather

Hello~! I go by Schen/Snoopy. I've been roleplaying on WoW since I was 13 years old (now 26), and have always been a glutton for Night Elf lore as my specialty. Schen, as a druid, was my second character I ever made, my original being a human Holy...
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Alinnasia Starforest

Personal IntroductionI’ve always loved writing stories, even when I was a kid! I’d write stories about animals and forests and magical beings living among them. Things like Tolkien and World of Warcraft were just natural fits for me as I grew up! ...
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[Introduction] Nenre Frostgrove

Let me first say that I don't think I'm nearly as interesting as the characters that I write, so I can't promise that any of these OOC sections will be quite as colorful as Nenre's answers. I'm a bit ashamed to say that I've mulled over attempting...
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[Introduction] Cayldiais Moonfang

I was looking for a new guild that tends to be heavier on rp, came across your guild in the searching for guild part of WoW in game. My work schedule is a bit rough, so I likely won't be able to attend every event, but I'm looking for something mo...
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[Introduction] Phandris SilverBark

IC:Ishnu'alah,*I am Phandris SilverBark. Veteran Sentinel. Ever since the sundering i pledge my self to serve our people by wearing our armor carry our moonglaive and my faith to Elune, become a soldier and protector. Even today i continue my serv...
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[Introduction] Ezrenus the Monk

Hi, I'm new to Night Elves and experience in rp in general. I recently got interested in Night Elf roleplay.Touch of EluneOOC - Their druids, I like their druids the best. IC- Ezrenus, though a young elf, keenly remembers the Third war and the sav...
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