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Thal’darah Overlook is a small town nestled within one of the few valleys that cross through the Stonetalon Mountains. It has been a way-stop for travelers and adventurers seeking to rest aching limbs and drown painful memories within its protected borders. Moreover, it has also gained attention recently as a potential power in the area’s commerce, due to discovery of substantial silver deposits buried in the mountains nearby. Over the past three years, the people of Thal’darah Overlook have burrowed into the ground seeking the wealth therein. Able-bodied folk of the Alliance have flocked to the town, hoping to lend their strength within the mines and garner some share of the prize.

Hope and industry turned to despair and potential ruin with the advent of the Burning Plague four months ago. It began quietly, with miners returning home from their work at nightfall complaining of blistering sores and an unbearable thirst. Shortly thereafter, an unknown illness decimated the town’s livestock and crops. The elders of Thal’darah Overlook declared that the well waters had been soured by an unknown disease, but by then the Burning Plague had already begun claiming the young and sickly.


Elder Sareth'na

Sareth'na is one of the community leaders of Thal'darah Overlook and a member of the Council of the Forest within the Stonetalon Mountains. The preservation and balance between society and the natural world is one of her responsibilities. Usually she travels between the kaldorei settlements in the Stonetalon Mountains, but recently she has taken up residency in Thal'darah to tend to the sickly returning from the silver mine.

Valos Shadowrest

Valos is the innkeeper at Thal'darah Overlook and the purveyor of rations, supplies and medicines for the mountainous settlement. He often has a few odd jobs that adventurer's may take part in around the settlement, to assist the populace.

Sentinel Mistress Geleneth

Geleneth was originally stationed in the Stonetalon Mountains to assist with investigating strange happenings around the time of Neltharion's Wrath. Since then, she has taken up residence in Thal'darah Overlook and has remained in charge of establishing safe trade and caravan routes for traveling merchants and adventurer's alike.
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Elder Sareth’na met with the volunteers from Silver Circle who had answered her call for aid. At her side was Sentinel Geleneth, both of which had been the first from Tha'darah Overlook to introduce themselves. Sareth'na, the apparent leader of the small community, went on to inform the Circle of the past few months and how things have taken a turn for the worst with the Burning Plague and its affects on the community.

Sareth'na then informed the volunteers that they'd be most useful for the night over at the inn, where Valos Shadowcrest was expecting them.

Valos Shadowcrest, the owner of the inn, went on to explain how the crops and livestock had become diseased from the plague and asked that the Circle head South to Windshear Hold so they may hunt for ram and eagle eggs as to replenish the food supply and feed those who were currently unable to feed themselves as they were riddled with illness. The Circle took the provided Hippogryphs after donning masks if they chose to.

Upon landing, the volunteers from the Circle briefly discussing how they intended to get the ram steaks and eagle eggs back to Tha'darah. Eventually it was decided that the easiest course of action was to make use of the arcane abilities of Mythera, who offered to make a portal to make transport easy.

The Circle quickly came upon some tracks, indicating that there was a small herd of rams that lingered in the area. It was Kelanthos Ivyfang who opted to make use of his druidic abilities to summon forth an incantation that would allow the party to track the herd with ease- as the druidic magics would quite literally lead them to the rams and eliminate any unnecessary work.

The orb of druidic magic worked perfectly! Leading the circle right to a gathering of trees that just so happened to also be the home of the local spider population and their nests! Thus leading the spiders to react defensively. A brief combat ensued, where blade and spell clashed against web and venom. Ultimately, the kaldorei of the Silver Circle posed to be a greater force and eradicated the four spiders. Two of which were nearly cooked completely as they had been bested by spell.

Seeing as spider meat and legs were an ideal culinary choice for Kaldorei as a whole, the Circle opted to make use of the remains and take what they could back to Valos.

Mythera kept true to her promise and created the portal back to Thal'darah Overlook. Allowing the circle to return with the armfuls of meat and spider eggs for the population of Thal'darah.

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Elder Sareth'na met with the volunteers of Silver Circle once again. This time however, she issued a request that they tend to those who had been infected with the Burning Plague. She provided approximately ten healing droughts that had been crafted specifically for those infested with the plague. Offering a secondary means of healing should the druidic or Elunarian magics fail for whatever reason.

The Circle first went to Valos' inn, where in the upstairs there were three kaldorei who were currently in a fever induced slumber. With the aid of the volunteer healers (or simply those willing to help) all three of the Kaldorei broke from their fevers and were relived of most, if not all, of their symptoms that derived from the burning plague.

Once things had settled in Thal'darah inn with the three kaldorei, Silver Circle then flew down south to Windshear, where there were more allies to the kaldorei who were in need of aid. As they too were infested with the burning plague.

Several gnomes had ventured to the area for the mine and had taken up various jobs within the area. While the opportunity had been grand at one point in time, the exposure to the plague was likely viewed as a downside. As their entire work party fell ill.

No matter, the Circle tended to the entire group as if they were their own kin. Resulting in the break of fever and symptoms, just as they had done for the kaldorei in Thal'darah.
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Treating the sick and speaking with the locals eventually pointed to the Windshear Mine, which served as the one commonality shared between all of the first victims of the plague. Unfortunately, a recent scouting mission led by Feydren Nightfury revealed that the mine has recently been overrun by hostile entities, presumably Grimtotem seeking to plunder the mine in the absence of Alliance forces to secure it.

An investigation team of volunteers was rallied for the sole purpose of investigating the Windshear Mines to the south, where the locals believed the plague to originate from.

A cool breeze drifted down from the towering peaks of the Stonetalon Mountains as the Silversworn and allies beheld the entrance to the cavernous mines. The red sand ground was littered with tools, picks, shovels, some of which protruded from soft banks of soil.

The dirt path beneath the darkened shaft of the mine was covered in stone debris, and hints of silvery ore, revealing signs of recent conflict. No light issued from the shaft walls. Burnt-out torches were strewn across the floor, their brackets torn from the shaft walls.

Kelanthos Ivyfang and Celassa Kal'nor volunteered to move in first, listening. But it was Kelanthos' ears, in his feline druid shape, that provided the most useful information. He heard anxious whispers echo off the walls of the mine. "No. I have determined that we must stay for the time being. I’ll have no more of your apprehension, Mahal.”

“But Elder Motega, some manner of creature has been stealing the dead from the camp. Most of the Alliance corpses have already been stolen and even a few of our own have gone missing. There must be a curse on this mine. Half of our band has already died from strange fevers…we cannot stay here much longer.”

Celassa Kal'nor issued the signal, urging the rest of the party to move in and begin the investigation. Oran Featherstride and dwarven adventurer Gorfrund entered the mine first, taking point. But they ran directly into the young Grimtotem guard known as Mahal as they turned the corner around a pile of bones who immediately sounded the alarm.

Thinking quickly, Mythoral Dawnveil flung up his hands to create an illusory wall further down the mineshaft, that would cloak the party's advance. Mythera Darkthorn assisted him in this effort while the others in the party aided the wounded Oran Featherstride or fought to render the young Grimtotem guard unconscious.

Before long, a party of twenty or so Grimtotem warriors emerged from further up the mineshaft and all held their breath, preying that Mythoral's illusion would hold. Mythera's own power waned and fizzled out, but as if sensing her fellow hIghborne's need, Maeryna Nightcrest stepped in to assist. The illusion was maintained - just long enough to trick the Grimtotem warriors, though they left five warriors behind to safeguard the tunnel.

Oran Featherstride's symptoms were beginning to worsen, for delving deeper in the mines seemed to escalate the ague he suffered from. Mythanil Briarblade made the official call to retreat, much to Feydren Nightfury's chagrin.

As the illusory wall rippled and fell, conflict broke out. Feydren and Mythanil held the line beside Gorfrund while the rest of the party made their fast escape. Together, Mythoral, Celassa and Kelanthos carried the unconscious form of the young Grimtotem warrior, Mahal before retreating into the portal Mythera opened - returning them all safely back to Thal'darah Overlook.
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The Silversworn returned to the silver mines a few nights after the first incursion, this time with some back up. A dwarven mountaineer brought word to Windshear Hold, from the Northwatch Expedition Camp and informed the Circle that Northwatch forces secured the southern tunnel of the mines, but required further assistance with rooting out the Grimtotem.

Mahal, the Grimtotem captive, had broken her fever the night before this news arrived, and was well enough to be questioned. It fell to Warden of the Hunt Mythanil Briarblade to decide what plan of action the Silversworn should take: leave to aid the Northwatch, or question Mahal?

The question was posed to the Silversworn and allies at Windshear Hold, and the gathering ultimately decided now was the time to push into the mines. The Silversworn gathered up their supplies and equipment and set out for the Northwatch Camp on the southern side of Windshear Mountain.

There, they rendezvoused with a Northwatch Lieutenant and were assigned three additional personnel: two healers by the names of Sara and Dawnford, and one Alliance rogue known as Carlson.

The Silversworn advanced into the heart of the silver mines, where they happened upon another Northwatch party of foot soldiers trapped on the tracks by Grimtotem ambushers. A brief skirmish unfolded, resulting in the recovery of the Alliance footmen and the safe capture of that area of the mine. A man was sent back up the shaft to alert the Northwatch Lieutenant and to ensure the Alliance forces would advance further.

The Silversworn progressed, moving deeper into the heart of the mountain.

The stretch of narrow mineshaft broadened into a wide cavern, streaked with shining veins of silver ore. At the center of the cavern a small party of Grimtotem were gathered, in discussion. Under Briarblade's command, the Silversworn moved forward, taking the Grimtotem by surprise. The tauren fought with a mad, unreasonable fury, and at one point exclaimed "Orcs" were attacking. A flurry of spells and attacks echoed through the mines as a quick and confusing battled ensued, during which Mythoral Dawnveil made a startling realization: there was a void presence somewhere within the mines, and the Grimtotem were trapped in some kind of madness.

The Grimtotem Chieftain was felled during the altercation, and his mender put a battlehorn to her lips to sound the alarm in response. A stampede of Grimtotem appeared from deeper within the mines, and the party sounded another retreat.

The track in the high mine shaft gave way as grenades were flung to cover the Silversworn escape, severing the path for the Grimtotem to follow. Unfortunately, in the confusion, Ithil Snowywolf and the Alliance healer Dawnford were captured by the approaching Grimtotem and they vanished in the smoke and debris of the blast.

It was unclear if either survived.

Since then, Feydren Nightfury and other Silversworn attuned to the Way of the Hunt have taken stock of the region, its resources, and the likely number of Grimtotem tribesmen and women inhabiting the mine, while Elder Celassa Kal'nor and other followers of the Way of the Moon worked to heal those afflicted by the plague in the area. Some held on to the hope that Ithil was not lost, and a plan was made to make one final venture into the mines.
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