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#14958270 May 10, 2022 at 04:20 PM
Well met everyone! I'll go by D for now, I'm shy. Maerkala is a balance oriented druid who also wishes to grow in strength as a healer. As a player, I have been wandering in WoW on and off since the beginning days. Tabletop rp is also something I enjoy when able. I have characters on both sides. In alignment terms, my core is neutral good. Elves of all varieties are my center. This is why I found Silver Circle.

Touch of Elune
OOC: Kaldorei druid was my first love in this game. Something vital is missing if I can't connect with one. They have a feel to them similar to some fae. Adventuring out amongst the hurried shorter lived beings can help me identify with that sense of being seen as something of a relic, like I have stepped out of the Emerald Dream and move at my own pace between worlds. I get a better sense of a character as I inhabit them. This character thus far has been a solo adventurer so her "memories" are more like the fragments of what being a druid has been like across years and servers. My structure will follow as experiences evolve and I put my mind to it.

OOC: Helping people, books, animals, otherworldly
IC: What can she teach and hidden talents?... Patience and humor help a lot with poor circumstances, and errors of judgement, the horrible, the beautiful, the strange and the mundane. Maer does some tailoring and a little cooking.

Nature Resistance
OOC: Co-writing is both fun and challenging and something that can always grow.

Wisp Spirit
OOC: It would be worthwhile to play even a small part in building a supportive rp community.
IC: Maerkala can appreciate sacred in multiple forms.

OOC: I believe I am an introvert who likes people, I just get overwhelmed sometimes and seek quiet.
IC: Maer is fairly comfortable in most environments if she can be part of the scenery rather than the focus. Subterranean or mazelike surroundings are somewhat disturbing.

Thank you all for your time and consideration, happy wanderings!
#14958478 May 11, 2022 at 11:16 AM
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Ishnu-alah Maerkala (D). It's good to see new faces especially healer types. Cayl (and a few others) is someone who could always use a little more teaching and practice with humor, so I'm excited to see how well the pair of them could work that out. Co-writing is one of the primary reasons I rp, I love being able to bounce ideas of another person and get a new perspective on concepts and ideas. I tend to fall out in larger groups myself, but there are plenty of events that push a really good narrative and guild collaboration. Further there are always chances for one on one rp (in game or discord).

Looking forward to seeing you around!

Cayldiais Moonfang

(discord: Ailsie#0416 if you have questions!)