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Preparation before Warfare

The first meeting for the Path of War was held at the Temple of Elune in Val'sharah on the 17th of Astrahe (February).

Thinius Shadowfern
Mythanil Briarblade
Glynindra Breezebend
Iaron Bloodquiver
Kelthos Moongale
Karadryn Saberfang
Ithil Snowywolf

The first War Council was used as a platform to discuss each attendees' perspective of war, and how the Silversworn should involve themselves in war related operations going forward.

The collective council determined that focusing on the immediate fortification and stabilization of the Broken Isles would be to the benefit of the locals and the Silver Circle. Two proposals were made; 1) invaded and reclaim part of the Black Rook Hold arsenal and establish a hidden fortification in the Hold; 2) establish diplomatic relations with the spirits in the Court of Farondis, and aid them with protecting and fortifying Azsuna from outside threats in exchange for resources.

It was decided by unanimous vote that the Path of War efforts would focus on the reclamation of the Black Rook Hold arsenal and establishing a hidden fortification in the Hold.


For generations House Ravencrest carved out the clan stronghold from a natural mountain of black granite, gradually building a fortress like none seen among their kind. Black Rook Hold, as it quickly became known, was an ominous, uncolored place which spread its influence over much of the night elf Empire, becoming second only to the palace in Zin-Azshari. When conflict arose between the night elves and the dwarves, it was the power of Black Rook Hold that tipped the balance.

In Lord Kur'talos Ravencrest's generation, the stronghold was complete. The Hold withstood the explosive aftermath of the War of the Ancients and the Sundering, and is known to withstand attack for days, if not weeks. Today, the halls and courtyards of the Hold are haunted by kaldorei ghosts who cannot see the living for what they truly are and believe them to be demons, as they eternally experience the horrors of the War of the Ancients.

OOC NOTE: All members are welcome and encouraged to pick up the missions below for spontaneous RP night, or to arrange a small event using one or more of the missions as an event objective.

Mission 1: Establish a Foothold at Heroes' Rest
A small path leading out from Bradensbrook Village leads to Heroes' Rest on the edge of the Black Rook Hold. This territory is a graveyard for many fallen soldiers, and is a relatively safe location for Silversworn to begin their infiltration of the Hold. To prevent additional hauntings, Silversworn should leave offerings for at the three kaldorei heroes known to reside in this graveyard: Cesta Stargrazer (Priestess), Mandrel Nightsbane (Arcanist), T'rel Moonblade (Warrior)

Mission 2: Cleansing Ravencourt
Ravencourt is the largest military complex in Black Rook Hold. Majority of the supplies in this outdoor area are damaged and worn by time, from their exposure to the elements. Ghosts occasionally haunt these otherwise vacant courtyards. Citizens from Bradensbrook have reported hearing training horns and Darnassian shouting ringing out from the Ravencourt, as well as the sound of combat and other training. Any ghostly activity found in the Ravencourt must be cleansed.

Mission 3: Scout Black Rook Hold
Lord Ravencrest's arsenal was forged by the most peerless weaponsmiths and engineers of ancient times. These craftsmen came from across the Empire to pledge loyalty to Lord Ravencrest, and followed him to the ends of the earth. It is known that Ravencrest's last arsenal was not deployed during the War of the Ancients, and remains hidden in a vault somewhere in the Black Rook Hold. Small parties of Silversworn encouraged to infiltrate the Black Rook Hold from a mausoleum access near Heroes' Rest known as The Ravenscrypt. This mission should only be undertaken after the first two have been executed.

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