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Unexpected visitors to Lightsong bring news of a Shal'dorei infant, Timolet Luneau, who has been kidnapped by a mysterious organization. Timolet's desperate parents enlist the Silver Circle's aid in finding their son, but doing so will require the Circle to test themselves in ways far outside their comfort zone.

Their familiar forests and glades will be exchanged for bustling city streets and opulent courtyards as they brave the heart of Suramar City like never before. With tentative disguises, the Silver Circle must not only try to uncover more about the organization that holds Timolet captive, but also blend in with a culture so different from their own. But in the end, the Circle must do whatever is necessary to find Timolet and bring him home before it is too late.


Sevine Luneau

Being a mother is everything to Sevine. After a bitter fight for Suramar's liberation, during which she met her beloved husband Andros, she was looking forward to a life alongside the family she'd always dreamed of. All of that changed when Timolet was taken. Now she has thrown herself into trying to rescue him from the mysterious group that has stolen him away. Though she loves her husband, she is weary of calling upon outsiders (especially ones from the Alliance) to aid them in their search. Still, more eyes and ears on the ground cannot be a bad thing, right?

Andros Luneau

A former Duskwatch lieutenant and proud Nightfallen rebel, Andros has set aside his life of service to dedicate himself fully to his wife and newborn son. Having recently taken over the mantle of leading his family's noble house from his ailing mother, Andros is prepared to use all of the resources at his disposal to recover Timolet... even if that means enlisting the aid of outsiders. On the word of his former comrade Vakeath, he convinces his wife to join him in seeking out the Silver Circle. In his mind, a fresh perspective on his people and the city may be just the thing that is needed to bring his son home safely.

Bruno Voleurtier

In spite of their lives going in very different directions, Bruno has been Andros' best friend since they were boys. A charming thief and poet, he spends most of his time pursuing romance and plotting his next get rich quick scheme. Still, his knowledge of Suramar's underworld is second-to-none and if anyone needs to learn about the seedier elements operating within the city he is one of the best.

Angèle Ambersky

One of several Shal'dorei Ambassadors to the Horde capital of Orgrimmar, Angèle is well-known for an even temperament that masks a deeply stubborn nature. During the Legion occupation she was outspoken against Grand Magistrix Elisande, but managed to leverage her connections with sympathetic nobility to avoid persecution. After Thalyssra took command of the city, Angèle was appointed to her current position.

Sadrielle Celestois

Sevine's sister and an accomplished spellblade, Sadrielle has used her natural leadership abilities to guide her mercenary company, The Sanguine Serpents, to glory and riches during the Fourth War. Having become quite worldly in her travels, she has recently returned to Suramar with her men to offer aid in the search for her nephew and will not take kindly to anyone getting in her way.

Malicroix Dufort

A mysterious Shal'dorei of questionable means, Malicroix is unknown to most and he prefers to keep it that way. To those who are aware of his existence it is said that he is a 'fixer' to the upper echelons of Suramarian society, using his influence and talents to clean up scandals quickly and quietly. Rumors swirl that he was deeply loyal to the Grand Magistrix, but with no evidence of his former loyalties having surfaced (and the dirt he likely has on many nobles across the city) Malicroix continues to enjoy his freedom.
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What initially began as a quiet, social evening around hot chocolate and cookies for the Silver Circle was interrupted by the unexpected arrival of a cadre of Shal'dorei who had stopped just up the road from Lightsong and asked for an audience. After briefly conferring, Mythanil and Celassa agreed to allow this audience and the group ventured to the roadside to meet with the Shal'dorei in question.

Once there, they were greeted by a small caravan of elaborate wagons pulled by manasabers and attended with armed guards. At the head of this group were a Nightborne man and woman who introduec themselves as Lord Andros and Lady Sevine Luneau.

The couple revealed that their infant son, Timolet, had been taken the previous day and they sought the Circle's help in finding him having heard good things from Andros' former Duskwatch colleague Vakeath. In exchange for their aid, the Luneaus pledged to put their noble house's resources towards helping to finish repairs on Lightsong.

While initially hesitant, after a bit of questioning the Silver Circle agreed to hear them out and Sevine Luneau revealed a parchment that had been left behind in Timolet's bassinet. Feydren was the first to accept the parchment and the group took turns looking it over. The only thing on the page was an emblem of a burning demonic eye with horns and fel runes behind.

Dathras Saberfang was able to determine that the runes were those found in an Eye of Killrogg spell, though warped to be made more decorative. Ivahra Autumnsong recognized the symbol as a whole, recalling its presence on the armor and shields of some Felborne during the Legion conflict in Suramar.

After Feydren and Liodred Moonrage negotiated a potential safety net with Andros in the event they were caught in the city, the Circle agreed to help. The Luneaus would need a few days to gather illusion masks and enchant them to bridge the language barrier between Darnassian and Shalassian. Once that was done, the Circle was to meet with Bruno Voleurtier, an old friend of Andros who had knowledge of Suramar's criminal underworld.

If any Felborne had survived First Arcanist's Thalyssra's purges, then they were likely living underground and someone like Bruno could help the Circle find out just who this mysterious group was and why they kidnapped Timolet from his bed.
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With their masks in hand, the Silver Circle ventured into Suramar City to meet with Bruno Voleurtier. Not recognizing the strange symbol Timolet's kidnappers had left behind, the charming thief led the group to a strange merchant of occult curious named Gisette.

Before she was willing to impart her knowledge on what the symbol might mean, she demanded the Circle help her with two tasks: first to recover goods she'd paid for from two merchants within the Bazaar who had failed to deliver and secondly to get a bag of gummy wyrms from the confectioner Palu.

With their rather strange tasks at hand, Bruno led the Circle to Veronique's tailoring shop. Feyawen, Feydren, and Liodred entered to convince her to surrender the bolts of silkweave Gisette had purchased. Meanwhile, the rest of the group carried on to the jewel shop of Marcelieu where Celassa and Glynindra entered to convince the jeweler to surrender the trio of star emeralds Gisette was owed.

While those in the tailoring shop relied on persuasion to convince Veronique to part with her goods, Celassa and Glynindra employed more intimidating tactics to coerce Marcelieu to give them the emeralds. While this was happening, Mythanil was accosted by a guard who thought she looked a bit strange, but quick thinking on the Warden's part dispelled the guard's suspicions.

After Bruno realized he had an ugly past with Palu, the group ventured to the confectioner's stall and purchased the required gummy wyrms. With all of Gisette's demands met, Bruno prepared to lead the group back to her stall outside the bazaar so they could learn what she knew about the mysterious symbol on the parchment.

Much to the Circle's frustration, Gisette revealed she had never even seen the symbol before, much less knew anything about it. Before the Circle's anger at being used had a chance to manifest, however, the crazed merchant did suggest they speak with the enchanter Ithranil Sagespire who had a shop nearby. As a retired member of the Duskwatch, he might know what such a symbol meant.

After arriving to his shop, Ithranil revealed he could see through the Circle's disguises, but after being convinced by Feyawen that they were not there to threaten his shop or the city, he agreed to take a look at the symbol. Immediately the enchanter recognized it as belonging to the Eyes of Peroth'arn, a secret society of Felborne that were thought to have been eradicated some time ago.

Concerned at the prospect of their potential return, Ithranil led the Circle through the canals to a nearby Arcway entrance. Deep within the bowels of the labyrinthine Arcway tunnels the Eyes of Peroth'arn's old hideout could be found, though the enchanter warned it was likely still trapped with the defenses the Duskwatch had left behind after raiding it to kill any straggling cultists that might try to return.

Wishing the Circle luck in their search, Ithranil taught Ivahra and Liodred how to dispell the runes on the Arcway doors he'd put in place to keep intruders out and also gave the group a map to help them navigate the maze of tunnels.

The Circle decided to regroup at the Luneau estate to gather supplies and prepare themselves for what was likely to be a dangerous excursion to the Eyes of Peroth'arn's former hideout and whatever traps and secrets lay within its halls.
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After a few hours navigating through the labyrinthine tunnels of the Arcway, the Silver Circle finally came upon the warded door that led to the hideout the Eyes of Peroth'arn once operated from. Upon entering, they were greeted with a crumbling, seemingly forgotten place filled with cobwebs and dust.

However, just as Ithranil had said, it soon became apparent the Duskwatch's traps were still in place. After safely navigating past an orb that shot a series of arcane beams across the floor, the group came upon a larger chamber with suspended cages and a shattered altar; remnants of the foul fel rituals once carried out here. Among the cages Glynindra found a sacrificial dagger teeming with both arcane and shadow magic.

Most interesting, however, was that the floor was littered with broken blades of pure arcane energy. Through deduction Liodred and Feydren determined that they were part of a rune trap that had already been triggered. This assessment was further confirmed when the staircase leading out of the room was covered in the magic arrows of a similar trap, also triggered previously.

Believing that they might not be alone, the Circle pushed forward with caution, soon coming upon an arcane echo of Ithranil Sagespire. Unable to deactivate the echo, it believed they were cultist stragglers and attacked. As the echo came near its destruction, a fel rune activated on the ceiling and infused the echo with dark power. With a different voice the echo spoke of the "First Trial" lying ahead before dissipating.

Beyond this chamber was a much more open space that appeared more lived in than the prior areas. Crates, chests, and candles lie scattered about the room. At one end, a massive Nightborne construct sat deactivated.

Using his arcane talents, Liodred conjured a spell to see the last visitors here before the Circle. The image of a hooded Shal'dorei appeared, removing something from the core of the construct and using it to unlock a large chest and place something within.

Feydren realized that the construct might still have this key inside of it and urged the group to inspect it carefully. Ithil uttered a phrase in Shalassian and, recognizing the language, the construct activated and asked the Circle if they wished to undergo the Trial of Strength. The group agreed to partake in the trial and a fierce combat began.

During the fight Feydren was briefly knocked unconscious, but Celassa's timely intervention helped get him to safety while Liodred used his talents as one of the Moon Guard to finish dismantling the construct. Afterwards, Glynindra discovered a smaller sphere within its core and the group used it to open the chest.

Upon opening the chest, they were greeted by an arcane echo of the same elf Liodred's spell had revealed earlier who congratulated them on completing the first trial: the Trial of Strength. It then encouraged them to continue to the second trial; the Trial of Intellect. Within the chest was a brochure for Suramar's Menagerie. On the back page the message 'Follow His Gaze' had been written.

Also inside were four small marble-like beads, each etched with the Eyes of Peroth'arn symbol. When Ithil held one up to her eye she felt her vision sharpen and her eye tingle, as if her vision was being magically altered.

With these clues, the Circle believed that venturing to the Menagerie and using the beads there would reveal the next Trial. Their task now completed, they began the long journey back through the Arcway and eventually returned to the Luneau estate for some much needed rest and recuperation

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Arriving at the Suramar Menagerie, the Circle prepared to begin searching for how to complete the Trial of Intellect. However, they were almost immediately greeted by an overly-enthusiastic zoo employee who requested they surrender their weapons. With some reluctance, the Circle did as they were asked. Once unarmed, they were allowed to freely enter the Menagerie which was crowded that day with numerous visitors, mostly families with children, in attendance.

Stopping at a fairly quiet resting area, the Circle discussed how they should proceed. It was decided that they should use the enchanted beads that had been recovered from the Arcway to look around the Menagerie and anything potentially unusual. Kelthos gave a bead to each person present and the group split in two to begin their search.

Glynindra and Iaron first ventured to the Beasts of Barren Savannahs exhibit where they noticed a peculiar glow coming from the back of the enclosure's information plaque. After taking a closer look, a strange coded word was discovered. Luckily, Glynindra was familiar with this code from time spent with Kelanthos' student Mognus and was able to quickly decipher it to the word 'Basilisk.'

= 'Basilisk'

The duo then ventured to the Pride of the Menagerie exhibit where they uncovered another coded word on the back of its plaque which read 'Souvenir.'

= 'Souvenir'

Meanwhile, Celassa and Kelthos had made their way to the Frozen Friends exhibit where they too had found a coded word on that enclosure's plaque. Additionally, Kelthos had spotted through the enchanted bead that the Eyes of Peroth'arn logo had been etched onto the domination collar worn by a large penguin.

Celassa attempted to lure the penguin to her, but was ultimately unsuccessful. Luckily, a penguin feeding soon began and Celassa volunteered to participate. The Shal'dorei foolishly believed penguins to be vicious predators and looked on in terror as the Priestess entered the enclosure with a Handler and began feeding the penguins fish.

The feeding eventually drew over the large penguin, but in its excitement to get a fish it knocked Celassa down and caused her to spill fish over herself. She was temporarily swarmed by the hungry penguins which terrified the crowd and the handler, but aside from ruining her dress Celassa escaped unscathed.

During the commotion, Kelthos managed to grab the large penguin and discovered a note tucked in its collar before releasing it. Glynindra and Iaron arrived in time to witness the spectacle and afterwards Glyn translated the coded word Kelthos and Celassa had discovered. It read 'Purple.'

= 'Purple'

Once the excitement died down, Kelthos then read the note that had been inside the penguin's collar. It read 'Su'esh eats goats now, but once there was a pigpen in her enclosure.' Curious about what this meant, the four slipped past the barricades to the Pride of the Menagerie exhibit. Once inside, Iaron used his bead to discover a large pig bone with the translation cipher etched on it. He jotted the cipher down in case the Eyes of Peroth'arn used the code language again in the future.

= Pigpen Cipher

With that part of the mystery solved, Kelthos freed a goat that had been tied up for Su'esh to eat. Afterwards, Glynindra pieced the translated codewords together: Purple Basilisk Souvenir. The next stop was the gift stall run by a Nightborne named Kieule. When Glynindra asked about such a souvenir, the vendor immediately became very nervous and took a purple basilisk plush from underneath the desk. She asked for an eye in return and Glynindra gave the woman her bead. With the transaction completed, Kieule asked the Circle to please leave her alone.

Saddened that the merchant was being used by the Eyes of Peroth'arn, but unable to blow their cover as prospective recruits the Circle moved to the food court to inspect the plush more closely. Glynindra discovered that the squishy beast's tongue was removable and attached to it was a tube with a note that read: "Enclosed in darkness, the dead beast sees all."

Believing that the riddle must refer to Su'esh's cave the four travelled back into the Pride of the Menagerie. After nearly waking the mighty Devilsaur with their loud footfalls, the Circle looked around her cave with their beads and spotted a glowing sigil etched into the eye socket of a creature's skull.

With no one else volunteering to sneak past Su'esh, Kelthos used a spell to strip to his underwear so he could move more quietly and carefully made his way past the Devilsaur, recovering a leather satchel from within the eye socket.

Outside the cave they opened the satchel where they were greeted by the same arcane echo that had met them after besting the Felcore Construct in the Arcway. He congratulated them on completing the Trial of Intellect, but ominously told them that the most important test, the Trial of Loyalty, lie ahead and that the contents of the satchel would direct them further.

Inside were several invitations to a formal gala being held on the grounds of the Nighthold in just a couple of days time. With their next course of action clear, the quartet made their way back to the greeter to recover their weapons and return to the Luneau Estate to share their findings and begin preparations for one of the most formal parties Suramar had to offer...
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Dressed in their finest, the Silver Circle assembled at the foot of the Nighthold before making their way up the steps to enter the gala. They were stopped by a construct that scanned their invitations and recognized them as being "VIP invitations," instructing the group to meet with a mysterious elf known only as the Headhunter after Ly'leth Lunastre's speech.

Upon entering the gala the Circle weaved their way through the crowd and listened to the speech which praised the Shal'dorei for rising up against the Legion and reaffirmed their commitment to the Horde. After the speech was concluded, the couple hundred guests in attendance began to disperse to eat, drink, and mingle.

The Circle ventured to the meeting place the construct had told them and found the Headhunter; an older Shal'dorei man who congratulated them on completing the trials of strength and intellect before giving them their final task: assassinate Orgrimmar Ambassador Angèle Ambersky so she may be replaced by an Eyes of Peroth'arn operative. The Headhunter demanded they bring her signet ring and her ear as proof of the deed to his estate on the outskirts of the city.

To maintain appearances the Circle agreed to the trial and slipped away to a quieter spot to discuss what to do. Not willing to kill an innocent person and risk a diplomatic incident, they talked over various options before deciding to first collect some information.

Celassa and Feydren took to the dance floor where their skillfull steps earned them a question with another pair of dancers, eventually learning that the numerous Ambassadors in attendance were congregating behind the Nighthold.

Meanwhile Iaron and Lithadriel ventured to the Arc-punch bowl where they managed to overhear a Zandalari Ambassador mention that a photograph of the Ambassadors was to be taken soon.

Glynindra and Ivahra attempted to eavesdrop on a pair of gossiping Shal'dorei, but instead caught the rude duo's attention and were unable to learn anything concrete. Mythanil slipped away to a portion of the garden dedicated to mingling and schmoozing where she was able to discern from a chatty noble that Ambassador Ambersky had come to the gala with her wife.

After collecting information, the Circle reconvened to go over what they'd learned. The same Nightborne woman who had seemed to be watching the group at the Menagerie a few days prior was seen watching them once more, but when Feydren, Ivahra, and Glynindra attempted to speak to her she disappeared into the crowd.

Deciding that the best chance to reach the Ambassador would be during this photograph, the Circle made their way to the back of the Nighthold where they were stopped by Duskwatch security forces. Feydren managed to persuade the guards to fetch their captain, claiming there was a threat against Ambassador Ambersky's life, but when the captain arrived he was unconvinced and ordered them to leave the area.

Not ones to be discouraged, the Circle soon found a ledge overlooking the photograph meeting area. Feydren and Glynindra elected to stay topside and keep watch while Ivahra used slowfall to lower everyone else down.

After the photograph was taken the group managed to get Ambassador Ambersky's attention and told her of the potential threat on her life. Unwilling to believe the Circle at first, they managed to convince her the of the truth and she agreed to leave the party with her wife immediately and lay low. Before she departed, however, she gave the Circle her signet ring to help them convince the Headhunter that she had been slain.

While the group below spoke with the Ambassador, the mysterious woman from earlier reappeared topside alongside a Blood Elf, Tauren, Forsaken, and Goblin. She had a tense conversation with Feydren before departing. Glynindra noticed during this time that the Blood Elf and Goblin in her company had mysteriously disappeared.

Having done everything they could at the gala, the Circle opted that it was time to leave. Glynindra lowered a rope and she and Feydren pulled everyone back up with Kelthos and Ivahra barely making it up in time to avoid being seen by a guard patrol.

With half of their goal in hand, the Circle decided to try and fool the Headhunter by fetching the ear from a Withered in the wilds of Suramar and set out to collect one...
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With the task of needing a Withered's ear set before them, the Circle met up at Irongrove Retreat to rendezvous with Liodred. He believed the best chance of finding a Withered would be to investigate the nearby Ley Station Moonfall which ran beneath the Moon Guard Stronghold. He led the Circle through the wilds of Suramar towards the Ley Station, giving a bit of background information on its purpose.

It was not long until they arrived outside the Ley Station and crossed over the water to enter the tunnels proper. Much of the structure had fallen into disrepair and Celassa expressed her discomfort with being inside of such a crumbling tunnel. The Circle soon arrived at a pylon which Liodred said contained a log that automatically kept track of visitors. Attuning himself to the pylon, he was able to determine that someone else was likely in these tunnels with them.

Hoping that it might be a Withered, the group carried on, carefully avoiding mana-addled creatures and tangled flora. In the deepest recesses of the Ley Station they discovered a tattered, makeshift camp that a single Withered occupied. He lay helpless on the ground, in a near stupor from the lack of mana he was experiencing.

Liodred took the time to explain the plight of the Withered to those who may have been unaware, mentioning how the Moon Guard came to learn of their existence and helped many exiles before the Nightwell's mutations made it impossible.

Many in the Circle took pity on the creature and wanted to end its existence, but the possibility of sending its soul straight to the Maw and trading one hell for another was briefly discussed. Kelthos decided to use his polearm to kill the poor former elf, hoping he could transfer some of the Night Fae magic that infused his weapon onto the Withered's soul in the vain hope of making it easier for someone to find and rescue in the Maw.

With a scared, painful cry the Withered soon breathed its last and fell silent. Disturbed by the situation, Kelthos quickly made his way outside and Glynindra offered to collect its ear.

With the ear retrieved, the Circle now had everything they needed to try and convince the Headhunter that they had successfully completed the Trial of Loyalty and "killed" Ambassador Ambersky. The next step was to venture to his estate on the outskirts of Suramar.

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The Circle arrived by boat to the Estate they'd been directed to with the signet ring and false ear of Ambassador Ambersky, hoping to convince the mysterious Headhunter that they had indeed put the diplomat to the blade.

He greeted the group upon their arrival and, after they presented their proof, congratulated them on a job well done and asked them to form a circle so he may conduct the induction ritual. However, the Headhunter soon revealed his true intentions, activating a foul fel rune hidden beneath the rug that bound everyone in place.

Realizing that the ear they'd given him lacked a distinctive scar, the Headhunter chided the Circle for their attempted treachery and began to siphon the life from them. Near helpless to stop him, only Ivahra managed to briefly interrupt his concentration.

It was at this moment that a commanding voice shouted into the night, ordering that all Legion sympathizers be slain without mercy. The mysterious Shal'dorei woman from the gala then appeared alongside the retinue of fellow Horde she'd had in tow that evening. Feydren attempted to persuade the Headhunter to release them so they may help him fight these intruders and the cultist did just that, demanding that the Circle kill these uninvited guests before barricading himself inside.

An intense battle broke out between the Circle and this other group who proved themselves to be quite skilled, employing teamwork tactics similar to those of the Circle themselves. However, when Glynindra mentioned that this was distracting from the efforts to rescue a baby, the mysterious woman leading the attackers demanded she explain further.

Realizing that their goals were aligned, the woman ordered her comrades to stand down. After getting confirmation that the Circle was looking for Timolet, she introduced herself as Sadrielle Celestois, the sister of Sevine Luneau. She and her mercenaries of the Sanguine Serpent company were also searching for the boy per her sister's request and had been unaware that the Luneaus had asked for additional help.

Apologizing for believing that the Circle had been wannabe cultists, the two groups prepared to confront the Headhunter only to find he'd disappeared. Sadrielle identified the Headhunter as Malicroix Dufort. She and her Serpents set off in search of him and tasked the Circle with looking for anything useful around the estate.

Using her magic, Ivahra managed to uncover an invisible trapdoor inside that had been used in the escape. Glynindra and Iaron spotted numerous fel tomes and scrolls among Malicroix's bookshelves, leaving no doubts about his true allegiance.

Elsewhere, Celassa found the exit to Malicroix's escape tunnel at the rear of the estate. Mythanil also noticed an empty manasaber hitching post, indicating he'd mounted up while he fled. Tracks from the Serpents' mounts indicated that they were likely heading in the right direction to find the cowardly cultist.

Ivahra eventually found several crumpled, partially-written letters beneath a writing desk. One particular note was as follows:

("Sevine, You know we didn't want it to come to this, but you have left us with no choice. Give it back and you can have your boy--" it ends in scribbles.)

Once this letter was brought to the rest of the Circle's attention, it became clear that Sevine Luneau knew more about her son's kidnapping than she had initially let on. After considering a few different possibilities, the Circle decided that it was time to snoop around the Luneau family manor to see what else they could uncover before confronting Sevine and Andros on the information they'd found.

With nothing else of interest to be had from Malicroix's estate, the group boarded the boat they'd arrived on and prepared to set off for the inevitable confrontation on the not-so-distant horizon.

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With the knowledge that Sevine Luneau was hiding the full truth about her son's kidnapping in-hand, the Circle contemplated on what to do from within the Luneau Manor's library which had been their home away from home while they operated in Suramar City.

Ivahra poured over some of the texts on the shelves and quickly became enraptured in a tome of ancient Kaldorei history. Meanwhile, Liodred kept a careful watch, noticing servants and guards making their rounds in the halls beyond the library.

Eventually it was decided that the group should try to prowl around the manor in the hopes of finding more evidence. As they began to make their way out of the library, however, the Luneau family butler Elspard stopped them and asked that they accompany him to the manor's gardens where Sevine had asked for a meeting.

Warily, the Circle followed Elspard through the manor's lush gardens, putting the true wealth of the Luneau family on full display. Gardeners and servants toiled across the idyllic flora pausing only to give a glance at the Kaldorei visitors.

Soon Elspard led them to the base of a giant statue where Sevine and Andros Luneau waited alongside Sevine's sister Sadrielle Celestois. They greeted the Circle warmly and Elspard returned to his other duties.

Sevine opened the conversation by apologizing for not revealing the existence of the Silver Circle and Sanguine Serpents to one another. Her apology largely fell on deaf ears within the Circle who quickly revealed the existence of the ransom note draft they'd recovered at Malicroix's estate. Kelthos handed the document over to Andros who read it and demanded answers from his wife. Sadrielle apologized to her sister, saying she would not have asked the Circle to search the estate if she'd known something linking back to Sevine would be found there.

With a sigh, Sevine turned towards the statue behind her. She said it was a statue she'd commissioned of her mother, Sandrique Celestois. Sandrique had been among the first Felborne, but as her daughters turned away from her, she eventually fought back against the Legion even though it cost her life. Sevine mentioned that she preferred to think of her mother's final sacrifice rather than the mistakes she had made and asked the Circle to keep this in mind as she revealed the truth to them.

Sevine discussed how her family, the Celestois, were loyalists during the Legion invasion. Disgusted by this, her sister Sadrielle left to join the rebellion almost immediately. Sevine, however, felt she had a sense of duty to her family and her people, and opted to stay. Many of her family became Felborne and eventually it became her turn. First, though, Sevine had to prove herself by hunting down and killing a troublesome agent of the rebellion who had been operating in the Commons.

To help her in this task, Sevine approached the Eyes of Peroth'arn whom several of her relatives were part of. They entrusted her with the Infernal Iris, an artifact said to have been created by Peroth'arn himself that allowed its wielder to cast out numerous demonic eyes and monitor them all simultaneously. With this artifact, she would find the elusive agent.

However, as she hunted the agent she began to see the suffering so many of the common people were forced to endure at the hands of the Legion and the Magistrix's forces. As she continued to witness this cruelty, Sevine began to grow disillusioned with the cause she had believed in.

This became especially true once she finally found the Nightfallen Agent she had been hunting. She saw how he helped to smuggle food and arcwine across the Commons and distributed it to those in need. She saw how he helped to sabotage the Legion's efforts to oppress the people.

Knowing that she could not kill the Agent nor return to her old life as a loyalist, Sevine destroyed the Infernal Iris and shed her old identity. She eventually made her way to Shal'Aran where she swore her allegiance to the Nightfallen Rebellion and began to help them against the Legion.

As she continued working with the rebellion, she came to work alongside the Agent she had once been tasked to kill. Over time, the two grew closer and eventually fell in love. When the rebellion was successful, they opted to retire from their lives of fighting. They married and had a beautiful son, Timolet. The agent Sevine had been tasked to kill was none other than her husband, Andros.

Shocked by this revelation, Andros angrily wanted to know why Sevine kept this from everyone. Why she potentially put Timolet's life at stake to hide her own past. Sevine explained that since the Infernal Iris was destroyed, she could not return it to the Eyes to get Timolet back.

Sevine was confident that Sadrielle and her Sanguine Serpents would find the Eyes and rescue Timolet, but her husband's insistence to get more help led them to seek out the Silver Circle. Sevine had kept the groups a secret from one another in the hopes that her sister would find Timolet before the truth about her past could be discovered.

Sevine feared that Andros would leave if he knew the truth and she wanted to try and hold together the part of her family she had left. Andros remarked how he would have accepted Sevine's past, but that he would not tolerate her deception now that it had put their son at risk. He angrily stormed back into the manor.

Sadrielle stepped in and remarked that her right hand Belarond was tracking Malicroix who was still their best chance to find the Eyes of Peroth'arn. The Circle agreed to wait until the headhunter was found and interrogate him.

Feydren made the demand that for the Circle to continue helping in the search, Sevine must come clean about her past publicly. Timolet would one day deserve to know the full truth about his mother. Sevine agreed to this and thanked the Circle for their help.

With the waiting game for Malicroix's reappearance begun, the Circle ventured back into the manor to wait on further developments.
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Sadrielle Celestois sent an urgent summons to the Luneau Manor requesting the aid of the Silver Circle. Meeting at the home of Lady Anaste on the Grand Promenade, Sadrielle revealed that the Eyes of Peroth'arn made an attempt on the lives of Ambassador Angele Ambersky and her wife Vivienne. Fortunately, the attack was thwarted by the Sanguine Serpents member Grimelda.

With Suramar no longer being safe for the two of them, Sadrielle asked for the Circle's help in escorting the ladies Ambersky to the docks of the Aetherium where the Sanguine Serpents could take the couple via rowboat to their ship, the Sidewinder, and sail them out of harm's way to Orgrimmar.

Agreeing to help, Sadrielle and the Circle formed defensive ranks around the Ambassador and her wife as they began making their way to the Aetherium. In the lower levels of the Sanctum of Order, however, the group was attacked by numerous assassins affiliated with the Eyes of Peroth'arn.

The Circle's skill swiftly proved to be superior, however, and the assassins were cut down before they could inflict any damage to the Amberskies. The group quickly made their way out of the Sanctum of Order and onto the Terrace of Order.

As they neared the far end of the Terrace, they took notice of a beautiful melody echoing across the courtyard. The music began to make lids heavy as it became clear this was no ordinary music. While some succumbed to a fatigued stupor from the music, others were able to resist and Sadrielle realized that they now faced Symphonie, an infamous Shal'dorei assassin and musician.

Using her bladed harpscythe as a brutal weapon, Symphonie attacked the group with both steel and music-infused arcane attacks. During the fighting, both the Ambassador and her wife were injured before the tide began to turn against Symphonie. Realizing this, she duplicated herself; each arcane echo played a different instrument and a torrent of musical attacks were unleashed on the Circle.

In spite of this the Circle persisted with Karadryn and Ithil able to disrupt the assassin's focus, causing her echoes to fade away. Glynindra accidentally infused Sadrielle with the Silver Flame of Elune. As Feyawen used her magic to temporarily deafen Symphonie, Sadrielle leapt into the fight and stabbed their attacker with her Silver-infused flameblade, reducing Symphonie to ash in moments.

With the infamous murderess for hire now dead herself, the Circle was able to push on into the Aetherium. Expecting to be greeted by the Sanguine Serpents, they instead found the rendezvous dock deserted.

As Sadrielle used her group's communication device to find out about the delay, Feywen noticed a final assassin lurking in a balcony up above. Shielding the Ambassador just in time to stop a thrown dagger that would have surely killed her otherwise, this assassin wisely fled rather than try to engage the group as his predecessors had.

A few moments later the Tauren Takote and Goblin Trixa of the Sanguine Serpents arrived, attributing their delay to having to shake some cultists that had been pursuing them. Sadrielle thanked the Circle for their help in escorting Ambassador Ambersky and her wife to safety, pledging that they would see them the rest of the way to Orgrimmar.

With a final salute, Sadrielle told the Circle to stay prepared as her right hand Belarond continued the search for Malicroix. The Circle then watched as the Amberskies and Serpents rowed off towards Suramar Bay where their ship and safety for the Ambassador awaited.
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Once more Sadrielle contacted the Silver Circle at the Luneau Estate; this time, with the news they'd been waiting for. The Sanguine Serpent rogue Belarond had found Malicroix at the Twilight Vineyards of Suramar. The cultist was lounging in the open, as if daring anyone to confront him in such a public place.

After the group arrived to the vineyards, Sadrielle greeted them and they began to discuss their options. While Sadrielle favored a more direct confrontation, Mythanil thought further observation would be a good idea. As a compromise, Feyawen suggested she spoke with Malicroix to distract him while the others looked around. Agreeing to this, the plan was put into motion. While Feyawen did her best impersonation of a minor Shal'dorei aristocrat, the others fanned out to observe their surroundings.

Ithil and Glynindra both saw mysterious people that seemed to be keeping a protective eye over Malicroix from afar. During her conversations with the Headhunter, Feyawen learned that he was planning the final details a wine tasting to be carried out later that night. Eventually she got on the man's nerves and he dismissed her.

Reconvening to discuss what they'd learned, Sadrielle believed the wine tasting was a perfect opportunity. If they could create a mild poison and slip it into Malicroix's wine, he would fall ill and excuse himself from the table. This would in turn give the Circle an opportunity to capture him discreetly.

To find a starting point for their poisonous arcwine, the group ventured into the vineyard's Recipe Repository. After a bit of searching, Glynindra soon found a recipe card within a cabinet that read:

"This recipe is to be maintained so that such a mistake may never be repeated and sully our fine vineyard again:

--75 Arcane Dewdrops
--3 Fermented Shadefruits
--4 Tablespoons of Toad Slime

-Proudly Crafted by Nomi."

Finding the unconventional ingredients of fermented shadefruit and toad slime repulsive enough to work, the group set about gathering what they needed. The first stop was to the nearby pools where dew drops were collected. Sadrielle explained that pure Nightwell energy was carefully contained within magical pylons and left to degrade, showering the nearby pools with dew drops of pure magical energy that were collected in metal bowls.

Taking up the bowls, the Circle went into the pools and began collecting as many droplets as they could. The waters themselves, glistening with magic, sent a tingling sensation through their legs as they worked.

While the others caught droplets, Ithil stayed on the edge of the pools and eventually found herself drawn to one of the pylons containing the Nightwell's energy. As she stared into it the temptation became too great and she stuck her hand within the chaotic pool of magic; instantly her arm felt as if it were on fire as she sustained a moderate arcane burn.

Furthermore, the disturbance caused an upwelling of dew drops to rain into the pools. The light tingling sensation being felt by those within soon became painful and they hurried out before any serious harm befell them. After Sadrielle chastised Ithil for her actions, the group counted their dew drops and found they'd collected enough. It was time to move on to the fermented shadefruit.

Sadrielle next led the Circle to the vineyard's main store room. Believing that everything they'd need could be found within, they searched around and eventually came up with the necessary supplies: a jar, sugar, yeast, water, and shadefruits themselves. Once the ingredients were combined, Sadrielle announced they'd have to make another stop, but first wanted to obtain the final ingredient: toad slime.

It did not take long to find a toad hopping along the water's edge in the vineyard. While some were repulsed by the creature, Glynindra immediately took a liking to it and gently collected some of the slime from its body with minimal difficulties. After which, she put the toad on her shoulder to serve as a new friend for the rest of their journey.

With two of the recipe's ingredients collected, Sadrielle led the group to a building that had been enchanted with chronomantic magics. Inside, time moved at a vastly accelerated pace. This would allow them to ferment the shadefruit in just a few minutes rather than days or weeks.

Ithil volunteered to go in and monitor the shadefruit's fermentation. She accidentally allowed it to go a bit past its prime, but it was still suitable for the task at hand. Sadrielle combined the dewdrops, toad slime, and shadefruits together in the jar. The only that remained was putting their additive into a less viscous liquid so it could be discreetly added to Malicroix's arcwine.

It did not take long for the group to find a vat of fruit that was ready to be stomped into juice. Sadrielle, Glynindra, and Mythanil climbed into the vat and began stomping away. Soon, they had reduced the fruit to pulp and their juices were able to be collected in a bottle. After adding their poisonous wine additive, the liquid was finally ready to use.

With their poison now prepared, the group made their way to the servers' area. With a glib tongue, Glynindra was able to convince one of the servers to part with her uniform which Ithil then donned. The group then made their way over to the wine tasting area where an elaborate table had been set up. While the others hid in the nearby bushes, Ithil joined two other servers at the table.

Following the maitre d's cues, Ithil began to pour Malicroix each of the arcwines being sampled and discreetly tried to add just enough of the poison to make him sick, but not so much as to alert him to what was happening.

Though there were a couple of small hiccups, she soon succeeded and Malicroix gradually became more and more ill until he was forced to abruptly excuse himself from the table. The group followed behind him as he weaved his way through the Twilight Vineyards. Once he had reached the bathrooms, which rested in a quiet nook free of prying eyes, the group struck. Ithil delivered a firm punch that knocked the greatly weakened Malicroix out cold.

Sadrielle suggested the Circle return to the Luneau Manor while she and Belarond secured Malicroix and transported him into the Crimson Thicket to prepare him for interrogation. Once he was ready, she would call upon the Circle once more where together they could learn where Timolet was being kept.
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With Malicroix captured and secured in a secluded ruin deep within the Crimson Thicket, Sadrielle reached out to the Circle to join them for the interrogation. After arriving, the group found the rest of the Sanguine Serpents already waiting.

Inside of a magical cage was Malicroix. It looked as if he had already been roughened up a bit, but so far had yet to talk. Three runes along the exterior of the cage could be touched to deliver a painful blast of arcane, frost, or fire to the imprisoned cultist.

Initial efforts to interrogate Malicroix using threats and the cage runes were unsuccessful. The so-called Headhunter merely taunted the Circle. Taking personal offense to this taunting and relishing in the opportunity to bring anguish to a Shal'dorei, Liodred moved to the top of the ruins and began casting an elaborate illusion.

While the others kept Malicroix's focus, Liodred completed the spell and suddenly to the cultist's perspective a group of Felborne attacked the Circle and the Serpents, slaying several of them quickly while the others fled into the forest.

In reality, each person's appearance had been shifted to that of an Eyes of Peroth'arn cultist. Realizing this, Feydren took on the role and demanded to know whether Malicroix had surrendered any information. He vehemently denied that he revealed anything and demanded to be released from his cage.

Through careful manipulation during Liodred's spell, Feydren coaxed much of the necessary information from Malicroix. Their leader was revealed to be a satyr named Cidrax Cindergaze who hid in the Warpwind Cliffs overlooking the city and the forests beyond. It was he who had the infant Timolet within his insidious care since the boy's kidnapping.

The exhaustive efforts of maintaining such a complex illusion eventually caught up to Liodred and the spell faded, leaving Malicroix furious that he had been deceived. Realizing that he would be killed for his unwitting betrayal, he revealed that Cidrax hid within an area of the Warpwind Cliffs called the Drift. It was an unstable location where reality itself had been weakened through the degradation of a teleportation network.

To reach the Drift, the Circle would have to use Malicroix's teleportation stone to interact with Telemetry Beacons positioned throughout the Cliffs. The order the Circle would need to follow to reach Cidrax was the Garden, Fountain, and Telemetry Lab which contained the final beacon to the Drift itself.

With no further immediate use for Malicroix, Sadrielle suggested they kill him, but some within the Circle thought it would be best to leave him alive in case further information was needed or if he was proven to be lying. Trixa, the Goblin Sapper, opted to place explosive surveillance bots around the ruin to monitor the area while the Circle and Serpents prepared for an all-out assault against the Eyes of Peroth'arn at the Warpwind Cliffs.

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Having finally learned where Timolet had been hidden the entire time, the day had come to liberate him from the clutches of the Eyes of Peroth'arn and reunite him with his parents.

As the Circle arrived at Occuleth's long-abandoned workshop where the first telemetry beacon waited, they were greeted by the Sanguine Serpents and Sevine and Andros Luneau who had seemingly made up somewhat from the last time they were seen.

As Sadrielle prepared to go over the battle plans, a loud explosion echoed from the nearby forest. Believing this to be one of the bots she'd put in place to monitor Malicroix, Trixa took to the skies with her jetpack to survey the situation. She returned soon afterward to report that Felborne cultists were moving through the Crimson Thicket towards their location. One had attempted to free Malicroix, triggering her bots to explode and killing them both.

With little time, Sadrielle urged the Silver Circle to venture through the telemetry beacon and confront Cidrax. The Serpents and the Luneaus would hold off the Eyes of Peroth'arn as long as they could to keep them from pursuing the Circle into the Warpwind Cliffs.

Activating the Garden beacon, the Circle stepped on the magical dais and found themselves transported high above to an abandoned garden that looked as if it had been lush long ago. As they prepared to travel to the next destination, the Fountain, they noticed the pylon's orb had been removed.

With a nearby building as the only structure of note, the Circle ventured closer. There they realized that Bruno Voleurtier was trapped within behind a forcefield. He revealed that he had been kidnapped off the street and tossed into this structure along with an orb.

When Liodred attempted to dispell the barrier over the door, it gravely wounded Bruno in the process. The magicala barrier's integrity was tied directly to the innocent Shal'dorei's life force. Not willing to sacrifice anyone, Glynindra had the novel solution of breaking open a hole in the wall.

With her immense strength and the help of her spear to pry away bricks, Glynindra was successful in opening a hole through which Bruno could escape. He offered the Circle the orb and Liodred teleported him safely to Dalaran. With the orb put back in place, the Fountain pylon was activated.

True to its name, the Circle now found themselves facing a giant fountain. Once again the pylon to their next destination, the Telemetry Lab, was missing its orb. A powerful Felborne Frost Mage guarded this area. Using the endless waters of the fountain, she unleashed devastating torrents of water and ice against the Circle while shielding herself from harm.

After Liodred managed to successfully spellsteal her barrier, the Circle damaged the fountain's water flow, severely reducing the Felborne's power. Mythanil took this opportunity to grapple with the woman, dragging her to the cliff's edge and throwing her off.

With the threat dealt with, Glynindra found the missing telemetry beacon at the top of the fountain. After recovering it and securing it to the correct pylon, the Circle once again found themselves teleported further up the Warpwind Cliffs.

Now coming face-to-face with the Telemetry Lab, the Circle was ambushed by a dozen Eyes of Peroth'arn cultists. An intense battle waged, during which several within the Circle were injured. Phandris and Mythanil harnessed their fury to finish off the last off the cultists, leaving the group free to enter the Telemetry Lab and find the last awaiting beacon.

Inside the lab the final telemetry pylon sat deactivated. With a quick touch of magic, the beacon activated and the portal to the Drift was opened. The Circle took a final moment to heal as best they could and catch their breath before stepping through.

When the disorienting rush of teleportation had faded, the Circle found themselves standing outside of a cave entrance at the very top of the Warpwind Cliffs. Behind them, an expansive view of Suramar City lingered below; a reminder of how far they had come since the beginning of their journey to find Timolet. It was not over, however. The final test awaited within the mysterious Drift.

As the Circle entered the cave, they immediately found their perceptions altered. Wild arcane runes danced through the air, ley crystals cast an eerie violet pallor over the stone walls, and the air buzzed with energy, causing hair to stand on end. Gravity itself seemed warped in this bizarre place with each footfall simultaneously feeling cumbersome yet light as a feather.

Once deeper within the Drift, the group was greeted by a haunting, twisted lullaby that echoed from across a great chasm. They followed the music and eventually came face to face with the satyr Cidrax Cindergaze, Disciple of Peroth'arn and Leader of the Eyes of Peroth'arn. At his side in a small bassinet was Timolet Luneau who disturbingly seemed enthralled by the dark lullaby.

Cidrax was not entirely surprised by the Circle's arrival. He insisted that kidnapping Timolet was necessary for the survival of himself and the other Felborne who looked to him for protection. Getting back the Infernal Iris would be key to their efforts to monitoring the threats throughout Suramar that sought to slay former Legion adherents.

His reasoning fell on deaf ears with the Circle who demanded Timolet's safe return. Cidrax refused, but picked up the infant and offered to let Celassa inspect him to show that no harm had come to the boy. Nervously, she stepped forward and looked over Timolet. Aside from being infused with some of the latent arcane energy present within the Drift, he seemed to be in good health.

In a daring move, the Priestess of Elune managed to snatch the infant out of the satyr's arms and tried to flee. Angered, Cidrax attacked the Circle. His mastery over the wild magics of the Drift proved formidable. Manipulating the gravity, he flung Circle around and generated powerful arcane runes that threatened to bring large chunks of the ceiling down. The Circle struggled to move through the chamber to reach and deactivate the runes in time, all while Cidrax assailed them with magic and claw. During the battle several were wounded and Celassa nearly gave her life to protect Timolet from an errant piece of debris.

As the battle raged, the wild magic floating throughout the Drift reeked havoc on the Circle's spells. By chance this ended up working to their advantage when one of Liodred's arcane blasts was instead transformed into a polymorph spell, turning Cidrax into a defenseless penguin.

Realizing that this was their chance to defeat the powerful Satyr and get everyone out of the Drift safely, Feydren capitalized on the moment by transforming into an illusory wolf and attacking the polymorphed satyr's throat.

Moments afterwards, Cidrax returned to his normal self and was dealt several more blows by the Circle. Mortally wounded, the demon leader choked out his eternal allegiance to his lord Peroth'arn before breathing his last.

Eager to leave the Drift before its reality-warping properties caused further harm, the Circle ventured towards the mouth of the cave with Timolet. Upon reaching the exit, they were greeted by the Sanguine Serpents, the Luneaus, and their ally Vakeath from their previous adventures in Suramar.

Sadrielle revealed that Vakeath had arrived with Duskwatch reinforcements and they were able to defeat the Cultists that had attacked. Sevine and Andros eagerly took back their son and wept in joy at his safe return, thanking the Circle profusely for all they had done for their family. Sadrielle remarked that the Eyes of Peroth'arn were nearly killed to the man and crippled beyond recovery.

Commending them for all they had done, she offered the Sanguine Serpents' assistance should they ever need it again. After a few final formalities, the Shal'dorei returned to Suramar City to rest and spend time with Timolet.

Hippogryphs were provided to fly the Circle to Lightsong where they could recuperate from their wounds and celebrate that their efforts across Suramar City and beyond had been a success. The journey had been long and treacherous, ranging from lurking in the forgotten depths of the Arcway to visiting zoos, galas, and luxurious estates, yet in the end Timolet was successfully rescued and returned to his adoring parents.
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Soon after the Silver Circle's return to Lightsong, a small group of Shal'dorei arrived to the tranquil settlement with two wagons. Inside both were several chests of gold, bolts of cloth, and other supplies courtesy of the Luneau noble family.

True to their word, Sevine and Andros had paid the Silver Circle handsomely for their efforts in rescuing their son. Now the question was... what would they do with the funds? Complete more repairs on Lightsong? Save it for the future? Or perhaps there was something else on the horizon the gold could be put towards?
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