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Since the days of the legion’s invasion the Nightborne have met the open hand of the Kaldorei with contemptible regard, where guidance and peace was offered the Shal’dorei turned their noses at the unrecognizable people their kin had turned into, instead favoring the Sin’dorei and partnering with the Horde in a new and alien world.

In the long years since their divisive decision the Kaldorei and Shal’dorei have shed each other's blood during the end of the fourth war, hostilities, especially along Suramar’s border had finally been put to a close, though a frigid peace lasts between the two given the limbo nature of the armistice and the High Priestess’ lack of signature no imminent actions have been taken by either side. However, dark days loom ahead, as turmoil of the scourge and the awakened dark spirit quell, the dust settles but for a moment as the fragile peace between Suramar and the Kaldorei teeter dangerously close to the edge.

A group of novice druids sent to harvest lumber in Suramar per an agreement with the city itself have gone quiet, sentinel commander Sathria Shadowhand or ‘Nahlen na-zin’ (Fang of Glory) a Shal’serrar who has recently been re-assigned to Val'sharah dispatches a letter to the Circle inquiring for their aid in locating the druids.

Key Characters

Sathria Shadowhand

Many heroes were forged in the turmoil of the Blood War, Sathria was one such Sentinel, known for her viscous tactics and vehement defense of Kaldorei lands, she has been sent to Val'sharah to oversee it's protection following a string of frightening events. Sathria will stop at nothing to ensure the safety of her people.

Jaedeth Naer

Recently appointed as an interim Duskwatch commander, Jaedeth is more of a politician than a militant individual, potentially responsible for orchestrating the ambush at the neutral meeting where the Circle was attacked after being blamed for attempting to assassinate Jaedeth Naer. He has begun a political campaign to influence the council of Suramar to initiate a war of reprisal for the ambush.


The disgraced protégé of Jaedeth Naer, following their disagrements over the commander's dramatically changing attitude and sentiments toward the Kaldorei he was ousted from Jaedeth's circle. Now the leader of a insurgent group dedicated to unveiling Jaedeth Naer's strange behaviors he is the only ally to the circle in an otherwise dangerous political landscape.

Chapter : 1 Venture Into the Vale
Following their recent diplomatic solutions with the Saberguard the Circle is called on by Sathria Shadowhand, a Sentinel recently stationed to oversee the protection of Val'sharah, unfortunately for this calling is to tie up a loose end. The druids sent to collect lumber for the repairs in Bradensbrooke have gone silent, what's worse a sentinel outrunner sent to check on them has also dissapeared.

The Circle is uniquely situated because of their successful diplomatic relationship with the Shal'dorei and must discover what has befallen the druids and sentinel in the Ambervale.

Arriving at the Ambervale the Silver Circle discovered the druid's camp, left in a hurry and with signs of a struggle, blood led the Circle to Arvona a petrified sentinel which they freed, led them to a cave where the bodies of three of the six druids were found. Among the bodies the circle identified damage inflicted by arcane energy, blade wounds and a torn scrap of ley-woven cloth.
Letter :

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Chapter : 2 An Open Hand
Following the discovery of potential foul-play Sathria Shadowhand has organized a meeting with Jaedeth Naer, the interim Duskwatch commander responsible for the region of Suramar where the Druid's fell. The Circle is called on to speak with Jaedeth Naer and get some answers, however the party along with the Shal'dorei are meant to come unarmed.

Letter :

As the party traveled to the meeting side above Falanaar some of them took notice of the armed sentinels following the circle to the meet, though refrained from calling them out or mentioning it to Jaedeth Naer. The party once meeting the Nightborne quickly discovered he had been acting evasive, and putting on more of a performance than a diplomatic de-escelation.

However the circle learned that Jaedeth has been dealing with insurgents that have been disrupting his efforts in Suramar, an unnamed group symbolized by a mask with a single eye-hole. However, before they could learn more a hail of arrows shot at Jaedeth, wounding his guard, none knew from where the shots came from but soon after both Sentinel and hiding Shal'dorei guards emerged and began driving eachother off.

Caught in a crossfire, Jaedeth proclaimed that the sentinels had come to assassinate them, the Circle was chased from the skirmish, electing to travel down rapids the party suffered extensive damage from arrow-fire, however were eventually rescued by Sathria's reinforcements.

Amid the chaos Ithil Snowywolf had caught an arrow meant for the Keeper, an arrow that bore a letter from a mysterious individual beckoning her to Tel'anor.
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Chapter : 3 Knights of Requital
Desperate for a lead, motive and allies after the ambush at the diplomatic meeting Ithil Snowywolf proceeds to follow the instructions of a mysterious letter, arriving in Tel'anor they discovered Vakaeth, a Shaldorei who had been Jaedeth's friend and colleague a disgraced noble outed from his circle. The individual belonging to the strange mask-wearing insurgency mentioned by Jaedeth during the meeting, learning of his intentions Ithil brought his letter to the circle's Council Glade, awaiting them atop Tel'anor.


The circle ventured forth from the Ironwood retreat to the ancient burial grounds, having to appease the uneasy spirits there to remain unhindered on their way to Vakeath who awaited them further in, greeting the circle he stood a stark contrast to the charismatic Jaedeth. The circle probed him almost endlessly with questions, surviving criticism he somehow convinced the Kaldorei, if for no other reason than that they needed eachother to find who murdered the druids and de-escelate the potential border conflict before Jaedeth Naer gets consent from the Council of Suramar to enact is reprisal.

During their meeting, Vakaeth detailed his plans, unable to stop both the border conflict and unveil what has happened to his former mentor, Vakeath is entrusting the seduction and coersion of two potential allies of Jaedeth that he would need to take the matter to the council to the Circle. Saving that discussion for a later date Vakeath helped the circle 'get into character' venturing deeper into Suramar's wilds to retrieve a cache of leftover illusory masks that will allow the Circle to navigate the city as Shal'dorei.

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Chapter : 4 New Faces, Fast Friends
Having secured suitable disguises, the Circle met again with the turncoat Vakaeth, choosing to proceed with his plan at keeping Jaedeth from enacting his plot against the Kaldorei, the Circle needed to persuade two of four potential political figures who had not already declared their intentions for Jaedeth.

The party that gathered to be briefed was offered the choice between two of these political proponents, a spymistress named Valet Korinth, and a premiere tailor and enchanter named Thelana Vex, the party chose to pursue Thelana Vex who was rumored to have a local spat with a noble throwing a soiree that day.

Venturing into Suramar's city proper from a telemancy station at Tel'anor the party quickly found Thelana's home, donning new personalities and stories of their own the circle convinced the noble they could be of help. Thelana had been dis-invited to a soiree she had made outfits for, having criticized the soiree's lady of honor Nadalia Varoux, Thelana wanted petty revenge, the party left her residence and headed for the soiree to cause as much mischief as they could to properly ruin a well-set evening.

Successfully sneaking into the soiree the party dispersed among the festivites, disable a cake-sentinel, inciting the servants into eating the noble's food, messing with the enchantment on the once beautiful self-playing harps. The soiree descended into chaos thanks to the Kaldorei's machinations, however before they crept out an arcane automaton confronted them, a sentinel that had detected party-crashers.

Having beaten the soiree sentinel the party quickly fled and returned to Thelana's residence, satisfied by the undercover Kaldorei's performance she happily agreed to denounce Jaedeth's proposal to the council of Suramar for war.
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Chapter : 5 Escaping the Headsman
The Circle gathered again at Tel'anor in short notice from Vakaeth, the Nightborne had discoveries to share, Vakaeth checked the site where the druids had fallen, finding a clue in fel-residue, he began tracking any redistribution of fel-crystals that had been collected following the occupation and discovered Jaedeth had been securing a small but dangerous number of the resource in his preparation for conflict.

What's more is that Jaedeth secured not only the spymistress the party had not gone for a few days prior but also had gotten another figure, a shipmaster, to side with him, leaving but one proponent left for the two sides to fight over. Vakaeth sought out this last proponent, Nomar Dregen, learning that Dregen has already disapproved of Jaedeth's handling of the border situation Nomar was willing to offer his support against the other Duskwatch commander. However he had been accosted several times at the Evermoon commons and needed mercenaries to escort him back to the Midnight court.

The Circle left quickly to find Nomar, however when they arrived at the Artisan's Gallery, a district where the noble's home was at a great flood of Shal'dorei were escaping the plaza, demons had apperated and began slaying guards one of them bashing open the door to Nomar's house!

The Kaldorei sprang to action, though battling Felguards and imps had proven more challenging than expected the party overcame their confrontation with heavy wounds, Kelthos and Mythanil searched the house for the Duskwatch Commander only to discover his absence, save for a letter that would lead them under the Concourse of Destiny at the center of the city, Nomar had left pre-emptively to escape Jaedeth's hounds and was attempting to reach the Midnight Court by himself.

However, before they could pursue Nomar the party was halted by a Duskwatch captain, preparing to take the disguised Kaldorei in for questioning, thankfully a few silver tongues managed to convince the captain to let them go to pursue their 'friend' who had ran away.

Catching up with Nomar and informing him they were Vakaeth's mercenaries, the noble pointed out that he and the party were now both trapped, in the courtyard beyond the had caught the guards speaking to eachother in Eredune and knew that they were demons. Too weak to fight another horde of demons the party needed to think quickly on their feet.

Cleverly, the party caught one of the gondola's, re-writing the enchantment on one of them to successfully bring them to the canal in the Midnight Court, successfully evading the encounter with the disguised demons. Upon reaching the canal Nomar vowed to bring Jaedeth to task on his desperate schemes.
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Chapter : 6 Recompense
Having successfully prevented Jaedeth Naer from gaining support to bring his campaign of reprisal to the council of Suramar and kickstart a war the party gathered at Tel'anor with the intention of wrapping up loose ends. Vakaeth had mentioned before that Jaedeth had been seizing a number of fel Crystals left over from the Legion occupation, the Nightborn discovered that the interim Duskwatch Commander had been illegally smuggling them outside the city, Vakaeth had uncovered this when raiding Jaedeth's château, among this information he had rescued three of the once missing druids and sent them back to Val'saharah.

The Circle's Nightborn ally wagered that if they could secure the fel crystals they would be able to bring it to the council to incriminate Jaedeth Naer and get him removed from power and possibly convicted. With a plan set the Circle left to remove the last fangs from the dwindling threat of the aging Nightborn Commander.

Arriving in the Crimson Thicket the party had to navigate a densely patrolled woodland, deftly navigating around several encounters the Kaldorei had arrived outside a ruined tower, the presence of un-contained fel energy was seeping into the earth and air. After subduing a few guards the party entered the tower discovering Jaedeth Naer whom did not surrender, instead his body folded away like shedding skin as a fearsome Shivvarra stepped out of her host.

Among a desperate battle in the enclosed case the Kaldorei struggled against the demon, before eventually the combined efforts of Cellassa, Cayldiais and Kelthos countered a lethal demonic spell that threatened to disintegrate one of them.

With the Demon destroyed by their own spell, the circle stood frustrated over the sudden appearance, blaming Vakaeth for the surprise as others sifted around the room, uncovering a logbook used by Jaedeth- or the Demon, the weight of blame was uncertain on who was responsible for the threats they faced and the death of some of their druids, one thing was certain however, that they had avenged their kin whom had perished in Suramar.

Before they left, the party convinced Vakaeth to lay some of the blame on his former mentor, despite never finding the Nightborn's body or the depth of his involvement, their ally considered their request.

Epilogue letter(s)

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