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Preparation, Strife, and War in the Name of the Goddess

The past is certain, the future obscure. Those who walk the Path of War understand this, for they have been charged with the defense of the Kaldorei nation. Walking this path is to hold the value of another’s life in your hands, to know when it is necessary to strike or defend. Preparation is imperative, and the students of war focus on perfecting their occupation to ensure they are never unprepared. Regular exercise of both the mind and body is something to be expected.

After the Sundering and the defeat of the Burning Legion nearly 10,000 years ago, the kaldorei adopted a variety of martial sports. Their goal wasn't to turn their people into fighting machines. They were simply looking to reinforce the values that warriors were taught in the old era:

- Self-discipline (Hawk)
- Respect (Raven)
- Knowledge (Owl)
- Focus (Falcon)
- Bravery (Eagle)
- Poise (Crane)
- Intensity (Stormcrow)
- Honor (Hippogryph)

These eight values are represented by a war-feather, each from a unique bird, a mark of merit earned by the followers of war. When you set foot inside their training halls, one of the first things you'll see hanging from the hair or attire of the warriors are the different colored feathers.

Thero'thorals (students of war) progress through each value, testing to earn a new color. On average, it can take a few years to achieve the Hippogryph feather.

Below are a series of regular exercises and drills the followers of war routinely practice to train in the eight values. They can be hosted by anyone, and the rules for each exercise are subject to change.

Shal'thorah (Fight Night) (Self-discipline)
A night elven sparring and athletic practice adopted by various groups during the Long Vigil as a way of exercising, having fun, and keeping warrior traditions alive during peacetime. Traditionally, Shal'thorah has very simple rules: the combat spar can utilize any kind of weapon but no magic is permitted, and no strikes can be made directed at the eyes, groin, throat or knees. It is strongly preferred that a healer or medic be on site for Shal'thorah.

OOC, this is an informal get-together where people can challenge each other to duel or spar, and decide with the other person whether to use rolls, PvP or free emotes for the spar.

Moonball (Respect)
A simple game in which help teach accountability, dedication, leadership and other skills. Moonball is a traditional game founded by the Sentinel Army. Two teams face off in a designated area with the sole objective to be the last team standing. When players are struck three times they’re out and must retreat to the sidelines.

OOC, this is a game of dodgeball using the Dazzling Rod toy when players are stunned by the “moonball” they must retreat to the sidelines and wait to see which team remains. Teams generally consist of 5 players each, but this can vary depending on the total number of participants. This game is originally made by Acrona of Argent Dawn, EU.

Lectures (Knowledge)
The followers of war are looked to for leadership on missions, and are expected to have the capacity to gather and share knowledge with their teams. All followers of war should be able to host educational events to share their knowledge about anything from first aid and weapon repairs to combat strategy, battle formations, and mission review.

Ranged Competition (Focus)
This event is for members who use ranged weapons or spells in combat situations and is designed to help them operate better as a team and focus on their targets. OOC, it’s a fun roll game.

Participants join a party with the scorekeeper and will do a /roll 5 for three rounds. There is usually a total of three rounds, generally, but there can be more. The roll results are combined for total points. When playing in teams versus each other, there is one scorekeeper per team who does not participate but tallies the scores for each team. Players emote their actions each round.

1 - Miss | 2 - 2 point ring | 3 - 3 point ring | 4 - 4 point ring | 5 - Bullseye 5 points

Relay Race (Bravery)
This exercise can take place either on the ground or in the skies. Participants are paired off in teams and mount unarmored sabers or hippogryphs. Relay participants are placed at designated places along the selected route and must wait for their partners to tag them into play. The first team to cross the finish line wins, however this can vary if challenges are set along the route.

OOC, participants should not have speed enhancement armor, buffs, or talents active. Classes that are generally swifter than most such as hunters, paladins or death knights should be placed last in the relay.

Foreign Expedition (Poise)
Poise in war is an imperative. Without it, the followers of war cannot conduct themselves with composure. Poise is about confidence and accountability. It is about recognizing personal faults and learning to challenge ourselves so we can overcome those faults. To practice poise, it’s important to venture outside our comfort zones. For this, the followers of war challenge themselves by leading a brief expedition to a foreign land where they can train with distant allies and learn alternative methods in the way of war.

These expeditions can be hosted as casual events with a focus on learning about allies in distant lands, or can be converted into D20 skill challenges. Suggested regions for lessons are:
- Loch Modan, Algaz Station (Athletics: Dwarven Mountaineer Mountain Climbing)
- Azuremyst Isle, Azure Watch (Perception: Draenei Peacekeeper Patrols)
- Dun’morogh, Gnomeregan (Stealth: Gnomeregan Covert Ops, Terrain and Climate Camouflage)
- Mechagon Island, Rustbolt (Street-savvy: Rustbolt Tinkologist, Engineering made easy)
- Blasted Lands, Surwich (Arcana: Surwich Wardens, Monster Hunting)
- Hinterlands, Quel’Danil Lodge (Animal-Handling: Highvale Rangers, Companion Training)
- Kul’tiras, Boralus City (Intimidation: Boralus Guard City Bar Sweep)
- Jade Forest, Pearlfin Village (Medicine: Pearlfin Mystic, Healing Waters)
- Jade Forest, Tian Monastery (Acrobatics: Tian Instructor, Clarity through Combat)
- Elwynn, Tower of Azora (Insight: Servant of Azora, Eye Spy – A lesson on Seeing and Believing)

Tug of War (Intensity)
A game that puts two teams against each other in a test of strength. Teams pull on opposite ends of a rope, with the goal being to bring the rope a certain distance in one direction against the force of the opposing team’s pull.

OOC, this is a /roll 10 event. The first person in each line will do the first roll, followed by the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on. If one team rolls 8-10 while the other rolls 1-3, the winning team moves two places forward instead of one. This event is great for team building with a focus on intensity.

Historical Trek (Honor)
The followers of war lead a historical trek to a unique place in Kalimdor or beyond where kaldorei have played an important role in a war effort. The hosts lead the group through the zone, stopping at a few key locations to share the history of the spot and the significance it held during wartime. The followers of war use these treks to teach members about the significance of war and how it has helped shape the lives of kaldorei throughout time. Some regions that are frequented are:
- Azsuna (History: Fall of Nar’thalas)
- Hyjal (History: 3rd War, Battle for Mount Hyjal, or, History: Firelands Invasion)
- Ashenvale (History: War of the Satyr, Warsong Gulch)
- Darkshore (History: The Sundering, Fall of Ameth'Aran/Bashal'Aran)
- Stonetalon (History: The Third War)
- Azshara (History: War of the Ancients)
- Feralas (History: Fall of Eldre'thalas, Fall of Feathermoon, Feathermoon Expedition)
- Barrens (History: Battle for the Barrens)
- Durotar (History: Siege of Orgrimmar)
- Dragonblight (History: Scourge Wars)
- Silithus (History: War of the Shifting Sands)
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Suggestions for in-game feather items, as physical rewards.

Self-discipline (Hawk)
The Ironfeather of a Hawk.

Respect (Raven)
The Jet Black Feather of a Raven.

Knowledge (Owl)
The Vibrant Feather of an Owl.

Focus (Falcon)
The Plucked Feather of a Falcon.

Bravery (Eagle)
The Long Elegant Feather of an Eagle.

Poise (Crane)
The Vibrant Plume of a Crane.

Intensity (Stormcrow)
The Lambent Feather of a Stormcrow.

Honor (Hippogryph)
An Undamaged Hippogryph Feather.
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Moonball is a team sport in which players on two teams try to throw moonballs (using the Dazzling Rod toy) and hit opponents, while avoiding being hit themselves. The team with the last person standing is the winning team.

  • Teams are comprised of 6 members, with 12 players totaling both teams
  • Square or Circular courts are chosen and divided in half, with each team dominating 1/2 the court
  • Teams are encouraged or required to wear the same colors as one another
  • Players are knocked out of the game after being hit 3 times (3 strikes = out)
  • Players cannot cross the line to their opponents' side of the court, or will be disqualified

Possible Team Names
  • Shadowmelders
  • Miracle Wisps
  • Night Runners
  • Moon Brawlers

This individual bracket of Moonball celebrates the players with the most cunning and endurance to outlast the rest. The last four (4) participants standing following the team match are chosen to participate in Championship Moonball, a series of three (3) 1v1 matches wherein the four participants versus one another, striving to knock one another out of the game to claim the title of Moonball Champion.

  • The 4 players selected should be the final 4 who were the "Last Standing" in the team match
  • It does not matter if the 4 players chosen were all from the same team
  • The first round, consisting of two (2) 1v1 games eliminates two players
  • The final round, consisting of one (1) 1v1 game eliminates one player and Champions the sole victor
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