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The small town of Bradensbrook has existed in peace since the defeat of the Burning Legion, but outside influences have recently wreaked havoc around the settlement, unearthing a deadly secret. Undead prowl the forests between the sleepy village and the Temple of Elune, haunting the refugees of Bradensbrook and those who guard the Temple grounds. Who is raising the dead from their graves? Can the Silversworn solve the mystery of the Blood Moon? Can the people of Bradensbrook and the Temple of Elune be saved?


Ryrin Farsword

Ryrin Farsword is a lieutenant of the Temple Guard at the Temple of Elune in Val'sharah, who serves directly under Captain Stilltree. Following Stilltree's disappearance, Sentinel Farsword has taken charge of the investigation relating to the disappearances of persons living in the Temple Gardens outside the Temple of Elune.

Balrolas Shadegrove

Balrolas Shadegrove is the Elder Druid of the Moon responsible for restoring the Garden of the Moon on the outskirts of the Temple of Elune. Recently, Shadegrove has taken it upon himself to cultivate a living space for the Bradensbrook refugees within the Garden of the Moon.

Old Bradshaw

Old Bradshaw is the local wiseman of Bradensbrook. He lives alone on The Point, a sheer cliff overlooking the sea, on the northwestern side of town. Some in the village believe Bradsaw is a wizard, but he insists that he doesn’t know any actual magic.
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On the eve of Kaldore 30th the Silver Circle gathered to address the events that unfolded at Black Rook Hold five nights prior. The siege on the ancient fortress, led by a coalition of Argent Crusaders, Suramar Guards, and a few adventurers resulted in climactic failure. A trinity of necromancers, bent on forging a new implement to dominate the lesser scourge, have seemingly succeeded. Reports indicate that they have vacated the Black Rook Hold following the siege, with their prize intact.

The siege ended with the coalition sustaining numerous casualties. Though no fatalities have been reported, countless personnel braved grievous injuries. The Argent Crusade leaders of the coalition are in the process of searching for the whereabouts of the trinity of necromancers who fled Val'sharah, with a substantial force of freshly raised corpses.

Regrettably, in the wake of the trinity's activity in Val'sharah, rumors of undead infesting the forests have begun to spread.

A missive arrived to members of the Silver Circle, from Sentinel Stilltree of the Temple Guard, requesting their assistance with investigating a peculiar matter related to these rumors. Stilltree has discovered that the recent undead activity appears to somehow be related to a growing missing persons case, in which numerous newly arrived Gilnean refugees have vanished from the gardens of the Temple.

The Silver Circle discussed this news at length, and began preparations to rally to assist in the investigations in northern Val'sharah, and potentially assist with the maintenance and healing of Bradensbrook, which sustained substantial damage during the occupation of the necromancer trinity.
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The Silver Circle arrived at the Garden of the Moon on the outskirts of the Temple of Elune at the heart of Val'sharah, to answer Sentinel Stilltree's call. But they soon discover that Sentinel Stilltree was not present. Instead, the Silver Circle found Lieutenant Ryrin Farsword, one of Stilltree's comrades who had been assisting Stilltree with her investigation into the missing persons. Farsword welcomed the Silver Circle readily and explained that Stilltree went missing the night after she sent word requesting aid.

Farsword offered the following pieces of information:

- "Days following the scourge occupation of Black Rook Hold, the Temple of Elune was brimming with Gilnean refugees who began to go missing in the days following. Then seemed to go missing one by one at first, then small groups of them seemingly vanished without a trace."

- "The undead showed up just after those damned necromancers fled the Black Rook hold. They have been attacking the temple in waves, and some have been seen skulking through the forests."

- "The Gilnean refugees had been provided some quarter in the Garden of the Moon. It is from there that they went missing..."

- "For the past two years, the garden has been tended to by various Druids of the Moon, who are in the process of seeing the Temple's eastern terrace resorted. If anyone saw what might have happened to the Gilnean refugees, it's the Druids of the Moon... But they have been reluctant to speak, ever since Sentinel Stilltree accused them of keeping secrets."

The Druids of the Moon
The real investigation began the moment the Silver Circle set foot in the reclaimed Gardens of the Moon. The gardens were being tended by multiple Druids of the Moon, standing in small clustered groups throughout the grassy sward. In general, the Druids of the Moon were reluctant to divulge much information to the Silver Circle. Their last encounter with adventurer's put a grave burden on their leader, Balrolas Shadegrove, and resulted in doom befalling Bradensbrook and their beloved Gardens of the Moon becoming overrun by refugees. The Silversworn, however, proved to be more persuasive than even the Temple Guards and together they managed to acquire information in a variety of witty ways.

Silversworn Fyfaesia Silverstrike and Warden Mythanil Briarblade used stealth tactics to eavesdrop on conversations transpiring around the garden, managing to gather the following intelligence:
- "The undead showed up just after those necromancers cracked open the Cavern..."

- "Heard that Sentinel Stilltree hired this group of adventurers to look into what's been happening. What is she thinking?"
"I heard Brother Shadegrove threatening Stilltree if she tries to send someone up to the Cavern again."

- "Shouldn't someone tell Brother Shadegrove the adventurer's arrived? He has been holed up in his house for a week."
"I heard one of the Sentinels saying that Stilltree thinks Brother Shadegrove is somehow involved in all of this. She can't prove it, though."

- "Adventurers? I thought it was necromancers who ransacked Brother Shadegrove's residence?"

- "People can blame it on the Cavern all they want. I think it's the blood moon what's bringing out all these undead. Come the eve of the 20th, things will get worse. I guarantee it."

Elders Kelanthos Ivyfang and Celassa Kal'nor worked together with the Druids of the Moon, to weed various flowerbeds in the Gardens of the Moon. Their willingness to help the Druids of the Moon loosened their tongues and they managed to acquire the following information:

- "Tell you one good thing about all these undead. Haven't seen any refugees trying to sleep in the gardens for a week. It's a relief they aren't destroying the flowerbeds anymore."

- "My brothers and I have noticed various herbs have gone missing from the Garden lately. We heard stockpiles of precious mineral ores have gone missing from the Temple Forges as well. A few of us suspect the 'missing' Gilnean refugees stole these rare supplies and fled, not that they're truly 'missing' or in need of saving."

- "It is a strange time of year for us. As Druids of the Moon, we tend to the cycles of balance in correlation with the phases of the Moon. It is an ill omen that the undead made their mark on Black Rook Hold and Bradensbrook this month. Such an omen is made doubly ill, because this month there is a Blood Moon, especially if the ancient legends are to be believed..."

- "Ah, you hit some red mycelium at the base of the flowerbed. Don't worry, you can cut through it. Strange stuff, it only started to appear in our garden recently. Brother Shadegrove knows a little more about the information you seek, you should consider visiting him at his home. You aren't likely see him out and about these days."

Silversworn Kelthos Moongale, Vaelthir Dawnswift, Karadryn Saberfang and Thinius Shadowfern, in the company of Ithil Snowywolf used subtle wit and people-skills in order to coax information out of a few groups of druids who were present in the Garden of the Moon. Together, they managed to gather the following information:

- "Things haven't been easy around here, ever since the Scourge holed themselves up in Black Rook Hold. The Temple has been overrun with Gilnean refugees from Bradensbrook, it's been almost impossible to keep track of them all.

- "Brother Shadegrove is our leader here. He is responsible for overseeing everything that transpires in the Gardens of the Moon, including the safety of the refugees. He's the one you should speak to, if you have questions about the missing Gilneans."

- "The undead started appearing in the forest when the scourge occupied Black Rook Hold. In my opinion, it's no real mystery what happened to the missing Gilneans. Some couldn't stand how crowded the Temple grounds had become, and wandered into the forest to find a private place to camp. Which was not the wisest option, all things considered."

- "You should know that things got worse for us when that coalition arrived at the Temple. It was a motley crew of Horde and Crusader and Death Knight Adventurers. A group of them ransacked Brother Shadegrove's home a few nights before the Siege of Black Rook Hold took place. Shadegrove hasn't been the same since...He barely comes out of his home to inspect our work in the gardens.

Balrolas Shadegrove
After gathering information from the druids in the Garden of the Moon, the Silversworn elected to travel down the road to the residence of Balrolas Shadegrove, the Elder druid responsible for overseeing the restoration of the Gardens of the Moon.

When the party stopped outside the Wildwood residence that was Shadegrove's home, the Elder druid emerged to speak with them, curious as to why the Silversworn were loitering on his stoop. Though reluctant at first, the Silversworn managed to gather some information from Brother Shadegrove with candid questions. Perhaps to their surprise, Balrolas Shadegrove was free with information when answering their questions. He explained that ten individuals in flowing black robes ransacked his home during the time the Scourge forces were occupying the Black Rook Hold. He explained that among the various personal possessions that were stolen, a particular heirloom pendant necklace (or talisman) hand-carved from ancient wood and framed with small beads depicting the phases of the moon was taken and he expressed a desperate need to have it returned to him.

Balrolas Shadegrove also informed the Silversworn that a wiseman from Bradensbrook was one of the last people to see some of the Gilnean refugees before they went missing. Brother Shadegrove did seem somewhat suspicious of this wiseman figure, but had nothing further to offer on the subject of the missing persons.

The first mission concluded with the Silversworn returning to the Temple Gardens to speak with Ryrin Farsword and share with her what they learned. Together, they decided that the next step to take would be to visit Bradensbrook to seek out the wiseman and gather information from the locals there. Sentinel Farsword explained that the wiseman of Bradensbrook typically visits the Temple seven days before each full moon, to swap out books in the Temple Archives. Farsword advised that the Silversworn bring the books to Bradensbrook instead, as a gesture of good will, and, hopefully, to get additional information from the wiseman.
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On the evening of the 11th of Bael'Asta, Elder of the Wild Kelanthos Ivyfang, gathered a group of Silversworn to assist him in researching the supplies missing from the Temple of Elune, in Val'sharah.

Ryrin Farsword, a Temple Guard, Feydren Nightfury, Kelthos Moongale, with his companion Umbranox, Fyfaesia Silverstrike, Elder Kal'nor, and Warden Briarblade all joined the Elder of the Wild in the search.

The missing supplies included Aessina's Touch, a mushroom with curious properties, Spriggans' Leg, a thick and hearty root vegetable infamous for its foul taste when raw, and various sizes and samples of Leystone Ore.

Without a trace of the supplies anywhere near the Temple, the group ventured north through the woods, as the eastern pathways through the forests were blocked off by the Temple Guards as they ran their scouting missions for their missing people.

The mission began with a jolt as several members of the group found themselves falling into sinkholes spread throughout the hillside next to the stone roads. Evidence of missing Herbs, disappeared from the dirt, left plenty of empty space for a few unlucky elves to fall into. Within the holes, the group spotted a thin white film covering the space where the roots had fled, but upon further inspection, the material faded to dust and retreated into the dirt.

Further along in their journey, the group found broken down versions of each of their missing supplies. Chunks of Aessina's Touch resting on a log, various bits of leafage spread around more obvoius holes, and small samples of Leystone resting within deposits of previously bountiful ore. In each of the spots more of the strange white threads were found, only to blow away on a harsh breath by the inspectors.

Luckily, the group found themselves next to a Moonwell, where each of the supplies they were looking for seemed to be protected by both the energies of the Moonwell and the beams of Elune's light peaking through the canopy above. Thanks to the Silversworn and the Temple Guard, Kelanthos was able to secure healthy samples of Aessina's Touch from a fallen Doe, and a juvenile sample of Spriggan's Leg that had been left untouched by the mysterious pale matter running through the dirt. Without any experienced miners in the group, they left the large node of Leystone Ore protruding out from the moonwell's masonry.

Back at the Temple of Elune, various hypothesis were thrown around by the group, each of them valid without any further information. The group determined that a sort of mycelium, much closer to the surface than normal, was finding its way through the dirt and doing something to the resources, but so close to the Moonwell's holy energies it was nowhere to be found. A point was made that the supplies were missing close to the Temple, itself full of Holy Energy. Another theory was that the Druids of the Moon were affecting the ground in a way, looking to blame the Gilnean Refugees that were scattered around their gardens, to force them to leave.

Without further evidence and research, the group thought it best to conclude the night and enjoy their night resting at the Temple, assisting with refugees, or returning back home to Lightsong for a proper meal. Progress has been made, but only time will tell what the future holds for the Temple, the forests, and the refugees.
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The investigation pointed the Silver Circle in the direction of Bradensbrook Village, which was largely abandoned during the scourge occupation of Black Rook Hold. During the siege of Black Rook Hold, many villagers lost their homes. Those displaced refugees either moved in with good neighbors in the village, or fled to the Temple of Elune on the cliff overlooking the coast.

Prior to departing, the Silversworn rallied at the Temple of Elune to discuss their mission objective for the evening and determined they had to locate and speak with the Wiseman of Bradensbrook, a man by the name of Old Bradshaw.

At the conclusion of the briefing, the Silversworn rendezvoused with Lieutenant Ryrin Farsword of the Temple Guard, who volunteered to escort them to the settlement of Bradensbrook. Farsword led the party down the highway out of the Temple grounds and into the dark valley that marked the ancient borders of the Black Rook Hold.

As they navigated the narrow, unkempt dirt paths the party stumbled upon another band of people, Bradensbrook citizens who hit a rut on the road and their carriage toppled over. Beside the fallen carriage, where the Gilneans had gathered, lay a sizeable dead bird that had struck and been killed by their horse as they road up the path for the Temple.

It was a perfect opportunity to ask questions, and Warden Briarblade seized the opportunity. Sadly, the family provided little information, their minds focused on their personal crisis more than anything. And so the Silversworn continued, but as they trod down the path they were briefly passed by the son of one of the gilneans who had turned back to town with their horse to fetch a new carriage wheel. Everyone in the party shifted off to the right side of the road, save Elder Celassa Kal'nor, who stepped off to the left. When the boy passed astride his old mare Elder Kal'nor caught sight of an unsettling ailment; the right side of the boy's mare was riddled with dark, swollen cankers and the right side of its face seemed lame.

Stunned to silence, the party continued, but were halted briefly when Warden Briarblade spotted movement beneath the shadows of the trees, where a pair of uncanny mirror-like eyes reflected light as it stared back at her. The figure, humanoid in shape, was too obscured by the shadows of the trees for Briarblade to assess what sort of creature she had seen, but one thing was certain, it was no beast and it seemed to be watching the party...

As the moon rose into the nightsky, the Silversworn arrived at the edge of Bradensbrook where they parted ways with Lieutenant Ryrin Farsword for a time in order to gather information as to the whereabouts of the village Wiseman from the locals. Before parting ways, Farsword warned the Silversworn that with the Temple Sentinels focused inward on the grounds at the Temple of Elune, more ruffians have taken to the paths throughout Bradensbrook. Many such ruffians have arrived by way of boat from abroad, and have elected to take advantage of the people of Bradensbrook who are trying to make the best of a bad situation.

One orphaned girl by the name of Katy offered to lead the party to the Wiseman's home outside of town. The Silversworn, trusting the young girl, followed her through a small alleyway and beyond the ruined rubble wall to an old hangman's tree, where they were ambushed by a band of brigands.

Held at gun-point, and threatened to be torn apart by massive mastiffs, the Silversworn were relieved of their weapons and their coin purses until a clever spell was woven to calm the brigand boss. In that moment, Feydren Nightfury too action by kicking his ambusher square in the jaw as the man knelt to loot their items from the ground. The rest of the Silversworn snapped to action in the seconds following. A brawl ensued, but the tides of the ambush shifted in favor of the Silversworn as they came together to defeat their assailants. No lives were lost, and with the assistance of Lieutenant Farsword the Silversworn detained three crooks from the streets of Bradensbrook, leaving the remaining two and their dogs to flee the scene.

With scuffle subsided and the ruffians wrangled by Lieutenant Farsword, the Silversworn pressed on to their destination, eventually finding the old Wiseman living in a shack high on the northwest point of the village, overlooking the sea.

Old Bradshaw was a heavy, balding man with a thick white mustache, and he looked as if he'd been under a lot of stress. He greeted the Silversworn with an invitation into his shabby shack where he offered them ale and a place to sit and rest while they talked.

When questioned, Old Bradshaw was very up-front about what he knew and his desires and intentions. From him the Silversworn learned:

- "At the end of the last month a I observed a group of necromancers leaving the Black Rook Hold and wandering through the forest. I followed them at a distance to a house in the Wildwood where they went into a druid's home and slipped out unobtrusively. I later heard they had robbed the place. After they left the residence, I continued to lurk behind them until they reached a place the locals call the Darkgrove Cavern. It was a sealed place, and I watched as they used a talisman I thought was only in the possession of the Druids of the Moon to unseal the cavern and go inside. They never returned, our folk at the temple began to vanish and the strange undead started to appear shortly after that."

- "I observed a druid by he name of Balrolas Shadegrove and the Druids of the Moon sealing up the entrance of the Darkgrove Cavern since then. I heard that Shadegrove threatened one of the Sentinels for hiring more adventurers to investigate the matter."

- "Have you heard about the Blood Moon? It's a rare celestial event when the sun, moon and Azeroth fall in perfect alignment and paint the moon red. There are ancient legends about this celestial event, depicting an old and evil spirit of nature. According to those legends, undead tend to become more active during blood moons, and more aggressive."

- "I am also interested in learning more about the Darkgrove Cavern and the lore surrounding it. If you are willing to explore the Darkgrove Cavern, I will pay handsomely. 1,000 gold pieces, split between all of you, for anything you might find in that cavern of historical value."

- "But before you go into the Cavern you will need to get the key from the druid Balrolas Shadegrove. Only he can break the seals on the cavern. In the meantime, I will study whatever lore I can find about the place. Feel free to come back to me in a few days, if you wish to learn about what I might discover."

The mission concluded with the Silversworn agreeing to meet with Old Bradshaw again at the Temple of Elune on the night of the Full Moon, to discuss his findings. In the meantime, the Silversworn will remain at the Temple, and continue their investigation there.
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The night began with a handful of Silversworn assembling by chance at the Temple of Elune to discuss recent events when their attention was roused by shouts from outside on the Temple Terrace, where a Balrolas Shadegrove had come to exclaim about a bizarre red mycelium that appeared on the eastern side of the Temple, outside the Gardens of Elune.

Through desperate, panting breaths, Shadegrove explained that his fellow druids of the moon became ensnared by the tangling vines. He pleaded with the Silversworn for assistance in finding and freeing his comrades.

When they reached the eastern most portion of the Temple gardens they found a tangled network of forest mycelium comprised of tiny vines and larger, thorny vines that snared the druids of the moon who had been tending the gardens. It was quickly determined that the mycelium network, while unusual, was not unnatural. The tiny vines carried a reddish fluid or sap that flowed in one direction.

Huntress Cayldiais Moonfang cut into the mycelium to investigate and was immediately hit by the aroma of iron as the violet-red fluid seeped up from the broken tangle. That was when the party confirmed that the network was not carrying a typical supply of nutritious fluid for plant life, but blood.

Using their skills in woodland tracking and survival, the Silversworn followed the macabre mycelium network, finding each of the five missing druids of the moon as they went. Regrettably, they found each druid of the moon in a sorry state. The druids had been snared by the thicker, thorny tangle. The black bards had lightly pierced the arteries of the druids and drank deeply of their lifeblood, supplying the greater mycelium network.

Elder Celassa Kal'nor and Balrolas Shadegrove worked to save the druids of the moon while the others cut them free. Though this tactic was effective, the Silversworn were unable to spare the lives of two Druids of the Moon. After the fifth druid of the moon wa accounted for, Balrolas Shadegrove turned back to retrieve the bodies of Brother Illyond and Brother Falor while the Silversworn continued to follow the mycelium network to its inevitable end.

They passed through the Tangled Cleft where they discovered swatches of leather and fabric skewered by vine or thorned fungi, and amid the leaflitter Kelanthos Ivyfang and Feydren Nightfury discovered a severed night elf hand and toe that were in the process of being consumed by the mycelium network.

Eventually, the trail ended at a foggy vale dotted with creeping dark vines, red mycelium and three raised beds of earth. From the three raised beds dark burgundy-tinged ferns appeared to be growing, and it was at these three ferns the mycelium network coalesced.

Not trusting their surroundings in the vale, Warden Mythanil Briarblade instructed two Silversworn archers to launch arrows, coated in blood, at the mounds. When the arrows struck true, the mounds shifted and the ferns rose up, shaking away earth and grime and mycelium sap. From the loose earth in the center of the vale three life-sized mandrake rooks clawed their way out of the ground and launched themselves at the Silversworn. In the heat of combat, the Silversworn recognized the crudely shapen faces that the mandrakes had developed in their growth, two belonged to fallen druids Illyond and Falor and the third belonged to the missing Temple Guard Captain, Sentinel Stilltree.

A lengthy battle ensued, in which the mandrakes fueled themselves by drinking the blood of the Silversworn who were unfortunate enough to become caught in their grasp. With great effort and teamwork, the Silversworn managed to prevail against the plant-abominations. When the last of the mandrakes were slain, the Silversworn retreated from the vale and Tangled Cleft to return to the Temple of Elune where they tended their wounds and confronted Balrolas Shadegrove with their findings.

Balrolas Shadegrove did not offer the Silversworn any information, but seemed genuinely grateful for their assistance. Shadegrove departed from the temple shortly after speaking with the Silversworn, and in his absence, the Silversworn began to speculate Balrolas Shadegrove's potential involvement in the goings on.

Why would the elder Druid of the Moon lie about the essential use of his missing talisman? Why would he threaten Sentinel Stilltree after learning she hired adventurers to assist in the investigation? How was it he managed to escape the mycelium tangle when all of his druids of moon became snared? And why would he then ask those same adventurers to follow a deadly mycelium path to learn more, knowing the dangers it posed?
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On the 20th night of Bael’Asta, Old Bradshaw appeared at the Temple of Elune to share what he discovered about the ancient legend of the Darkgrove Cavern. He seemed feebler than when he first met the Circle, and he let out hacking coughs intermittently as he retold the tale, it was the cough of an old man, a deep, rattling, uncomfortable sound.

Tale of the Shin'anath
Old Bradshaw recounted the tale and his personal notes from his journal:

- "Priestess Kal'nor located an ancient tome of local folklore in the Temple of Elune that predates the Sundering by some centuries. It was not in good condition, and I had to be exceptionally delicate handling the material… But, the tome spoke of an ancient wilderness spirit or a ‘Wild Spirit’ of the deep forest that was blessed by Elune. This spirit was once responsible for breathing life into the shadows of the forest. Everywhere it went, mushrooms and lichen and soft creeping growth took root. Its presence blessed bogs and streams and cliffs and the boles of trees. It is said that the earliest alchemists of the ancient kaldorei paid this Wild Spirit particular reverence, for the fungi that sprouted in the Wild Spirit’s path was said to cure even the most bizarre of ailments. The name of this spirit was Rath’otuu."

- "Like all legendary Wild Spirits of the ancient past, Rath'otuu was a guardian of life and nature. A protector of the Balance. The legends about his abilities are vague, and like so many others, he was seldom sighted by mortal eyes. But the old stories claim that Rath'otuu went to investigate something strange in an old cavern in this very forest, and when he emerged from that cavern he was changed..."

- "Rath'otuu was no mere spirit. He was not simply some specter come to haunt the forests. No, Rath'otuu was once been a benevolent Nature Spirit in ancient times, favored by Elune, but fell to whatever corrupt forces that dwelled within that old cavern, long before the Sundering. The legend says he became a scion of his corruptor, some ancient otherworld-entity. And he served his new master well. Everywhere Rath'otuu traveled in that ancient age, the living were twisted by visions and fears before eventually perishing. He drained them of their life and raised them into eternal undeath."

- "A great deal of the old text was missing, but the later portions of it implied that Sages of the Moon discovered Rath'otuu had fallen, and began to hunt and 'herd' the living. His undead spawns supposedly gathered at the cavern of his corrupt origin, what is known today as the Darkgrove Cavern... The ancient Sages of the Moon hunted Rath'otuu down in order to stop a ritual of some kind. According to the story, the spirit stalked the forests at night, preventing any settlers of the forest from leaving their homes... Those who tried to leave were never heard from again, but their bodies were found impaled on the branches of trees in the forest surrounding the village... The tome implies that the Sages of the Moon believed Rath'otuu was herding the living with terror to keep them all in one place."

- "The last page of the tome said that following a dark celestial event, presumably another Blood Moon, Rath'otuu became empowered. He used that power to summon enough magic to sacrifice the gathered living in a village called Seranaar. I do not know such a place to exist today..."

- "In any case, the legend concluded with Sages of the Moon accompanied by a Temple Priestess traveling to the Darkgrove Cavern to face Rath'otuu. They forged a Silver Star made from the ore of the heavens at the Temple of Elune, which they later used to bind Rath'otuu deep within the Darkgrove Cavern. The last page of the tome concluded with the incantation that was used to seal the spirit away.”

- "Isil’kal noras,
Melu shin’anath bindelore
Tor falu andu --”

Before Old Bradshaw had the opportunity to complete the last line of the incantation, an ill-fate befell him. He began to cough violently, so much so that he vomited dark red fluid across himself, the floor, and splattered the last page of his journal, blotting out one significant detail: the second-to-last word of the ancient incantation that was used to seal Rath'otuu millennia ago.

Then, Old Bradshaw fell abruptly to the ground, dead. Ithil Snowywolf and Elder Kelanthos Ivyfang inspected Bradshaw's body and they found that upon his chest, which had been covered up by a heavy tunic, was a network of red mycelium growing beneath his skin.

As members of the Sisterhood and Temple Guard began to gather around, the Silver Circle consecrated the body, doused it in a vial of liquid fire then Silversworn Kelthos Moongale ignited the body with a spark of magic. In the hall of the Temple of Elune, the Silversworn watched Old Bradshaw burn away to nothing.

Silversworn Feydren Nightfury took custody of Bradshaw's journal, and journeyed to the Temple Archives to see if the mystery of the missing word in the incantation could be unraveled. Up above, the Silversworn who remained behind to clean up Bradshaw's remains determined they had three clear objectives:

1) Find a way to acquire a Silver Star made from ore of the heavens.
2) Solve the missing word in the final line of the incantation to seal Rath'otuu away.
3) Spy on and then confront Balrolas Shadegrove, who has without a doubt been hiding vital information since the beginning of this investigation.

Puzzle 1: Guess the Missing Word
"Isil’kal noras,
Melu shin’anath bindelore
Tor falu andu -------- karathal”

Puzzle 2: Find the Ore Required to forge a Silver Star Seal
Clue: 'Made from ore of the heavens'
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On the 22nd night of Bael'asta, the Silversworn gathered at the summit of Rhut'van Peak to discuss all they had learned regarding the case of the missing Gilneans. In addition to this, they were joined by the Duskwatch Saberguard of Suramar City, whom they offered a proposition in exchange for the freedom to harvest lumber in the forests of Suramar. This lumber would be utilized to aid in the rebuilding of Bradensbrook, and to make repairs to Lightsong.

Following the diplomatic discussions and the departure of their Shal'dorei guests, the Silversworn focused their efforts on addressing the two main issues: what heavenly ore would they require in order to forge a Silver Star to bind the Shin'anath, and what could the penultimate word of the incantation possibly be...

The Circle discussed these two matters at length, eventually concluding on the following:

1) The heavenly ore must be Elunite, an extraordinarily rare and divine ore blessed by Elune herself.
2) The penultimate word of the Ancient Darnassian incantation could be either "Dordil" (Restored) or "Retetouril" (Returned).

Elder Celassa Kal'nor announced she would lead an expedition to a small island off the coast of Suramar and Stormhiem, called Sashj’tar Ruins. There, she hoped to find the ore they need for the campaign ahead.
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The Silver Circle met with Celassa and Mythanil on the outer most edges of Stormheim that overlooked the backend of Suramar City. There lays the pre Sundering ruins of Sahj'tar, a experimental testing facility. Commonly known for the success of creating the Mistsabers. Word of mouth and records indicate that the facility held 'rare materials' and one document claimed that Elunite was still on the premises.

Warden Briadblade went over the execution plan of infiltrating the ruins. While also explaining that the Naga had inhabited the isle during the most recent Legion invasion. But while they have since left, there may still be weapons or traps that were left behind.

The party then took small boats from the shore to the isle and quietly ventured to the main structure. There they found a dais circled by the eight phases of the Moon. Thinius Shadowfern recognized the dais' capabilities of telling time. While Kelthos Moonglade was able to proclaim that the dais was capable of telling the time, it also functioned as a lock. And that the four missing crests; Waxing Crescent, Full Moon, Last Quarter and Waning Gibbous, needed to be located in order for the lock to open. The party then set out to explore the island in hopes of locating the four crests.

The first location scouted out was a stone canopy with depictions of an ancient Highborne dance painted on the pillars. Ithil Snowywolf was able to identity that the depiction was not truly a Highborne dance, but was actually a ritualistic performance done by the Kaldorei to honor Elune. The artist had simply masked the true identity of the depiction by painting the Kaldorei to resemble Highborne instead. Furthermore, Feyawen Nightfury made the connection that the depcition showed the same tiles as the ones on the ground of the stone pavilion. Glynindra Breezebend, Ithil Snowywofl, Thinius Shadowfern and Vaelthir Dawnblade stepped up to formulate themselves on the tiles, as shown by the depiction. They performed the dance as their ancestors had. Which resulted in the stone floor opening up and revealing the first missing crest; Last Quarter. Celassa Kal'nor reclaimed the crest from the open tile and the party moved onward.

After not finding anything but Naga equipment at the stone canopy that mirrored the first, the party moved on to inspect one of the most intact buildings. As they neared, they realized that the entrance was covered in a arcane barrier. Which prevented them from going in unless they figured out how to successfully bring down the barrier. Much to whoever placed the barrier's surprised, Thinius guessed the incantation correctly the first try. And the shield was brought down, allowing the Circle inside. Much to their enjoyment, they quickly found the second missing crest; Waning Gibbous. Amongst the junk collection that was inside. All of which was dusted and appeared to be in near perfect condition. Which the party found odd considering the island had been claimed as abandoned. Kelthos opted to bring the barrier back up following the party's departure from the building. As to prevent whoever had placed it from finding that there was something missing from within.

After placing the two reclaimed crests in their respective spots amongst the dais. The party ventured further on, to the other half of the island that they had not yet explored. They exploration was short lived, as their attention was drawn to a crumbling tower. Which would have crushed the party had they been any closer to the collapsing building. Upon further inspection, and digging, they turned up with the third missing crest, Waxing Crescent.

Continuing on, the party elects to explore the nearest ruined building. Only to find nothing of great importance. That is until the party is drawn to another part of the island. Where they find a massive pile of Naga remains, all of which have been picked clean of any meat or rotting remains, as well as armor or weaponry. Here, Thinius, Mythanil and Ithil are caught under the spell of a nearby siren. Who draws them into the waters where they would have likely drowned themselves had Kelthos, Celassa and Glynindra not dove in after the three and dragged them ashore. The group elects to return to the central area of the ruins with the intent to stay away from the expanse of open water that led out to the ocean.

While coming back around, they spot two spirit-like images appear on a bridge that connects the North to the South side of the island. As the party drew closer, with the intent to question the spirits, they quickly realize that these two apparitions were in fact not spirits. But were a projection of a memory. As the two Highborne spoke with one another, completely ignoring the party and their attempts at gaining their attention. Such as Thinius sticking his scabbard through one and Glynindra poking the other with her spear.

Just as the party agreed to move on, the projection sped up, as if in a rush to complete the memory. And the two men dissipate from view. Leaving behind the final missing crest; Full Moon.

With haste, they return to the lock and place the final two crests in place. Which resulted in the crystal at the head of the main building lighting up and shining a vibrant beam on a nearby cave, which opened up at the same time. The Circle quickly headed towards the mouth of the cave, using the boats they had used before. And found that the cave was filled with rare materials that had been left behind by the Highborne.

Inside the cavern the party locates the Elunite. Along with a control rod, paper components & writing materials, two small trunks filled with Azshara era silver coins and a phoenix feather quill. All of which was brought back to the Temple of Elune in Val'sharah. Pleased with the success of their mission, but also desperate to avoid another encounter with the siren, the party elects to remain on the isle until dawn before taking the boats back to Val'sharah.

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Six nights after the Blood Moon of Bael’asta, and the Silversworn gathered at the terrace in the Temple of Elune. They were greeted by Lieutenant Ryrin Farsword, where she revealed that Stilltree’s last entry log in her journal indicated she planned to meet Balrolas Shadegrove the same night she disappeared.

Off duty for the evening, Lieutenant Farsword requested that she accompany the Silversworn, who planned to confront Balrolas Shadegrove at his home about their suspicions regarding his involvement with the disappearances of Gilnean Refugees and Captain Stilltree, and his blatant disregard for confessing all the information he apparently knew.

Though somewhat reluctantly, the Silversworn agreed and together they and Farsword trekked to the edge of the Wildwood, where Balrolas Shadegrove’s home resided. Their plan was a simple one. Farsword would approach Shadegrove’s home from the path, and the Silversworn would slip into the shadows to listen, and serve as back up.

Balrolas Shadegrove had not left his home since his encounter with the mycelium tangle in the Garden of the Moon. Standing guard outside his home was a goliath night elf woman by the name of Sinar Strongbloom, an evident mercenary from the far-off city of Stormwind.

After making her presence known, Farsword was ushered indoors to speak with Shadegrove, while Sinar Strongbloom stood watch outside. Yet, at the back of the house, amid the rootbushes and pansies, the Silversworn crouched to listen by a window.

Shadegrove was unwilling to divulge further information beyond a mild confession to having seen Stilltree the night she disappeared, but Farsword was unrelenting with her questions. After a substantial back and forth, Shadegrove inevitably offered to ‘show’ Farsword where he last saw Captain Stilltree.

The Silversworn followed close behind Shadegrove and Farsword as they walked through the deeper parts of the forest, inevitably crossing a bridge that bore them into the heart of the wildwood, and an unpleasant grove teeming with mycelium tangle that stretched across grass and tree.

In that dark grove, at the heart of the wildwood, the Silversworn were suddenly set upon by a horrific amalgamation of fleshy plant matter that wore the warped visage of the many missing persons. The creature, which Shadegrove referred to as ‘The Mangle’, had numerous heads, faces, thrashing mockeries for humanoid limbs and six massive, thorn-ridden tendrils that whipped out at all who drew near it.

A battle ensued, in which Celassa Kal’nor and Cayldiais Moonfang raised the alarm moments before Mythanil Briarblade sent the Silversworn on the offensive. The Silversworn burst from their places of hiding, their blades and arrows glinting in the moonlight as they assailed the terrifying mangle. And in the heat of battle, Shadegrove would have gotten away, had it not been for Kelthos Moongale, who tackled the dastardly druid to the ground and dragged him back into the fray.

With his mind bent toward self-preservation and not much else, Shadegrove fought alongside the Silversworn until The Mangle fell in a heap, its carcass feeding the mycelium tangle with a fresh pool of mineral rich fluid.

But the Silversworn did not sheath their weapons, yet. Together with Lieutenant Farsword, the Silversworn surrounded Shadegrove and bid he reveal all he truly knew. Shadegrove’s surrender came with a tumult of grim information. The druid revealed that he had been the one responsible for the disappearances, that after his family heirloom had been stolen by cultists of the Black Rook Hold, he went searching for it in the most likely place to find it: the Darkgrove Cavern. But when he entered the cavern, he came face to face with a monstrous spirit, the Shin’anath of legend he had long believed to be a fairytale monster designed to scare children from wandering into the forest alone. He revealed that he struck a bargain with the Shin’anath, his life would be spared and so would the surrounding villages, if Shadegrove brought the spirit regular sacrifices. And so Shadegrove obliged. Further to this end, Shadegrove informed the Silversworn that he had conducted his own research on the Shin’anath, following his encounter, and discovered from his grandfather’s old journals that in order to be freed of the Darkgrove Cavern the Shin’anath would need to harvest the blood of one-thousand souls, and he could do so by executing a dark ritual ten nights after a Blood Moon.

It was then that realization dawned on Farsword. The celebration of Samha would be upon the Temple of Elune on the eve of Hallow’s End, ten nights after the Blood Moon. Samha was a festival all the kaldorei people of Val’sharah celebrated, and they often made a communal trek to the Temple of Elune in the heart of the forest to celebrate their ancestors together. Farsword explained to the Silversworn that, between the Gilnean refugees and the faraway villagers amassing for the celebration of Samha at the temple, there would be more than enough people present for the Shin’anath’s ritual to be fulfilled.

The night concluded with a vote, led by Elder Kal’nor and Warden Briarblade, to determine what would be done with Balrolas Shadegrove. Initially, Farsword spoke against such a vote, but found herself quite able to turn a blind eye when she found Mythanil had drawn her Captain’s sword from the corpse of The Mangle. At the end, it was determined by vote that, like it or not, Balrolas Shadegrove would join the Silversworn to fight the Shin’anath he had helped unleash upon their world.

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A few nights after learning vital information from betrayer Balrolas Shadegrove, the Silversworn joined with the Temple Guard and ventured to the Darkgrove Cavern to face whatever dwelled within.

The cavern lay just outside the heart of the forest, in a hidden grove where the canopy overhead grew so thick that not even moonlight penetrated it. Lieutenant Ryrin Farsword's sentinels swept the dark grove, clearing it of any potential threats while the Silversworn prepared themselves at the mouth of the Darkgrove Cavern.

As was agreed, Lieutenant Farsword brought Balrolas Shadegrove in tow and removed his manacles once they reached the cavern. Shadegrove was passed into the care and observation of the Silversworn, and was expected to join the ritual to fight back the Wild Spirit that dwelled within the cavern.

Farsword assured the Silversworn that she and her sentinels would be just outside the cavern, and would stand ready to guard against any sinister manifestations that may emerge during their encounter with the Wild Spirit.

Armed with the Silver Star and custom incantation, the Silversworn entered the Darkgrove Cavern and descended the long tunnel that led into the belly of the earth.

The inner cavern was massive. Its walls were inscribed with ancient Elunarian runes used to keep the Shin'anath from crossing the threshold of the cavern and entering the world. In the center of the room, sitting in a pool of water, was a star-shaped, silver, chandelier-like object that had been split in half. The Silversworn gathered around the ancient object, and brushed the debris aside to set their new Silver Star in place at the heart of the sunken dais that stood at the cavern's heart.

However, as they readied their spell something stirred in the shadows of the cavern. A great, deer-shaped figure with ethereal black skin, jutting bone, and glowing eyes emerged. Its features were impossible to make out, as if they were constantly shifting and changing, but those who got close enough could see that its head was comprised entirely of dark magic and the skull of a deer.

As Rath'otuu (the Shin'anath) emerged, it summoned lashers from the walls of the cavern. The vampiric lashers dropped from the walls and ceiling and assailed the party with vine and thorn, seeking blood to fuel their master's ritual.

Elder Ivyfang was struck down in the heat of battle, but the Silversworn swiftly rallied to his defense. A lengthy battle ensued, as Rath'otuu and his lashers divided the party and ripped ribbons of blood from their bodies.

The vampiric lashers attacked relentlessly, striving to grapple their targets in order to drain them of their blood. While this occurred, Rath'otuu created a shield around himself and the Silver Star in the heart of the chamber, and sought to destroy the implement of Elune's power.

But the shield was broken by the efforts of Mythanil Briarblade, Cayldiais Moonfang, and Celassa Kal'nor whose combination of blade, arrow and spell shattered the Wild Spirit's shield and blasted Rath'otuu on impact. A spray of light filled the cavern then, providing the Silversworn with the opportunity to gather around the Silver Star to defend it.

With their defense established, Feydren Nightfury, Ithil Snowywolf and Mythanil Briarblade took concentrating their collective faith and spirit to activate the Silver Star, while Elder of the Moon Celassa Kal'nor incanted the ancient Darnassian words of power that would consecrate the chamber and channel the power of the Silver Star to a specific purpose.

Attackers Vaelthir Dawnswift, Kelthos Moongale, Cayldiais Moonfang, Kelanthos Ivyfang and Balrolas Shadegrove worked to distract Rath'otuu from the ritualists, utilizing a series of spells, arrows, and melee strikes to invoke the Wild Spirit's ire.

The battle went on, bloodied and gruesome, until Celassa Kal'nor cast her voice out in song:

Isil'kal noras
Vendu shin'anath retetour-sha
Andu'ash anath nal'meniel

Silver Star of the Heavens
Help this fallen spirit return to grace
Let this soul know peace

When the incantation was complete, the Elunarian rune around the chamber vibrated with magic and filled the space with a blinding silver light that blinded all but Elder Kelanthos Ivyfang, who bore witness to the spell's effects on Rath'otuu.

Amid the blinding light, another ethereal figure emerged from the heart of the blast. The form was merely a silhouette, a gossamer echo of a female form, comprised entirely of starlight, with long moonlight hair. The figure bent briefly over the darkened Wild Spirit and gently kissed it on the nose. And, like dry petals blowing away in the wind, the corruption rapidly dissolved from its body, beginning at its muzzle, creeping up its antlers, and then down the length of its body and long limbs, until at long last the Spirit was cleaned of corruption.

When the light faded, there was no sign of the woman, but the Wild Spirit Rath'otuu lingered and stared at the Silversworn Kelthos Moongale a long moment before it bounded up the tunnel of the cavern and fled into the night forest.

With their duty done, the Silversworn staggered up to the mouth of the cavern where they were greeted by Lieutenant Farsword and her sentinels, who had done a number on the many mandrakes and lashers that appeared in the dark grove all around. Together, with the Silversworn, they escorted the criminal Balrolas Shadegrove back to the Temple of Elune.

Back at the Temple of Elune, the Silversworn were celebrated at saviors of Samha. The undead raised by the Shin'anath dissipated, and so too did the spread of the mycelium tangle. Before being dragged away to his cell, Balrolas Shadegrove offered the Silversworn his family's heirloom talisman and Lieutenant Ryrin Farsword gifted the Silversworn with Enchanted Moonrise Vellums that could be applied to the weapons of the Silversworn.

The Silversworn were invited to stay at the Temple of Elune until they were fully recovered, and a Samha feast was held in their honor. It was later announced during the feasting that Balrolas Shadegrove's estate in the Wildwood would be converted into a lodge where refugees from all over could visit to heal and rest while they searched for a new home.
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