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#14734033 Jun 30, 2021 at 09:41 AM
Personal Introduction

I’ve always loved writing stories, even when I was a kid! I’d write stories about animals and forests and magical beings living among them. Things like Tolkien and World of Warcraft were just natural fits for me as I grew up! But as I continued to play WoW I found myself wishing I could experience these stories with other people. I wanted to really immerse myself in the world of Azeroth, and all it’s lore! And, it just feels much more immersive when you share journeys, adventures, and experiences with others. I feel like getting involved with a very well constructed and creative RP group could benefit me as a storyteller, getting to see other writers' inner worlds, getting to expand my own inner world, and hopefully even make real friends! Most of all, I really think it would deepen my enjoyment of a world I’ve loved so much over the years.

I’ve never been part of a proper active RPing group, it always seemed that by the time I showed up group activity had utterly nosedived. However I am familiar with proper RPing etiquette, which I’ve always summed up neatly with “Just don’t be a story hog or a jerk and you’ll be fine”
I found this group while looking for a Darnassian dictionary! I found some good sources but the Silver Circle definitely is the best resource I’ve found! From there I became curious as to what the Silver Circle was. The more I learned about the group, the more I wanted to learn!

Touch of Elune
OOC: What about the kaldorei inspires you, and what is your favorite thing about them?
IC: What memory has the most impact on your character's life, and does it drive them today?
OOC: Their devotion to upholding the balance of nature at any costs, even their own lives, is incredibly inspiring! My favorite thing about them is their deep connection to nature and Elune, you can’t separate the Kaldorei from either without losing everything that makes them. I also cannot leave out the Frost Sabers. I’ve always loved tigers, and as a little girl utterly dreamed of riding one into battle! Little did I know that I could one day live that dream!! Oh man, my squeal of delight when I found that out for the first time!!! The neighbors definitely heard.
IC: When I was a little girl gathering herbs with my sisters, I strayed a little ways off by myself. From a den in the hillside, I saw a great bear emerge! I was frozen in fear, but then they transformed into a Keldori! The impact of that secret moment never left me, even after everything that’s happened I still feel a shiver of excitement. I quietly ran back to my sisters, but something inside me whispered, “save this for yourself”. The magic of that chance encounter planted a seed that grew into a great Oak!

OOC: Describe your dream job or the hobbies you most enjoy and why.
IC: What skills can your character teach and do they have any hidden talents?
OOC: I’d love to have my own very real Apothecary business, I took herbal medicine for four years in college because I love nature and wanted to study its effects on us, both harmful and helpful. I plan to run my own business, which will be something of a metaphysical shop, traditional crafts store, and hopefully a community gathering place for fellow nature lovers! To the surprise of absolutely no one by this point, I’m also an amateur naturalist.
IC: There’s powerful knowledge to be gained from bears and trees, like the benefits of good food and rest, and how to heal by planting deep roots in times of struggle.

Nature Resistance
OOC: What personal strengths and weaknesses do you want to develop as a writer?
IC: Name one thing you love about your character, and one thing you'd like to improve for them.
OOC: I love a good story, but I tend to write myself into a corner and don’t feel I can find out what to do next. I’d love to learn how to avoid the corner in the first place, or even how to write my characters out of it. But I am very good at writing emotional scenes, and I love to do it! I’d love to nurture that skill.
IC: I have a hard time internalizing my struggles, while also feeling I need to be the protector for everyone around me. And though I’d never admit to it openly, I often overthink and hurt my own feelings. I want so desperately to be able to carry my friends when they need it, but also submit when it’s I, that needs the support.

Wisp Spirit
OOC: Describe your hopes and expectations for your ideal roleplay community.
IC: Is your character spiritual, and what made them that way?
OOC: I’d love to get to make friends that I can share adventures and stories with! Emotional stories where sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, stories that have soul! Not just loot.
IC: I am deeply spiritual, it comes with the territory of being a Druid! Being able to inhabit the bodies of other animals, you get perspective you never knew you needed! Bears are so fearsome and strong, but under that is a gentle soul that loves to watch the flowers in the fields blow gently on the wind. Being a bear deepened my spiritual nature.

OOC: Are you an introvert or extrovert, and what does your ideal get together consist of?
IC: Does your character like going on adventures or would they prefer to stay home and relax, why?
OOC: I’m always shy to begin with, but as I get my bearings and start to feel comfortable I gently open up and become more involved. I love sitting down for tea and snacks more than almost anything! The simple pleasures of life are really just wonderful.
IC:I love adventures, but every now and then I become a homebody and find a quiet place to sit and enjoy the peace. I’ve begun to wonder if I’ve spent too much time in bear forums, I find honey and a nice quiet den more and more appealing with time!
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Hey there Alinnasia!

I understand the connections witb frost sabers, lol, mine was Hippogryphs. That excitment is just such an intense feeling. I'm excited to see the connection of being a bear and also herbs. When I think of bear durids, I think of lumbering fierce protectors,. The image of one stopping and gently plucking up a flower is quite humorous to me. The lore and the community are quite fantasic, since you're looking for meaningful story telling and friends, I think you'll find yourself right at home. Bonus is that you already know the biggest keys of group rp! Looking forward to seeing you around!
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Alinnasia Starforest
Cayldiais Moonfang, Thank you so much!! I saw a bear documentary when I was younger, and bears really do love sitting in meadows watching the world go by! I really wanted to include those aspects of bear in my character. The hippogriffs are so amazing!! Flying on their backs feels so regal! Thank you so much, I'm really looking forward to having the opportunity to meet others at the next Moot of the Elves!
#14738100 Jul 02, 2021 at 04:18 PM
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Hi Alinnasia! It's so amazing to see you've taken interest in SC!

It's so cool that you have such interest in becoming an Apothecary. From what I've read, I can assume you find amazing opportunities to show off your herbal knowledge in RP as well! Have you made your own RP items with medicinal herbs, or thought of doing such? I love that sort of thing, and WoW Herbalism and referencing the RP guide for Herbs is something I do quite often!

I'd love to meet Alinnasia one day!
#14740040 Jul 03, 2021 at 01:25 PM
Alinnasia Starforest
Tanefrun Stormhelm, Thank you so much! I didn't even think of that, that's a great idea! I'd love to do something like that, I'm really glad you suggested it! Hopefully I'll see you at the upcoming Moot on the 9th, I'm really looking forward to meeting others!
#14740228 Jul 03, 2021 at 04:26 PM
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Depending on if it's hosted in the Shadowlands (because of my current campaign) or Azeroth, you will meet my druid who is also a botanist if Council Glade is on Azeroth! Regardless, if you're interested, I'd love to set up some RP for you to meet my druid and have an in to the Circle before then! I'm sure otheres within the guild would love to work with you for making some character-specific and unique items what with your backround knowledge!
#14741581 Jul 04, 2021 at 10:34 AM
Alinnasia Starforest
I'd love that so much!!! Thank you! Would you like to add me on discord?
#14742375 Jul 04, 2021 at 09:55 PM
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Yes! Feel free to add me. My tag is cursedkat#8013.