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Mythoral called those of the Circle who could aid him to the prison-island of Tol Barad, where he awaited them at the foot of Forgotten Hill Cemetery. There Mythoral explained that in Revendreth he had encountered the soul of one Aloysius Ainsworth, a former disciple of Natalie Seline, and sought a treatise he'd written on the relationship between the Light and Void that he'd been buried with.

The grave keeper would likely know of the grave's exact location, but he had not been seen since the undead had begun to rise in massive numbers across the cemetery. An unnatural darkness hung over much of the island like a shroud and knowing that there were too many undead to face in combat, Mythoral had crafted a makeshift staff from a Mote of Light recovered from Revendreth's ravaged Ember Ward to repel them. He also explained that a scout had managed to identify three strange runes scattered across the cemetery that were likely causing the unholy darkness. Their immediate goal was to find and disable these runes so the grave keeper could be found.

The group made their way into Forgotten Hill where they were greeted with a disturbing sight; one of the only things clearly visible through the darkness was the cemetery's stark white mausoleum. Around it swirled dozens of souls wailing in anguish, forming a barrier of death they dare not cross.

The mausoleum of Forgotten Hill, surrounded by tormented spirits.

The Circle slowly made their way through the crowds of undead, the Light Mote keeping them from attacking and overwhelming the party. Soon they arrived at a small outcropping of graves where the first rune had been etched upon the ground.

Mythera identified the rune circle as being similar to the runes found on Death Knights' runeblades, but seemingly far more ancient and powerful. Four items lay scattered about the rune circle. The group identified them as a rusted key, a chisel, a scribe's seal, and a censer. Further investigation found the lids of four nearby sarcophagi disturbed. Upon reading the epitaphs of each, the items were placed back with their appropriate owners and the first rune circle dissipated.

The Silver Circle works to resolve the puzzle of the first Domination rune.

After disabling the first set of runes, the group continued on. When nearing a pile of coffins, the Circle was surprised by a Black Arrow that streaked through the darkened sky and struck the coffins, reanimating the dead inside. Glynindra's timely arrival helped to quickly turn the tide against the undead and they pushed on.

The second rune circle was soon found near three affluent graves being guarded by the Dark Ranger who'd fired upon them previously and his undead lynx. Combat quickly ensued, but thanks to Luna's healing arts they were able to emerge victorious. With the ranger's second death, the rune circle bound to his undeath faded away.

The Dark Ranger and his undead lynx defend the second Domination rune.

Circling back towards the front of the cemetery, the Silver Circle came upon the third and final rune flanked by three small gravestones. When the group spoke, the rune circle flashed in rhythm with their words, hinting that a certain word or phrase was required to depower it.

Laying in front of one of the graves was a piece of parchment with the words FATE DOWNED MOTHER. Quickly deducing that it had to be an anagram of some kind, the Circle set about trying to solve it. Their new ally Cayldiais discovered the phrase 'Tower of the Damned." Mythoral then uttered the word 'Torghast' and the runes flashed once before falling dormant.

The final Domination rune standing between the Circle and their goal.

As the last rune circle lost its power, the darkness permeating the graveyard lifted and the souls surrounding the mausoleum retreated to its interior. The group made their way up to the mausoleum where they were confronted by a hooded figure.

Upon removing her cloak, the figure was revealed to be a Tauren Spiritwalker. It quickly became apparent from her words that she had been driven to madness by visions of the Maw. Speaking of a great misjustice within the Shadowlands that she would help fix, she retreated to the interior of the Mausoleum.

The Spiritwalker Ulah Lonestep, driven to madness by her visions of the Maw.

The Circle cautiously followed and discovered a massive crystal floating above the tomb in the heart of the mausoleum. Using necromancy that she had been taught by a being she called "The Winged One", Ulah had recalled the souls of the soldiers buried in the cemetery and trapped them in the crystal so they could fuel the armies of the Maw.

Before the Circle had a chance to put an end to Ulah's horrific magics, the dome of the mausoleum was shattered by magical chains and debris rained down upon them. "The Winged One" appeared, revealed to be a Mawsworn Kyrian, and rewarded Ulah for her service by impaling her. The Tauren seemed pleased as her soul left her body and went into the crystal to be "reborn" later.

The Mawsworn then wrapped the massive crystal in chains and flew away, leaving the Circle dazed and injured beneath the rubble.

The Winged One prepares to claim the soul crystal and all those trapped within.

After digging themselves out of the rubble, the Circle regrouped outside where Mythoral discovered the body of the grave keeper. Near his corpse was the log and map that showed the location of Aloysius' grave.

Mythoral finds the Gravekeeper's log with a map showing the location of Aloysius' grave.

Thanking his friends for their help in finding the grave and restoring peace to Tol Barad, Mythoral set about claiming the tome, though acknowledged that a far larger problem had presented itself. Though it would take some time, he vowed to try and uncover where the souls had been taken so that they could be reclaimed and safeguarded from whatever heinous act the forces of the Maw had planned for them.
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