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#14599898 Apr 18, 2021 at 02:28 PM
Hi, I'm new to Night Elves and experience in rp in general. I recently got interested in Night Elf roleplay.

Touch of Elune

OOC - Their druids, I like their druids the best.
IC- Ezrenus, though a young elf, keenly remembers the Third war and the savage red orcs. Which has instilled a distrust to the Horde he carries with him even past his monk training.


OOC- My hobbies are playing videogames, tabletop rpgs, and sketching
IC- Ezrenus, though considered a journeyman monk, knows the very basics and philosophies of the four styles. He's also adept in fishing.

Nature Resistance

OOC- Well I hope to get better overall at writing, mostly in the department of coherency and sticking to an idea.
IC- I like he's a monk, I can get creative with that from being a night elf. I'd like to see where it goes.

Wisp Spirit

OOC- Well granted everything I've dealt with, My standards are low. Hopefully a community that isn't toxic is all I ask at this point.
IC- He never had the right mindset to be a druid. Ezrenus finds solace in the ways of the monk, even if he struggles to abide by them at times.


OOC- Extreme introvert. My ideal get together is a small one, maybe for D&D or something.
IC-Ezrenus prefers traveling the roads. As to him, he has no real place to call home.
#14604777 Apr 21, 2021 at 07:35 AM
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Thank you for your patience with our reply, Ezrenus!

We are currently nearing the conclusion of our current campaign, after which the guild will enjoy some casual and character-building roleplay and for the month of May.

If you are interested in coming to get to know us, I highly recommend coming to spectate or participate in one of our upcoming casual events.

Tomorrow, there is a campaign finale, which you are welcome to join in as well!

I'd love to know what about night elf roleplay has inspired you, and why you have begun to develop an interest in it! If you'd like to get in touch to discuss your character, please feel free to reach me over Discord at Feyawen#6264.