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#14587124 Apr 11, 2021 at 11:02 AM
Acolyte Sinrall Whiteleaf

*An envelope is found upon the Silver-Circle. Woven across the back is a wax seal, the seal enclosed with a crescent moon. Hailing from the remaining of what was once known as the Darnassus Sisterhood. Inside a carefully written letter holds itself, the waft of sea-salt and moon-lilly wafting from the parchment itself.*

"To whom it may concern,

Blessed be you dear brother or sister, dependent on whom is the one to read this. My name is Sinrall Whiteleaf, Acolyte of Elune. I've recently become aware of the workings of the circle, after my lengthy period of working with the sentinels of Feralas. As times flow, as the moonlight weaves across our darling sky, I find the surge of change finding me once more. Thus I begin my travels to eventually find you, should mother moon allow me to arrive safe, and not grant me a different task on my most blessed journey.

Whilst it is most improper of me to rant, I am aware an explanation is required of my state, being a male seeking Priesthood of Elune. Whilst many came to question and scrutiny of my work, which I dearly understand. I have time and time fought purely under the service of Mother Moon and even found myself leading and aiding sentinels in battle, prior to the battle for our tragically lost home, Darnassus.

Upon arrival, I make no attempt to flaunt rank or status, as one blessed with the path of Mother Moon, especially as a male. No. I wish to aid in every task you deem fit, be present for each opportunity, so that I may prove myself, not only to our dear kin, but to further prove my service to Mother Moon. I shall not write more, to prevent any dastardly headaches, but I shall look forward to the moment we meet in person.


Sinrall Moonleash, Acolyte of Elune."


Hi there! I'm Sammy, otherwise known as Sinrall, Brayus or whatever tickles your fancy. - I do not come from Moonguard, or NA at all. I'm from a little eleven years of RP from Argent Dawn - EU. I however, am in the current process of immigrating to the NA region for work, thus I must finally say goodbye to my own realm and region and move to NA.

My start, all those years ago, was in-fact as a Kaldorei Rp'er. Back when Darnassus was a central hub of AD. I learnt through and through to RP with my sentinel. I grew and learnt about WoW, through that RP community. Eventually the Kaldorei scene on AD has lessened, I moved to other projects, other races. But now as I see myself having a fresh start, I find myself exhilarated to return to one of my all time favourite Rp chars, Sinrall. And I dearly hope this could be the home for him.

I won't go on too long, but I truly hope to meet people soon, get involved, even outside the guild, as soon as I can. And any guidance on that would be wonderful. Whilst I may be an old WoW player, NA is new. I am suddenly starting fresh without -any- transmog gear, or gold or the like. So I sincerely apologies if my OOC areas are lacking for the time being. Months of grinding Hippogrpyhs and transmogs will all need to be restarted. But here is hoping I may make new friends along the way of doings so.

Now, I shall do the prompts!~

Touch of Elune
OOC: Religion, actually. I adore the spiritualistic ways of the Kaldorei and how overly devout they are, to a near fault. I adore looking into all the small factors of their religion, from their lore of sacrificing, to Haidene. I truly adore the ins and outs of it. Infact, back when Shal'dorei arrived. I hosted and ran for quite some time the biggest Shal'dorei guild on EU. Which was focused on reviving the faith of the Shal'dorei and bringing back the sisterhood within it's walls.
IC: Sinrall is a remarkably private person. However his past, before his blessed path was as a sailing merchant. Sailing up and down the shores of Kalimdor, selling goods with his crew. The very memory that forged Sinrall to be who he is today is during a betrayal from one on his ship. Sending not only his crew but his ship into a storm. Sinrall awoke on the beach of Darkshore. - From there, he looked up, saw the moon and believed it an act of mercy from Elune, and thus he decided to rework his life from a drunken merchant, to a Acolyte of Elune. And perhaps one day, a Priest.

OOC: I would say, cheesily enough. I live my dream job. I'm an animal rescue and muscular rehabilitation therapist. Whilst I work mostly with equids, I adore my job through and through. From working on cases in the lab, to surgical procedures, or long rehabilitation work. My work honestly is the pride and joy of my life, saving animals from abuse, the like and giving them the best possible recovery and comfort I can give.
IC: Sinrall during his time on AD, taught a lot. He mostly taught the sentinels the basics of how to harbour Elunes light, how to perform basic healing and such. Though, his main area of expertise outside his faith is swordsman ship and evermore so, from his past. He is a remarkable sailor and captain. He used to hold large scale events, teaching sentinels how to properly scale, man the ship and fight in naval scenarios.

Nature Resistance
OOC: I honestly, am such a perfectionist. I'd always personally seek to improve everything. But, I must say. I am AWFUL at writing evil characters. Or mean. I try, I try and I have tried. But, everyone ends up remarkably wholesome and often paternal. Is Sinrall somewhat wholesome and paternal, perhaps.. But, I adore to DM and write events, and I'd always love to improve that area of craft.
IC: Sinrall is a remarkably complex character, who I adore through and through, especially for his ability to connect with people and aid on a personal and mental level. As needed for an Acolyte, he takes the role of a therapist almost at times. However, on AD, why I stopped playing was, after the fall of Darnassus. Sinrall was remarkably depressed, and it was a heartbreaking character to play eventually, as I know many had the same issue. So now he's had time, I'd hope he can recover his former spark and happiness again.

Wisp Spirit
OOC: Somewhere OOC where I feel I can well, chat a lot. Be at home and be myself. A place I can laugh and not feel, anxious or intimidated by people or their judgement. Whilst IC, I'd adore a place with lots of respectable RP and well, lots of RP. Heck, I can happily log on everynight and Rp for hours if needed, will I be exhausted come morning? Yes. Will it be worth it? Yes.
IC: Considering he is an Acolyte of Elune, extremely. And it has only got stronger and stronger through years of Rp. He was near a second hand of a Priestess whom lead a large sentinel guild on EU, and her teachings only shaped him more and more. If anything his faith has only strengthened each year of Rp'ing him.

OOC: I'm extremely extroverted. Far too extroverted. Honestly, I never shut up. Working in the medical field, I have a large amount of social training alongside that. But in my youth I was a professional athlete, so there wasn't much space for being shy. The only time I find myself really shy, is when I am well, in the unknown. A bit like coming to NA. I've known everything and the ongoings of EU for so long, it's remarkably daunting coming to NA and not knowing a soul, nor how to find RP, nor the real RP community and it's rules. As every RP has it's own ways and conduct. But, such will come in time. And I dearly hope people will be willing to help me so I need not learn all alone.
IC: Sinrall honestly gets stressed being in one place too long. Sailing, literally BORN on a ship. He finds himself extremely uncomfortable when on land too long. He is still seeking aid to try and find and recover his ship, so he may rebuild it. So yes, he is always incredibly up for adventures and will likely nearly always be one of the first to volunteer.

I do hope my responses proved acceptable. I do not -truly- understand how to meet the guild IC. I hope some aid can be provided and the like. And I dearly hope people do not mind me lingering about. I look forward to meeting you all and hearing from you all! - Sammy.

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A small message finds its way back to Sinrall, arriving by way of Starfall Outrunner.

In'elah Acolyte Whiteleaf,

Your letter has been a welcome warmth to many of us who presently find ourselves in the frigid climate of Winterspring. News that our work has been fruitful enough to grace the lips of our brothers and sisters in simple conversation is like a salve on my heart.

Of late, the Silversworn of the Silver Circle have found themselves pulled in two directions. The scales of Balance have tipped, and our people must find a means to pick up the pieces of our lives and carry on. For the better half of a year, this has been our focus. This we do in connection with our mandate, to uphold the will of the Goddess, Elune, and to serve our people in whatever capacity we are able.

Since the War of the Thorns, this task has been difficult. But, if you should find that your own beliefs and goals align with our own, then we welcome you to meet with us. Since the beginning of the Fourth War, we have resided in the little village of Lightsong, in Val'sharah. But it may surprise you to learn that some of us have journeyed to Starfall in Winterspring.

Grievous and unseasonable blizzards batter the Hills of Hyjal, devastating settlements and wildlife. Old allies of ours have called upon us to assist them with investigating the cause. Should you happen to find yourself willing and able to make such a journey, then you are welcomed to do so. If not, then you may seek us out in Lightsong upon our return.

I will patiently await your correspondence. Until then, Goddess guide you.

Elun'dorini Talah,

I hosted and ran for quite some time the biggest Shal'dorei guild on EU. Which was focused on reviving the faith of the Shal'dorei and bringing back the sisterhood within it's walls.
This is very cool! I recall having some back and forth discussion with a few other folks on the WoW Forums about this topic. I understand that the Shal'dorei were always depicted as an areligious society, but I've always enjoyed the idea that they maybe began to rediscover their faith in Elune.

A move from the EU to US realms can be a bit jarring. I went from Argent Dawn, to Steamwheedle (US) to Moon Guard and finally to WRA. It was a trip. I hope your own journey to the US realms is much more seamless!

I do hope my responses proved acceptable. I do not -truly- understand how to meet the guild IC. I hope some aid can be provided and the like. And I dearly hope people do not mind me lingering about. I look forward to meeting you all and hearing from you all!
Your responses have been a pleasure to read! As far as getting to meet us IC, we usually encourage folks to try coming to a few of our events, all of which are posted on our calendar. Council Glade and Conclave would be ideal events for new characters to make introductions to the Silver Circle, but you are more than welcome to attend the other events listed as well!

I also highly encourage that you reach out to me over Discord (Feyawen#6264) with any questions you may have, or even just to talk a bit more about your character and what you're looking for out of roleplay in WoW.

#14588377 Apr 12, 2021 at 03:41 AM
Acolyte Sinrall Whiteleaf
Oh thankyou so much! I have added your discord and I will work hard to attend tonight! Power leveling as we speak! Though I may have to ask for a bit of help prior to the help, if I can get any. Just so I can get a basic transmog together. As I am without my precious gold or transmogs. </3

So may just need a tad bit of help! I was gonna level in legion for the priestly robes, but blizz won't let me as it considers me now a newbie, so I have to relive BFA. T-T