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Aedrelle Oakcliff
Hey everyone! I'm a recent Moon Guard refugee - after BFA and the post-Shadowlands slump I realized that I’m simply not enjoying the Kaldorei community over there - and I figured there’s no time like the present to see if the grass is any greener over here and explore a character concept that I've been toying with for a while. In the past I’ve always kinda stayed in the ‘wise old man’ lane as far as RP characters go, from my original druid who rarely spoke because I was a kid who couldn’t type very fast all the way to the character that’s been my main since Legion launched: an OG Illidan copycat demon hunter who’s had a very long time to come to terms with the mistakes of his younger days and does his best to discourage others from following in his footsteps. I could probably sit here for pages talking about him if I didn’t stop myself here, so I’ll settle for saying he’s far and away my favorite character I’ve ever written and I’m excited to see what the future holds for him.

Aedrelle, on the other hand, is much more raw, both in temperament and in the fact that I haven’t spent enough time roleplaying her to really feel comfortable in her shoes. As it stands right now, she’s at a crossroads in her life and in dire need of purpose, but she's not likely to find it in a tent on the outskirts of Stormwind. She's also something of a reactionary firebrand with some controversial opinions she’s definitely not shy about, but deep down she’s just a troubled young woman whose anger at the world is only matched by her powerlessness to change it. I feel like she has plenty of room to grow from here and I can’t wait to see how her experiences and interactions shape her going forward.

Touch of Elune
OOC: Inspiration is a tricky thing. The thing that inspires me most, probably what's kept me sticking with night elves for so long, is just how different they are. I love embracing the elements that make the kaldorei unique and running with them, as opposed to just making a purple human and calling it a day (not to disparage the purple human nelf crowd, I’m glad they’re having fun. It’s just not my scene). I couldn’t pick a favorite thing about them, ever since I first got my hands on Warcraft III I loved pretty much everything. The culture, the architecture, shadowmeld archer ambushes, chimaeras, ancients, wisps, demon hunters. Probably also helped that I've had a love of camping and the outdoors as long as I can remember.

IC: The battle for Mount Hyjal. Teldrassil was the last straw for the Horde and she may never truly forgive an Alliance that stood by and did nothing, but what happened when the Legion stormed the mountainside made her who she is today. She lost her mother in the fighting, and the People lost their future. Nothing good has ever come from dealing with outsiders. Kalimdor for the Kaldorei.

Nature Resistance
OOC: I’d consider myself pretty average, maybe slightly above average in general, but I think I have a particular strength in dialogue - at least to the extent that I spend the most time fussing over it - and find I can be overly critical of myself and others when something about the way a character talks seems unnatural or otherwise ‘off’. As far as weaknesses, speed is a big one and I owe that to perfectionism, I’ll spend an extra 30-90 seconds or more on a post (or, y'know, 2-3 days on this one) making sure it’s as close to exactly how I want it as possible, when ‘good enough’ is usually good enough. Second and equally glaring is a lack of detail in descriptions, and it’s because I honestly just don’t care for them, so I selfishly project my lifelong hatred of Dickens onto others and assume they don’t wanna hear it either. It’s the same reason every single one of my TRPs can be generously referred to as ‘Spartan’, if there’s anything in them at all beyond the characteristics tab.

IC: Well, it's almost pure speculation since I haven't really had all that much time to get to know her myself aside from leveling, but I love how Aedrelle's a lot more active than any character I've played before. For better or worse, she's definitely not one to sit on the sidelines of a conversation waiting to be addressed. The laundry list of things I'd like to see her improve on can be summed up as 'maturing': I'd like to see her start living in the present and learn to take her future into her own hands. I'd like to see her rein in her temper and the chip on her shoulder as well, but I can't deny I'm gleefully awaiting the chance to play out all the unnecessary conflict she'll make for herself until then.

Wisp Spirit
OOC: So many things, but at the core of it my ideal roleplay community is comprised of people who care. They care about World of Warcraft and work hard to make a character that fits well in the world we've been given to work with. They care about the stories they tell through RP and thrive on the IC drama that arises, and they know the difference between playing make-believe in a computer game and real life. They care about their characters' choices and the relationships those characters have with other characters, and sometimes they might even lie awake at night thinking of 'what-ifs' because it matters to them, they really care what these pretend people they've created are like.

I suppose it's simpler to just say my ideal RP community is populated by people with enough passion to reignite my own, because it's definitely been sapped by the kinds of players and characters I've been running into lately.

IC: Aedrelle's relationship with Elune is... strained. She'd never go as far as to openly blaspheme or renounce her faith entirely, but she doesn't pray nearly as regularly as she once did. When she does, it's hostile and accusatory, almost as if goading the goddess to at least do something and smite her. Personally, I'd love to see her rekindle that faith eventually, but it would take a lot of selfless love and patience to get her to come around again.

I suppose that's all I've got for now and I've sat on this long enough. Parts of it still read like a sleep deprived rant, but them's the breaks.
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Ishnu'alah, Aedrelle Oakcliff!

I am Celassa! Your characters SOUND SO HEKKEN COOL. I have a soft spot for Demon Hunters, despite the fact that I RP a Priestess of Elune 😂 I really hope you attend some of our RP events! I would absolutely love to interact with your characters (And you ofc) and RP! I encourage you to refer to our website calendar so that you know when and where events are! You can also add me on btag or discord if you have any questions or inquires!

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