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There are rumors of a small but growing force of undead activity in Winterspring. Nearby towns worry that this may be the precursor to a large-scale event. In the midst of this anxiety, portal travel to and from Winterspring has become nigh impossible. Unnatural and unseasonable blizzards batter the Hills of Hyjal, devastating settlements and wildlife. The Winterblade Sentinels have called on the Silver Circle to help them investigate that cause of these uncanny developments.

Unnatural Blizzard
Despite the snowy landscape that Winterspring is known throughout Azeroth for, a heavy snowstorm is not common this late in the year. And while those who reside there are equipped for freezing weather, even the locals are struggling to withstand the harsh, never ending blizzard. All trading and travel has been halted until the blizzard ends.

Frostsaber Welfare
Locals are also deeply concerned for the local wildlife, specifically the Frostsaber cubs that are being born seeing as it is springtime. While a few have chosen to brave the storm in hopes to check in on the population, it is becoming a growing issue- as fewer and fewer of these trainers return from their check in tasks.

Rough Waters
The Silver Circle will make their way from the coast of Bradensbrook to the port of Auberdine. Soon after many returned from the Shadowlands. The combination of the rough sailing and intense weather upon touching back on land have tensions high. Even more so for those who felt they didn't get a proper rest upon their return from the land of the dead.
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Rumors brew of a small but growing force of undead activity in Winterspring, and uncanny and unseasonable blizzards devastating the valley. Valley towns worry that this may be the precursor to a large-scale strife. After visiting with her sister, Enora Starlance, Feyawen returned to Val'sharah with news of trouble occurring in Winterspring.

At this time, members of the Shadowlands expedition have returned home and a Council Glade was called to address all recent events. While concerns surrounding the state of the Shadowlands remain, it is determined that the most immediate urgency is the home front, and protecting what few sanctuaries the kaldorei have left.

Volunteers of the Silver Circle embarked on a long journey from Lightsong to Starfall Village, where violent snowstorms stop surrounding the Peak of Hyjal prohibit travel by hippogryph or portal. The Silversworn made the lengthy journey by ship, from Bradensbrook to rebuilt Auberdine.

The traveling party progressed from Darkshore to Astranaar on foot, then continued the remainder of their journey on saberback from Astranaar to the Timbermaw Hold, where they were forced to make camp for several days to wait-out one of the snowstorms.

Silver Circle was then finally cleared to progress out of the Dens. Enora Starlance and Kelanthos Ivyfang met the party just outside the barrow. They then progressed through Winterspring to Starfall Village. As they followed the main roads, they came across abandoned caravans, trade goods, and frozen remains- all of which further instilled into the Silver Circle just how severe and abnormal this storm was.

Upon their arrival to Starfall, Enora explained that a majority of the residents have left their homes to huddle down in Ban’Thallow barrow den. Which is considered an optimal location to seek refuge from the snow storm. Enora also informed the Silver Circle of a caravan of Saber Trainers that never reached its destination, implying that she may send the party out to try and locate the missing persons.

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Commander of the Winterblade Sentinels, Enora Nightfury, had called upon the aid of the Silver Circle. A trio of caravans that were supposed to check in at Everlook, never made it. Scouts within the ranks of the Winterblade’s confirmed as such. But while the sentinel’s would normally be the ones sent out to investigate and hopefully locate missing persons; they were stretched too thin and could not offer up any more aid for the time being.

Thus where the Silver Circle came into play. Enora informed the party that her scouts had seen some smoke signals coming from the South East, though the specific area was unconfirmed- she was able to generalize an expanse of area for them to start their tracking. Seeing as fires that are started outdoors in the snowy landscape need extensive maintenance to keep up, smoke signals were often used as form of urgent callings.

Enora wished the group luck as they set off for the general area in which the smoke signal was seen. Along the way an Elunic light pierced through the storm, and a few members dared to traverse the snowy slope to investigate the strange but familiar light. Upon their arrival, a Kaldorei Acolyte was revealed, seemingly to have been facing the storm head on to make it to the local Temple. The man introduced himself as Sinrall Whiteleaf. He claimed to have been heading towards the Temple of Elune here in Winterspring but got lost in the blizzard, he offered to aid the Circle in their search for the missing trainers- in which he was granted.

The party continued Southward, and finally came across the area in which the smoke signals had come from. Upon their arrival, they immediately spotted two of the caravans on the side of the main road- completely destroyed and in splinters. But while the trainers were clearly missing, along with their sabers, not a single item had been stolen.

Investigations quickly went underway, and it became clear there were signs of a struggle from various points. On the other side of the road, there were three trails of tracks that broke out in the valley. Based on the general shape and the way the tracks were made, it was evidentially clear that these tracks were made by the sabers from the caravans. And while that was at least half of the missing party, there were still the missing Kaldorei that needed to be located.

Sylaurane, Kelanthos and Lyastei dared to venture further from the road, into an apparent Owlkin glade- where several caves are located. As the trio do this, a kaldorei woman burst forth from within and right into the face of the three. She wore an odd array of grey feathers and sticks and was visibly shaken, but was apparently healthy and fine physically. Upon questioning, she revealed that she was in fact, a part of the missing caravan group. That her entire caravan family was completely fine and healthy, but estranged owlkins had bombarded their caravans, scared off the sabers and took each of them into their caves. Where they were dressed in feather and twig cloaks and fed mush.

She went on to explain that two members of the caravan were taken further in the glade, having been taken and separated from the rest of them two days prior. The Circle made their way inward as one unit, and while they were not confronted with violence; it was clear that the Owlkin were weary of their presence. One in particular approached the group, as if going to inquire about their presence- when they spotted brother Renoris. The ranger has been struggling with sleep for quite some time, and the wear and tear of that has become evident as of late. The Owlkin seemingly thought that this was completely unacceptable and dove for the man. While four other Owlkin swooped in to keep the rest of the party at bay while Renoris was whisked away to a cave.

Violence was avoided, as the party was able to reclaim each of the missing trainers- along with Renoris- after configuring unique ways to handle each problem that was presented. Whether it be using a shield to distract a nest of Owlkin babies and their mother, or using a blinding light to temporarily prohibit two grown owlkins from chasing them out of the cave where they had been force cuddling two Kaldorei between them.

Once all the missing trainers had been reclaimed by the Silver Circle, including the Druid Azriel- who had been taken further in the glade and wrapped in a blanket of twigs, feathers and pine needles. The party ushered the trainers back to Starfall with a pep in their step, seeing as a new snow storm was brewing just further south of where they had been in the glade. They luckily made it without trouble and were able to get the trainers the comfort and medical attention they might need.

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Over a series of days, Winterblade scouts narrowed down their search for of suspicious activity in Winterspring. Strange prints were discovered in the snows on the far eastern side of the valley, and Commander Enora Starlance asked agents of the Silver Circle to carry out an investigation of the region.

A large party of Silversworn and a few allies donned their cold weather equipment and prepared to set off on a trek that would steer them into the frozen wilderness.

They traversed the rolling, snow-capped hills and navigated the forest of frigid pines. As they wandered the wilds, in search of the location indicated by the Winterblade sentinels, the cold began to set in their bones.

Then, at last, they arrived in the region Enora's scouts had discovered strange prints: Mazthoril. The huge ivy cavern bristled with latent arcane energy, which was felt most acutely by the highborne among the party. From a high hill overlooking the cavern, the party surveyed the area with the hope of finding some clue to set them on a trail.

Vaelthir Dawnswift was the first to spot something amiss in the area below; he and two others descended the hill to investigate a strange shadow hidden beneath the ice while the rest descended the hill to inspect a copse of battered pined.

After sweeping some snow aside, Vaelthir and Mythanil and Sarynth determined the shadow beneath the ice was an impressive cache of weapons stashed beneath the thick ice. The weapon hafts were of crude make, but the metal was pristine and seemed to radiate a strange, uncanny aura.

While Dawnswift's team investigated, the rest of the party was accosted by a pack of dire wolves. Such wild life often tenanted the area near Mazthoril, for the arcane anomalies often summoned easy prey from neighboring habitats for hungry carnivores.

The remaining party members snapped into action in the nick of time, when Sentinel Phandris Silverbark noticed the stalking wolves.

Dire wolves were well known throughout Winterspring for their immense size and ferocity, and they put up a strong offensive against the investigating elves. In the end the party defeated the pack, but not everyone managed to get through the battle unscathed. Nadyssa, for her part, saved the life of Keeper Nightfury, who was leapt upon by one of the great beasts and forced to grapple it. At the conclusion of the skirmish, many had sustained injuries either from tooth or claw.

In the aftermath, Celassa Kal'nor discovered a strange print on the ground, far too massive to belong to any ordinary huminoid - but certainly humanoid in shape. Ranger Renoris Feathersong examined the print with care, and eventually found a trail for the party to follow.

The trail of massive prints, and knocked over pines, eventually led the party to the cliffside of the Frostwhisper Gorge; within which countless storm giants had made their home, and had begun the work of excavating long-dead giants from beneath the icy and snow of the ancient elven ruins.

At the very heart of the Gorge, a kingly giant stood above the rest, wielding a large crystal of power which he began to use to call down another blizzard.

Determining that it was unwise to remain, the party quickly retreated into the forest and made for Starfall, where they would tell Commander Enora Starlance what they had discovered.
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In the nights following the discovery in the gorge, the Winterblade Sentinels scouted the area and infiltrated by way of sentinel owls to learn more of the enemy.

The Winterblade units learned that the Storm Giants hailed from the region known as the Storm Peaks, and journeyed to Winterspring by way of a great portal linked between Dragonblight and Mazthoril. They learned that the leader of the Storm Giants was self-proclaimed king known as Djormiir, who possessed grandiose plans. He gathered together a band of frost and ice giants and returned to a site in Winterspring that was once a giant burial ground for his people, in the age before the Kaldorei Empire. By the time the giants were found, they had already unearthed several skeletal remains long-since buried by cave-ins of rock and ice.

Given time, Djormiir believed that he could create an army of bone giants to overthrow the power of rival clans and reclaim ancient lands. In order to accomplish this, Djormiir brought a relic from his home in the Storm Peaks to Winterspring, a Blizzard Crystal, to hide his endeavors beneath the cover of snow storms. These efforts had unwittingly led to his discovery, for the blizzard storms he cooked up exacerbated the natural arcane anomalies present throughout Winterspring Valley, much to the dismay and concern of the locals.

In the wake of these discoveries, the Commander Enora Starlance executed a battleplan to lay siege to the gorge and drive the giants from Winterspring. Her Winterblade Sentinels have perfected warfare in the snow, and know precisely what natural weapons to use against their foes. They took it upon themselves to set up the siege weapons but will required extra assistance form the Silver Circle to enact their battleplan.

The battleplan consisted of three teams, an Ice Rappelling team, a Siege Operator team and a lone druid capable of flying far out to pull the pin in an avalanche dam, which had been constructed by the Winterblades to accumulate an abundance of snow in the days leading up to the siege.

Keeper Nightfury led the rappelling team into the gorge, with the primary objective of recovering the Blizzard Stone from King Djormiir. If Djormiir kept the stone, he was likely to have the power to resist the effects of the avalanche or make an escape.

Celassa Kal’nor led the siege operators alongside Commander Starlance, and provided the rappelling team with necessary cover fire in the form of ballista bolts and boulders covered in smoldering oily blackmouth oil to clear a path to King Djormiir.

The siege that ensued was more arduous than the kaldorei had hoped for. The giants proved resilient to the siege weapon attacks, and it was nearly impossible to break through their line of defense to get the Blizzard Stone. It was only thanks to the quick action of Y’fayelle Lunadoe, who dared to dislodge from her rappelling equipment and sprint through the enemy line in a doe form, that the Blizzard Stone was acquired.

The primary objective was achieved as siege ammunition ran out, and Commander Starlance blew the warhorn to call down the avalanche dam, the pin of which was pulled by Kelanthos Ivyfang. A sea of ice and snow flooded the gorge, burying the excavation areas, the undead giants, and Djormiir’s ilk. The battle was on.

In the aftermath, Enora Starlance and her Winterblade unit escorted the Silver Circle back to the safety of Starfall, where the wounded could recuperate.
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After the tiring mission in Winterspring, the Silver Circle & allies gathered in the Starfall lodge. Plucked frostcap and ferns decorated the otherwise plain walls and columns. After some opening words, the attendees were invited to a feast and to share stories of great accomplishments over the last year. The night ended with much conversation and boasting, along with a games of Seed Toss. The night ended with everyone dispersing for their duties and rest.
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