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Vylltia Wildmoon
Hello! My name is Cam, I’m 21, and I accidentally deleted what I had written before, so I’m retyping this lol! 😊 I’m terrible at talking about myself, so I guess here goes nothing. For one, I love drawing and writing – it’s something I love doing in my spare time. I especially love creating characters and having the opportunity to indulge in developing them, especially when given the chance to do it with other people. I’m not new to RP, but I am new to WoW RP and have been dwelling on it for a long time. Not too versed in WoW lore either, but I’m always open to learn more about it. I took the leap a few hours ago and decided to transfer over to the server! Another thing I can mention is that I am a university student studying psychology, and I’m in my senior year which means I finish this summer. I am more than excited to finally be done with it and take a break before continuing on to do other things. I guess this means that my availability is erratic, but I still promise to do my best to remain active. Despite all the writing my classes require… I still love writing outside of them. I don’t know how I haven’t burnt out yet!!

Touch of Elune.
  • OOC. I don’t have much that inspires me about them other than they tend to be passionate about what they believe in.
  • IC. The Horde. Vylltia despises them with every fiber of her being. Her hometown in Astranaar was attacked by the Horde some years ago and she feels responsible for not being able to do more to help. Additionally, like many others, she remains traumatized by the Burning of Teldrassil. When she witnessed that, she knew there was no forgiving them.

Nature Resistance.
  • IC. I guess this would be a repeat of my previous OOC response! Like most others of her kind, she is headstrong and will do her best to do what she thinks is right. She is passionate about what she believes in. One thing I would like to improve is her distrust for non-Kaldorei. She is always skeptical of the Alliance despite their union, and only hesitantly heeds their call.
  • Wisp Spirit.OOC. A small, tight-knit community. I get easily overwhelmed with things that are waaaay too big, and often feel like I lack time for them. I also like to get to know the people I write with, even though I have a hard time doing so, but it is still something I want to do! Besides that, though, I love character development, I love having characters interact, and I love things that involve everyone rather than focus on one individual.

  • OOC. Definitely an introvert. Even though I do consider myself an introvert, I still find that I like interacting with people and getting to know them. I like making friends or having a circle of friends with common interests.
  • IC. Vylltia enjoys adventuring. She does not like staying in place for too long, but that is because she feels more at home while out in the wilderness. Of course, she is a druid, so she is naturally more inclined to enjoy it! Despite the dangers that come with traveling, she does not care if she has to do it alone.
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Ishnu'alah Vylltia!

I am Celassa!

Your character sounds delightful and I hope to get the chance to meet her! I also studied psychology in college and now work in a hospital for clinicals and hope to become a PRN! I also want to get my flight certification so I can also be a Flight Nurse along with the whole PRN stuff! I encourage you to attend our up coming campaign, "Rise of the Snow Giants"-! Myself and Feyawen will be the hosts. So if you have any questions (Such as an 'in') please DM me! My btag is: Jackie#12686 or you may catch me online on "Celassa" or "Celasa" but it would likely be easier to just add me on btag OR you could DM me on discord, that @ being : Jackie#8644

Referring to our website calendar is best for nailing down a time to attend an event. But of course, if you ever come upon on in Val'sharah you can absolutely walk up for some RP!

I look forward to RPing with you and creating content!