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Hello my name is Voloris I'm 21 years old. I love writing and drawing, its been with me since I was little. I am currently going to medical school due to me not wanting to be a starving artist. What made me choose the medical field, It was my grandfather. He was a combat medic in the army and I always looked up to him. When he passed two years ago I knew I wanted to be like him and help save lives.
How I found you guys was by the guild finder. I couldn't sleep so I thought I'd go searching for a guild which lead me to this website which after reading all the post in the guestbook it left me wanting to be apart of this.

Touch of Elune: What about the Kaldorei inspires me, would be the story behind them. How they pray to gods but that Elune is at the top of that list. How they now age for the first time which I think its pretty cool to have lived for so long and for it to be taken away which brings great story arcs. A memory that has impacted my character's life would be the burning of Teldrassil. Since my character is a druid and seeing such a force of nature be burned by the Horde tends to send him into a shock which he drowns himself in his animal forms to not feel those emotions for a brief moment. This habit of staying in his animal forms will confuse him and make him believe that he is an animal rather than a Kal'dorei slowing turning him into a Savagekin.

Quickness: Dream job would be a nurse or a vet. I love seeing people happy and if I can be a tool for that person/animal then yeah sign me up. I hate seeing people/animal in pain. Currently a "skill"that my character has is a mean healing spell that uses tree sap and my character throwing it at wounds to heal them.

Nature Resistance: I honestly want to get into more non-fiction stories under my belt. Like I said I love writing and if I could get more people to fix my errors that would help not only the story but me as well. One thing I love about my character would be the raven hair. I think it fits him perfectly. One thing I'd like to improve on him would be the lack of relationships. I tend to be a wall flower and I kinda hate it since I do miss out on a lot.

Wisp Spirit: Hopes and expectations for ideal roleplay community would be this. The fact that I had to spend time writing about myself and my character hits all marks on my check list. In a way I'm doing this for me to just put myself out there and seeing what crawls out for me. I hope people are open to new ideas and are friendly to LGBTQ+ members. My character tends to lean on the more spiritual side due to him loving the Moonkin form. He feels more stable when he is in the Moonkin form and feels Elune's eyes watching over him give him a sense of comfort.

Shadowmeld: I am a extrovert when I need to be during medical training. If I have a question I will the first to ask it. That being said I am told when I'm not in training that I can be quite and a wallflower. Ideal get together would consist of friendly faces, people I can hang around and meet new folks with. My character loves adventures. He tends to wander when bored or go into Moonkin form and stand around large groups of people since it makes him feel more safe. He gets nervous when in his humanoid form when around large groups.
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Hello Voloris! :D I'm glad you've taken interest in the Circle, reading through your prompt answers were really interesting!

It's no secret that a lot of our members ICly have some measure of shock and trauma from the burning of Teldrassil, and your character's method of coping is something that caught my attention. I think that's a really cool aspect of the character to explore, and my second character within the guild, Sylaurane, is a druid who I think could find some common ground with Voloris, and may hold the same spiritual values as he does given her faith and powers that are almost priestess-aligned. I'm sure many of the druids within the guild would love to interact with your character!
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Heyo Voloris!

Your character sounds interesting and I look forward to being able to interact with you. My character in the guild has largely turned away from Elune since Teldrassil was burned, but many characters in the guild are still faithful so yours should fit right in.

Also, if Voloris goes into Moonkin form sometime I fully expect him to flap around from time to time! :)
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Hello Voloris!

Your character seems interesting/appealing and I hope to get the chance to RP with you sometime! I actually ran into you in Stormwind not too long ago, just after you had posted this thread here! I look forward to interacting with you OOC/IClY. I encourage you to refer to the websites calendar for our events dates and time!

If you develop any further questions or simply want an in for RP interaction, shoot me a DM! You can either do that in game, though you may risk me not being online (I also work in the medical field) OR you can DM me on discord!

My @ is: Jackie#8644