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Once more, the Flame of Elune dwindles and it falls to the Silversworn of the Silver Circle to unravel the secrets of the Flame and see it restored. Armed with proof that the shattered balance between the realm of the living and the realm of the dead plays a role in their quest, the Silversworn have agreed to send a party across the veil and into the Shadowlands. Under the guidance of visions from Ancient Silversworn, the Silversworn of today seek a shadowed forest beneath a sky of perpetual starlight, which lies somewhere beyond the veil.


A Circle Divided
The Silversworn are more divided now than ever before. Debates have been raised among them, as to the wisdom of pursuing their mission in the Shadowlands, and if the effort is worth the risk. Some Silversworn have elected to stay behind on Azeroth, including Keeper Nightfury. The rest of the Circle has chosen to pursue the risk, to uncover the mystery of their dying Flame. This expeditionary force, known as the Shadowlands Expedition, is led by Warden of the Hunt Mythanil Briarblade and Elder of the Moon Celassa Kal'nor.

The Focus on Azeroth
The Silversworn on Azeroth plan to put their time and energy into the renewal of their people. They plan to embark on missions around the Kingdom of Stormwind, in Val'sharah, and in Darnassian regions of Kalimdor in an attempt to forge a better life for their people, who continue to suffer after the loss of their homes.

A Missing Aspirant and Silversworn
On the 1st night of Yseralla, Keeper Nightfury called for a Council Glade. During that Council Glade, Seldarine Stardragon recounted her perspective of a series of events that took place in Icecrown, which led to Tanefrun Stormhelm’s abduction by the winged heralds hailing from the Shadowlands. Shaureyne Razorleaf added that she received a missive from Renoris Feathersong, who chose to follow Tanefrun in reckless pursuit of her safe return. The fate and location of both elves is unknown.
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Account recorded by Shaureyne Razorleaf.
On the first night of Yseralla, Feyawen Nightfury announced that Kelyiara Ebonfall will be prepared to usher the Silver Circle’s expeditionary team into the Shadowlands in four nights. Led by the newly ordained Warden of the Hunt Mythanil Briarblade, and Elder of the Moon Celassa Kal’nor, the primary purpose of the expedition is to determine what beyond the veil is contributing to the withering of the Flame of Elune. Divination performed by Elder Kal’nor and others of the Circle revealed that the information they seek may be found within a ‘forest of perpetual starlight’; determining the path to such a place will be the Silversworn’s first goal within the afterlife.

Seldarine Stardragon recounted her perspective of a series of events which led to Tanefrun Stormhelm’s abduction by the shadow-and-metal winged creatures hailing from the Shadowlands. A pair of these onyx angels chained the young huntress and stole her through the shattered veil and into the darkest place, a realm referred to as the Maw; Shaureyne Razorleaf added that she received a missive from Renoris Feathersong, who chose to follow Tanefrun in reckless pursuit of her safe return. The fate and location of both elves is unknown.
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On the night of their departure, the Silver Circle Shadowlands Expeditionary team gathered in the Mage Quarter one final time. Some who had chosen to remain behind on Azeroth issued their final farewells and saw their brothers and sisters off across the veil.

One by one, the party slipped through the portal and entered a dark slipstream of chaos magic. When they emerged on the other side, they were greeted by blinding light from all sides. As the party adjusted from the portal travel, their surroundings came into scope. They found themselves at the precipice of a strange city floating in a miasmic sky. The magnificence of the realm far superseded any imagining of the afterlife that may have been pictured on illuminated manuscripts.

Not long into their arrival, the Silversworn were greeted by a familiar ally from their sister order, Era'nah, of the Shadow Guard. Era'nah explained that her order had been present in Shadowlands in order to seek information, similar to the Silver Circle. Seeing that the Silver Circle expedition did not know quite how to begin, Era'nah took it upon herself to escort the Silversworn to a native of Oribos, to learn more about the place they found themselves in.

The expedition met Caretaker Kah-Ryll, a Hand of the Arbiter, a being of great power once responsible for sorting every soul that passed into the Shadowlands from the Mortal Plane. Kah-Ryll explained that the Shadowlands are in a state of disarray. In the natural order of things, souls are sorted and sent on to an afterlife realm appropriate to the lives they lived. This cycle has been broken by a severe drought of anima, the primary source of energy and magic within the Shadowlands; magic of memories, experience, and the soul.

Throughout the tour, the expedition discovered new beings and information about the Shadowlands including the Brokers and their various Cartels and the specialties of those Cartels; ancient monuments known as 'touchstones' or 'Spirit Obelisks' created by wise architects known only as the First Ones; the fact that the Flame of Elune seems to react to Spirit Obelisks; and that Silversworn may attune with Spirit Obelisks within the respective realms of the Shadowlands, to make use of their runestones and possibly to spare them from ill-fate.

As the tour drew to a close, the party encountered a faerie by the name of Lady Nightcloak of the Night Fae who make their home in a night forest known simply as The Weald. Silversworn have begun to speculate that The Weald might be the starlight forest from their visions, and have begun trying to learn more about the realm.

To the surprise of the expedition, their tour concluded at the Idyllia in Oribos, an inn presided over by Host Ta'rela of Cartel Ta, wherein missing Silversworn Renoris Feathersong and Maw Walker Benjamin Grandblade were located.
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After making it out of the Maw themselves, Knight of the Silver Hand and Maw Walker Benjamin Grandblade along with Silversworn Renoris Feathersong made it known to the rest of the Circle that they were going to mount a rescue attempt for the young Aspirant Tanefrun Stormhelm, whom they believed to be inside Torghast. They gathered at the Ring of Transference to await any who decided to come along on the dangerous mission. It was made clear that Ben was their only way out of the Maw, and expressed to not stray far once they entered the Soulstream.

Making it to the Maw in one piece, the gathered Silversworn followed Benjamin through the hellish landscape towards the portal into Torghast that both he and Renoris had found during their time prior in the Maw. Benjamin expressed that even he had not been in the tower before, and Kelthos concurred that the souls they had encountered revealed Torghast to be ever-shifting, almost impossible to navigate. Ben revealed that he had Tanefrun's crystal necklace blessed by her previous guardian, which was dropped when the Mawsworn took her from Icecrown, as a sort of wayfinder to where she would be.

Once the party steeled themselves for entry into Torghast, Tower of the Damned, they were met with hostile architecture and rigged hallways full of traps. Bolts of anima were firing at the party, a fitting introduction to a place meant to torture souls. Sustaining a few hits from the foreign magic, they made it through the rigged hallway and discovered the large, central chamber of the dungeon. It seemed to be a realm within and of itself, existing within an expanse of nothingness and howling winds with no source. Cages unbound by gravity hung upside down with souls trapped inside, and more of these prisons lined the platforms which they walked on. The same onyx angels that they had fought before were circling above on high alert.

The souls within the cages, upon realizing that mortals had breached the tower, wailed and cried for salvation. A multitude of them were amorphous, but some still held Azerothian forms--a majority of them Kaldorei. The presence of lost souls from Teldrassil spurred the group into action; they resolved to free who they could. As the cages were disturbed and a few broken, the commotion alerted one of the Mawsworn. It crashed down into the party and combat ensued. After felling the onyx angel, it was revealed one of the souls within the cages was Nadyssa's late wife, Nyrillen. Renoris withdrew a crystal of sorts, and allowed the rescued souls to take refuge within. They were safe.

Following the strength of the glow which was emitted from Tanefrun's crystal necklace, the party tread further down the dangerous halls of Torghast. In spite of the drowning silence, bits of conversation could barely be made out from two Mawsworn. It was inferred that the presence of mortals within Torghast was worrying, and that their actions were not going unnoticed. That proved to be true as once the party continued onward they were stopped in their tracks by two Mawsworn, one wielding an array of anima-charged javelins whilst the other was accompanied by a shadehound. Combat ensued, and Kelthos was able to subdue the Mawsworn's beast. As the last Mawsworn was felled, it taunted the party with a foreboding implication; that they were too late, and she has already been splintered across the Shadowlands.

Not having time to contemplate the meaning of such a taunt, and not making it out unscathed afterwards as Nadyssa and Seldarine had gotten impaled by javelins, they recovered only to hear muffled screams from the next room over. Without wasting any time, Benjamin and Renoris bolted over to find the severed soul of the missing Aspirant. Her body was just below the apparition's feet, and the soul remained tethered to it. The body was breathing, but comatose. All that exuded from the soul was fear and anguish, a reflection of what it had to endure within the malevolent halls.

It was deduced that Tanefrun's soul had been harmed somehow. Benjamin and Renoris approached cautiously in order to pacify the wailing soul, crying out for help and screaming in paralyzing fear. After managing to get close enough, Ben put the Aspirant's necklace on her body, and the soul merged with her body once more.

After concluding unanimously that they had spent too long already within the accursed Tower of the Damned, they worked to leave as fast as they could, Benjamin carrying the comatose Tanefrun out with him. As they were leaving, they heard large footfalls of some sort, rumored to be the terrible beast that lurks within the tower. Once out of the tower, he activated the Waystone due to his presence as a Maw Walker and waited for everyone to escape the Maw before he followed.

Reconvening in Oribos, Benjamin decided to take Tanefrun to the Fatescribes and keep her safely within the Eternal City, and those who decided to come along on such a dangerous mission were encouraged to rest and heal themselves.
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At the Idyllia in Oribos, the Silversworn Expedition was joined by members of their sister order, the Shadow Guard. Halia Glaivewhisper divulged information the Shadow Guard attained from a Broker in Oribos, about a being known as the Unraveler of Secrets, who is said to know information about various Flames of Power. As it so happened, the Shadow Guard were led to believe that the Unraveler of Secrets resides in a place known as The Weald; the forest which the Silver Circle believes they have been urged to locate.

Like wolves picking up the scent of a trail, the Silversworn and Shadowsworn came together and began their hunt anew. They journeyed to the Ring of Transference, one of the upper rings within the Undying City, where the gateways of each respective Covenant are presided over by a tender. Adventurers have been provided a means to travel to these realms, provided they are willing to assist the covenants that rule them.

Watching over the gateway to The Weald was a tall ancient-like being, known as a Tirnenn. It took some convincing for the enigmatic tree-like elder to permit the expedition to pass, but Nadyssa Leafbreeze provided the name of an associate in the Court of Night which hastened the process.

After passing through the gateway, the expedition arrived in the expansive forest of starlight, where they encountered a small party of Night Fae beings from a place known as Tirna Vaal. The Night Fae appeared to be on the hunt for missing villagers, and provided the party with directions to their settlement before departing abruptly.

The expedition wandered the labyrinthian pathways that wove through the forest. They encountered many forks in the road and signs that were intended to point the way, but had been written in an unknown language. It was not until the expedition happened upon another native who provided additional directions that finally found their way to the grove of Tirna Vaal, at the foot of the nearest ‘Tirna Tree’.

In the center of Tirna Vaal, the expedition was greeted by another tirnenn. The tirnenn was a Droman called Tashmur, who promised the expedition he could send them to someone who would aid them on their quest, if they agreed to help his people find villagers who had been abducted by the Masked Fae. Eager to continue their quest, the expedition agreed.

Then, speaking on behalf of the expedition, Mythanil Briarblade and Celassa Kal’nor inquired where their forces could stay during their time in the forest. Tashmur spoke of a den hidden in an old hollow, west of Tirna Vaal, and told the expedition that they would be safe there and could make use of that hollow for the duration of their time in Ardenweald.

Eager to proceed, the expedition left Tirna Vaal in search of the den. They crossed a great gorm hive over precarious roots, and made it safely to the other side where they found the den Tashmur spoke of, surrounding by a clinging mist. The expedition set camp and a tentative watch was established to keep a vigil for the masked fae they had been warned about.

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Agents of the Wild Hunt arrived in Tirna Vaal as Droman Tashmur promised, but before the expedition could join with them, the Wild Hunt set out on the trail of the Drust responsible for taking the people of Tirna Vaal. Leaving Halia and other members of the Shadow Guard behind to safeguard camp, the Silver Circle expedition set out from the den to Tirna Vaal, then headed southeast where they rallied with the members of the Wild Hunt who were already locked in combat with Drust forces at the edge of the forest.

Masked Fae descended from the hills in waves, and fought with tooth and claw and crude weapons. Among the Masked Fae were Drust casters, who wielded twisted magics against the Wild Hunt and Silver Circle. Led by Celassa Kal'nor and Mythanil Briarblade, the expedition divided to conquer the northern side of the battlefield.

A party of melee fighters charged into the fray, accompanied by Y'fayelle and Celassa who brought both destructive and supportive magic to the close-quarters combat. Cover fire was provided by ranged combatants such as Sistrina, Iraavos, Sarillynn and more; who called down a rain of magic and arrows against the enemy line.

Together, the expedition forces carved a path through the northern side of the battlefield and advanced into Drust territory at the request of the Wild Hunt, where the captive Night Fae were being held captive.

When the expedition found the missing Night Fae villagers, they were carefully guarded by a Drust Hag and her behemoth Drust construct. Celassa was quick to act, ordering the expedition to find cover before they were spotted, where they devised a plan. Y'fayelle organized a party of fleet-footed runners, who would bait the great Blighted Beast that guarded the hag. Once the Blighted Beast was tricked into chasing them, the others would descend on the hag and save the Night Fae captives.

Y'fayelle's party executed the plan by launching a a barrage of attacks on the Blighted Beast, which sent it into a rage. But their gambit worked, and the beast gave chase, leaving the Drust Hag exposed. When the beast disappeared around the bend, Celassa and Mythanil led the charge to liberate the captive Night Fae. Their strike ended in a coup de grâce. The Drust Hag fell to the first wave of attacks, but not before two of the twelve Night Fae had been masked...

When the Hag fell, the Blighted Beast abruptly gave up its chase of Y'fayelle's party and returned to the location of the Hag. Celassa ordered a quick retreat, and the expedition was forced to drag or carry the injured Night Fae to safety, risking further injury.

In the end, the expedition managed to flee the scene before the Blighted Beast could deal and serious damage. The expedition rejoined with the Wild Hunt on the hill, where the captive Night Fae were safely passed into their care. As promise, the leader of the Wild Hunt provided the expedition with the information they sought; to learn more of the "Unraveler of Secrets" they must seed out Archivist Dreyden in the Grove of Memory.

With many injured from the defense of the forest, Celassa and Mythanil led the expedition forces back to the sanctuary of the Silver Circle camp, where the wounded could rest and heal up before setting out again for the Grove of Memory.
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Having healed and recovered long enough from their previous battle with the Drust, the Silver Circle expeditionary team and its allies finally set out for the Grove of Memory in search of Archivist Dreyden- someone who the Wild Hunt had said may know of this 'Unraveler of Secrets'. With time ever of the essence, Halia Glaivewhisper led the expedition north to the Grove of Memory after having asked for directions in Tirna Vaal prior to their departure.

As they travelled, The Circle quickly found that this grove too had suffered from the apparent drought Ardenweald faced- but worse yet, as they arrived at the grove itself had apparently fallen under siege by troublesome Spriggans.

With the Grove in a state of chaos at the hands of the Spriggans- harassing the poor Night Fae who tended the grove and desecrating ancient magical tomes which seemed to float and fly on their own- the Circle quickly jumped into action, launching a counter-attack in defence of the grove.

After a brief skirmish, the Circle managed to thin the numbers of the assaulting Spriggans just enough for the chaos to calm down for a moment. A voice called out to the newcomers, urging them to approach so that the source of the voice might speak with them. The voice turned out to be none other than Archivist Dreyden himself, who desperately needed the help of the Circle to remove the Spriggans from his grove after he had returned to it in shambles.

Archivist Dreyden informed the expedition that should they aid him by convincing the leader of the Spriggan clan to leave he would aid the Circle in any way he could. It was essential that the Spriggan leader left alive, for killing him would only cause another to take his place and the chaos would continue. Directing them to the location of the leader, the Archivist left his grove in the Circles hands.

Sitting leisurely on a desk within the Grove was a Spriggan clutching onto a book and furiously writing within its pages- the one Dreyden had identified as the leader of this group of Spriggans. Glynindra first addressed the leader, only to be met with a rude backlash as a result of distracting him from the creation of his latest 'masterpiece'. Persisting with calm politeness, the Circle was able to find out that this Spriggan was an aspiring Novelist, trying to find the perfect ending for his new book- one that he felt was originally too boring and lacked any games.

A few of the members of the expedition offered suggestions to the Spriggan as to how he might finish his book, only to be met with further disdain and disgust at their ideas. However, Glynindra's enthusiasm toward the idea of games seemed to catch the Spriggan's intrigue and she now had his attention.
Having overheard the Circle speaking with the Archivist, the Spriggan made a single offer to the group: If they helped him finish his book and make it interesting then he and all his followers would leave the Grove and cause no further harm to any of its denizens or belongings. Extending a hand outward toward Glynindra in order to shake upon the deal, the young elf accepted the offer- but only after a great deal of protest from the other members of the expedition and the terms that she learnt the name of the Spriggan- Anne Sprig.

As Anne Sprig's hand was shaken the world around the expedition shifted violently, hurling them through a portal into a vastly different yet vaguely familiar place- a garden within Ancient Suramar. A voice boomed out over the party, narrating the scene like an excerpt from the memoirs of an ancient elf- though partly twisted and altered. They found themselves amidst a Highborne garden party, held in celebration of the completion of Eldre'Thalas, and soon met some of the noble guests of such a party. Approached by an astute scholar, the Circle was tasked with a party game and was urged by Glynindra to take part so they could hold their end of the deal she made. Tasked with finding and rooting out one of 3 guests who had found their way into the party uninvited, some of the less-furious and more sociable amongst the expedition questioned the three: A priestess from Hajiri named Zal'dah, a Royal Craftsman from Galhara named Gavon, and an Elven adventurer named Lynq.
After conversing with the 3 and asking each for their invitations, the party was able to root out Lynq as the uninvited guest. Lynq quickly revealed his true form as a Spriggan in a magical cloak of disguise before running off, leaving behind a curious gemstone on the ground in its haste.

The expedition team pocketed the gem for now, the voice of the narrator speaking out once more as they did- seemingly directing the ones trapped within this story to their next game as the sound of a gentle harp filled the garden.

Heading toward the music, the Circle found themselves in the presence of a Highborne bard who addressed them and asked if they wanted to play a game in order to win a prize. The group, hesitantly agreeing, asked what the game entailed- to which they were told only that they must "Simply respond the right way". After a slight back-and forth, met only by cryptic answers presented in strange ways, Y'fayelle finally solved the game and cracked the bard's code. Y'fayelle responded with a haiku- which the bard had been exclusively speaking within- and was met by congratulations and praise. The bard faded away, leaving behind a second gem identical to the one the spriggan had left behind before.

The narrator's voice spoke out again, leading them to a large statue of a Highborne warrior which stood at the centre of the garden and was said to be pointing toward something needed by the expedition team. After a short search, Kelthos discovered that a fountain which lined up with the outstretched arm of the statue had 2 gems missing at its base. The Circle placed the 2 gems they had found within the slots and heard a series of rewarding clicks.

The fountain lifted up, revealing a small writing chamber which housed none other than Anne Sprig himself. Looking up from the same book he had been happily writing within, Anne burst out in a fit of insults- unsatisfied with the ending the Circle had created and throwing both his pen and book at them in anger. Claiming that he would uphold his end of the deal regardless, Anne vanished out of sight with the snap of his fingers- leaving the Circle to find their way out of the story.

Quickly working out that they must write themselves out just as Anne had done to alter the original story, the Circle picked up the book and worked together to write themselves out of the memory of the ancient Highborne, letting Glynindra do the honours of the final wording of their ending. With the words Glynindra had written spoken out overhead, the group found themselves safely back in the Grove of Memory once more- completely free of any Spriggan terrors.

The Archivist thanked the group for what they had done and asked if there was any way he could repay them. Asked about the Unraveler of Secrets, Dreyden informed the Circle that while he did not know how to find the Unraveler he knew of someone who did: An ancient drust hag from the first invasion of her people that decided to settle and remain in Ardenweald peacefully. She was dangerous, but not hostile and would surely be able to direct the circle to who they wished to find. The Circle returned the book Anne had stolen, as well as a loose piece of paper that was found within it- turning out to be nothing other than the list of ingredients required to break the curse that befell the Masked Fae. Dreyden happily took the list, letting the Circle know he would ensure it gets to the right people so that the Fae the Circle had rescued previously could be saved.

Their next steps now clear, the expedition team returned to the Silver Circle Camp, tending to their wounds and beginning the first steps in their search for this mysterious Drust hag.
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The Silver Circle was summoned to Tirna Vaal by Elder of the Moon, Celassa. Who proceeded to inform those who arrived that Archivist Deydren was able to translate the note that had been recovered previously. And while the revelation of the ingredients was a small victory in itself, another problem arose- the items that were needed to break the curse on the Fae were rare. And beyond what any local merchant may have in their stock.

Archivist Dreyden did advise that the Circle attempt to locate a being known as ‘The Hag.’ Who was rumored to have a collection of rare items of interest, as well as ingredients. Though Dresden did admit that he personally did not know the exact location of the Hag herself, he knew of someone who might: Guardian Molan.

Molan was stationed in Hibernal Hollow, just South of Tirna Vaal. So the Circle head out to make their way to this new grove. Upon their arrival they were confronted by guards who stood station just outside.

The silversworn explained the reasoning of their presence and requested an audience with Molan. Once they explained that they needed the rare components to free Fae from a curse, the guards allowed them entry. Directing them to the station where Molan was.

Upon their arrival, Molan was quick to advise that they do not negotiate with the Hag. That she was a Drust and unlikely to ask for anything in return that did not position her at a greater stance- an unfair trade. Even more so considering the rarity of the ingredients that were needed.

After persistence from the party, Nadyssa and Tana specifically, he relented. Informing the group of her precise location. His final warning was to keep a clear head when haggling with her for the items that they required.

The Silversworn then headed east, towards the husk of a forest. Here they found several ornaments of odd style hanging from trees. The sounds of burrowing were a constant thump beneath their feet. Even the stars seemed to shine less vibrantly here.

They soon came upon the Hag herself, who had been residing within the hollowed out center of a massive root. She had various strange and unfamiliar trinkets and oddities, jars with unknown components.

She was blunt and straight to the point, asking what the party had to offer for the ingredients that they needed. Though the party was certain to not reveal as to why they needed the specific items. Several offenses were made, a trade of knowledge and information by Celassa, Glynindra offered to craft an item for the hag of her choosing.

But the Hag drew instant interest in what Nadyssa offered, the hand of a demon- along with its name.

The Hag made quick work in gathering the list of ingredients that were jotted down. Finally offering them all to Celassa who took them. Nadyssa nearly lost her other hand as the Hag snatched the clawed demon hand from her.

Brother Renoris then inquired to the Hag if she knew of a Unraveler of Secrets, the weaver. In which the Hag made a noise similar to a snarl, or grunt. Claiming that the party should not be so interested in locating her.

Renoris insisted that their reason for wanting to know her location was their business and the Hag then proposed that if they wanted to know her location, they would have to offer up something of equal value. Something that granted her just as much power as the knowledge of knowing where the Unraveler was.

While more suggestions were made. None seemed to be enough for the Hag, who turned down every single offer- from a Night Warrior filled moonstone, to a sculpture of herself. Evidentially her price was too steep for the Kaldorei.

Celassa and Mythanil eventually guided the party away from the Hag. Who only cackled at their actions. Ultimately, the party got what they needed. And headed back to Trina Vaal to give Archivist Dreyden the components he needed to free his people.
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After hitting a dead end in their quest, the Silver Circle expedition gathered in the center of their camp to discuss their next steps. There was much debate over what could be done, but ultimately it was determined they would perform another ritual to divine for answers from the Flame of Elune.

Believing that his deceased wife could provide some answers, Thinius volunteered to search for her spirit with the help of the Flame of Elune; but in order to do so a token of her would be required. It just so happened that Mythanil Briarblade possessed a little dragon charm, a gift that had been given to her by Mythera Darkthorn, Thinius's daughter. According to Thinius, the charm once belonged to his wife, Anwen.

A few nights later, the Silversworn performed the ritual with the aid of Halia Glaivewhisper, the Matron of the Flame of Elune. Together the five ritualists channeled the Flame of Elune into Thinius, who called out for the spirit of his long-dead wife. The little charm, given by Mythanil, had fractured slightly, a result of the imperfect channeling of the Flame of Elune.

To the astonishment of all, a spirit appeared in the heart of the camp beside them; yet, this bearded figure surely could not have been the spirit Thinius' wife. The spirit revealed himself to be a Silversworn of the past, known as Azrelius.

Azrelius informed the Silversworn that his mistress had heard of their exploits in Tirna Vaal, and wished to speak with them. He escorted them through the vast forest of Ardenweald, on a road known as the Long Path.

At the end of the Long Path was a small den, set in the base of sheer gossamer cliffs. Within the little den was a hollow tree, within which an arachnid spirit awaited. The silvery arachnid spirit, with eight moon-phase-like eyes, revealed herself to be the Unraveler of Secrets. Without hesitation, but with dignity and respect, the Silversworn proceeded to ask the Unraveler a series of questions relating to the Flame of Elune, the state of the Shadowlands, and what the future might hold.

The Unraveler revealed that the Silver Circle's "Flame of Power" dwindled as a result of a myriad of Silversworn souls willingly sacrificing their anima, to save three groves within Ardenweald, which had begun dying off as a result of the Anima Drought. The Unraveler was able to offer the Silversworn some relief, for if the Silversworn could aid the denizens of the Shadowlands in setting the Balance to rights, then their Flame of Elune could be restored in time.

At length, the Silversworn took in the information provided by the Unraveler, and ultimately decided that they would need to return home to Azeroth, to inform their allies of all they had discovered. Their meeting with the Unraveler of Secrets concluded with the Unraveler speaking of a a Fae Crossing, a place where the spirits of nature sometimes drifted back to their mortal realm, to continue their service of protecting nature and serving the Balance. The Unraveler assured that Azrelius could secure the Silver Circle passage through a Fae Crossing, to a place not too far from their home.

With much to think on, the Silversworn returned to their camp on the opposite side of the Forest, where they would prepare themselves for the journey home.

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As promised, Azrelius Sagecrest spoke with members of the Court of Night on the Silver Circle's behalf. After a brief respite at camp, the expedition was summoned to Glitterfall Basin to speak with the Droman of the grove, the Lady of the Falls.

The evening began with the expedition team deciding whether to stay in the Shadowlands, or to return home to inform their allies of all they had learned so far. The decision was inconclusive, and it was determine that most would return to see their loved ones and share news of their discoveries, while others would remain behind at the Ardenweald camp outside Tirna Vaal.

After their decision was made, the expedition made the journey to Glitterfall Basin. To their surprise, they were greeted by a tirnenn called Khennennthilee: the messenger of the Lady of the Falls. Khennennthilee conveyed that, as a result of all the help the Silver Circle provided to the people of Tirna Vaal, the Lady of the Falls, Droman of Glitterfall Basin, and Tashmur, Droman of Tirna Vaal, had put forth the Silver Circle's name for consideration during a gathering of the Court of Night.

Khennennthilee explained that, if members of the Silver Circle chose to, they could become allies of the Night Fae covenant, including the Wild Hunt, the Night Fae people, and the Court of Night. As a token of gratitude for all the expedition team had done, the Night Fae provided the Silver Circle with enchanted keys to a Fae Crossing.

Using Lavender Gate from Glynindra, Khennennthilee enchanted the fibers of the magical herb with the power of the Night Fae, transforming the plants into blue bioluminescent lavender: Fae Lavender Gate. Those who planned to make the journey home made their way to the mushroom ring that had been made as the designated Fae Crossing, and activated their new Fae Lavender Gate to get home.

But when they finally arrived back in Lightsong, they were greeted by surprising news. The Keeper and many of the other Silversworn were gone. Gone to investigate strange happenings on Kalimdor, where rumors have begun to swirl of an unnatural blizzard growing in size and strength across southeastern Winterspring and the Hills of Hyjal.

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