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Credit for this headcanon goes to Gwyneth Shadowbreaker and the <Shadow of the Forest> guild on Wyrmrest Accord. Posted with permission.

In wake of the Fourth War, the refugees of the Burning of Teldrassil have languished in the Alliance capital of Stormwind, longing for a suitable place to rest and recuperate. The Shadow of the Forest aims to grant this wish, procuring donations from allies across Azeroth in order to foster a new place of refuge for their lost kin: the Twilight Grove.

As of 2/23/2021, Dream's Refuge is fully operational. Several kaldorei and Gilnean refugees have come to this place to seek a respite from the harshness of Stormwind.

About Dream's Refuge
Dream’s Refuge is a temporary home built by the <Shadow of the Forest> through funds and supplies donated by many different organizations, individuals, and efforts. The Council of Paths (headcanon) of the Cenarion Circle has given the Shadow their blessing to use the Twilight Grove in Duskwood as grounds for the refuge.

The Refuge is completely built and fully operational. There are several key points of interest in the grove:

  • Main Camp with a bonfire in the middle, logs for seating around with tables. Tents in between the 3 large trees. At least 50 must be built. This area is blocked from the elements so no cover is needed.
  • Barracks, fit for 20 bodies in bunks. Large mess table and chairs. All the comforts and necessities we can muster.
  • Stables for horses and other beasts the Shadow and refugees keep. Trained Sabers are to remain free-range inside the Grove.
  • Armory of wood and canvas to protect from the elements. Large enough for several weapons and war supplies.
  • Storage for foodstuffs, extra supplies, clothes and medicine and herbs and other materials, protected from the elements with canvas.
  • Two watch towers built into the two large trees immediately after the gate at the entrance to the Grove. Large and sturdy enough for two lookouts.
  • Commander’s Tent with mission board out front. Shadowbreaker’s personal quarters and command center. Table with chairs on either side, bed of feathers. Commander’s personal belongings.

Out of Character Information
All are welcome to adopt the <Shadow of the Forest>’s guild storyline and headcanon for their own personal or community story purposes and are free to do what they wish with its contents. (Or don't! The choice is yours!)

Summary of IC Events:
The Shadow has received the blessing of the Council of Paths of the Cenarion Circle, a council of druids who protect the Dream Portals across Azeroth, to use the grounds of the Twilight Grove in Duskwood as a more suitable and temporary home for many Darnassian and Gilnean refugees in Stormwind, particularly the ones that sleep on the streets and sidewalks of canals and in alleys.

Dream's Refuge is entirely defended by the <Shadow of the Forest> or generic Sentinels.

Those interested in pursuing RP opportunities with the <Shadow of the Forest> and Dream’s Refuge are encouraged to reach out to Gwyneth in-game or through Discord (Clair#8788).
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