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The Silver Circle finds itself in the City of Lions, researching rumors surrounding the Shadowlands and how to access the mythical realm. With news of the Flame of Elune dying again, finding means for Silversworn to pass over and investigate the broken cycle of life and death could be their only hope of saving it.


Threats to the Balance
With the Cycle between Life and Death sundered, the natural world has been thrown out of balance. Though largely kept in check now by city and village guards with the help of the Argent Crusade, the masterless Scourge continue to roam throughout Azeroth.

A Dying Flame
The Flame of Elune has served as the symbol of the Silver Circle's adherence to the ancient ways and their solemn oath to the Goddess Elune. Each new generation of Silversworn bind themselves to the Flame, as part of their sacred oath to fulfill Elune's will for peace and to honor those who came before them. Not so long ago, their sacred Flame was nearly snuffed out, but with aid from the Shadow Guard they were able to save it. Now, it has been discovered that the Flame is dying once again, and the Circle must unravel the mystery as to why.

Return of the Shadow Guard
Keeper Nightfury has reached out to Halia Glaivewhisper for insight, with the hopes that the Matron of the Shadow Guard might be able to solve the mystery of the dying Flame. Not long after the previous Council Glade in Lightsong, Halia sent word back to the Silver Circle and promised to attend the next Council Glade to address the joint concerns surrounding the mystery of the dying Flame.
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Following the traumatic events of the undead invasion, the Silver Circle made the decision to travel to Stormwind City. To aid their fellow Kaldorei which whom are still deemed refugees since the loss of Teldrassil in the War of Thorns. While many of those who reside within Stormwind have been generous enough to open their homes to the Kaldorei, there are still many which whom live on the farm of the Stormwind Embassy and the surrounding streets of the city.

The events of the undead invasion and the plague that caused the dead to rise had left supplies even more scarce and the streets even more dangerous. While the Kaldorei are known to resilient in many fronts, living in shabby tents while the undead are fighting to get through the gates is demeaning to anyone.

The Silver Circle gathered and commissioned what supplies they could before taking a portal from Lightsong to the great city of Stormwind, all thanks to the Silversworn, Mythera who offered her arcanic abilities to summon the portal. Upon arrival, the group ran in to some familiar faces on their trek from the Mage Quarter to the Stormwind Embassy. The circle even managed to attract the attention of a few city goers, which whom followed the group- inquiring of who they were and what they were doing.

Upon arrival, Priestess Lasara greeted the Circle. She was quick to direct the group to bless and hand out the various supplies they brought. As well as gather what food they could to prepare some dinner for the camp and whatever else may be needed by the refugees. The Circle was able to easily cover all that was needed the initial day as they split up to complete the tasks that were given.

Seeing as the Silver Circle has made their own camp amongst the sea of tents already present, they will be continuing their humanitarian efforts to their people throughout the duration of the trip.
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During the first Council Glade following the Circle's mission to Stormwind, Halia Glaivewhisper made an appearance. She also came bearing news about an apparent ritual that could be performed in a way to commune with the Silver Flame, a ritual that she would lead and required assistance with. She stated that it could potentially provide answers about what has happened to the Flame and why it is weaker than in the past- despite the combined efforts of the Shadowguard and The Silver Circle. Her further ability to provide information to the Circle was more than enough to seal the required aid she would need from them to perform the ritual. Claiming that the dying Flame had semi direct correlation from the balance of life and death being disrupted.

Thus the Circle and allies met with her in the Twilight Grove in Duskwood, just south of Stormwind City. So that they were far enough away from prying eyes to perform their duty. The ritual itself required those who have already sworn their blood to the flame- Silversworn or higher. While there were a total of six participants, those that were either allied or unable to partake in the ritual stood watch in case the powerful magics at play became a beacon to unwanted individuals.

The Flame was placed on a center dais, where it remained for the entirety of the event. Kelanthos Ivyfang, Mythanil Briarblade, Fyfasia Silverstrike, Y'fayelle Lunadoe and Celassa Kal'nor were the volunteers for the ritual alongside Halia Glaivewhisper, which whom would stand as the lead for the ceremony. Those who guarded their allies included: Iraavos Stargaze, Tana Rosedancer and Oran. Each of them stood ready and waiting as their allies meditated into a deep, trance like state in order to fully commit themselves to the ritual.

Sure enough, soon after the ritual began- the Flame's magic attracted the attention of stray undead who still lingered in the dark forests of Duskwood. Though there were a pack of them, they were truly no match for those who stood guard. Between arcane based attacks, fel fire attacks, and the glaives of a huntress- they were taken down with little effort. Though in the heat of the conflict, one stray ghoul did manage to slip past the lines and disrupt Y'fayelle was the forefrontal of the ambush, and was thus pulled from her meditative state and lost her focus. Forcing her from the depth of the ritual. Leaving only five to remain to carry it out. During the battle, further allies arrived to aid the Circle in their agenda, Cynnus arrived with her companion- Toast.

Despite the loss of a singular ritual participant and the undead attack. The ritual itself was a success, a vision, whispers, and feelings from past silversworn were granted to those who participated. They were pushed from the communication with the Flame itself and ushered it back into the Lantern in which it was often carried in. The ritual participants and the defending party regrouped to discuss their findings.

Celassa had been granted a vision of a withered forest, which despite the decaying husk that remained- held an endless starry night sky. With bedazzling shooting stars and the constellation of Ysera. Fyfasia was given the gut wrenching feeling of loss, anger and hurt. As if she were experiencing those emotions herself despite the current circumstances in which she gained them from- as if she were feeling what someone else was feeling. A way to convey information. Mythanil and Kelanthos both heard whispers from an unidentifiable source, warning them of a great loss. Halia herself was granted the grave beckoning from whom she assumed was someone she once knew, but was unable to clearly indicate who it was specifically. Just that the voice was familiar to her.

After a long discussion of speculation and debate, it became evidentially clear that the Silver Circle must traverse the lands of the dead- The Shadowlands, in order to restore their willowing Flame. But seeing as the only way in and out of that realm is guarded by the Ebon Blade, the circle then began to debate on how they were going to gain the favor of the Death Knights to be then granted entry into the land of the dead. Tana and Halia suggested gaining the favor from their contact within the Shadowguard. Celassa pressed to gain the favor of her min'da turned Death Knight, Kelyiara Ebonblade. Which whom had last been heard traversing the frozen tundra of Northrend for an undisclosed reason. Asvi Swiftfoot then volunteered to scout ahead of the Circle and gather the whereabouts of the Ebon Knight for an ease of access for those who intended to venture North.

With the obligations of the Circle becoming clear, the present group dispersed. Prepping to either head North or return to Lightsong to prepare for the journey ahead.
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Whispers and visions of Silversworn urgent delivered by the ritual undertaken at Duskwood revealed the potential threat posed upon the Silver Flame residing within the Silverflame, the message an urgent one needing answer. The Circle thus searched for the Twiceborn Ebonfall, who's wherabouts had her placed somewhere in Icecrown, and with the tricks of a scout the Silver Circle knew exactly where, rallying on the frozen slopes of the dead north the party had approached Ebonfall currently in the midst of pursuing her mission in Icecrown.

Ebonfall had desired to retrieve the corpses of fallen heroes she took from Darkshore for her own reasons, and the Circle had known this, bartering an agreement with some persuasion Ebonfall agreed to provide the Silver Circle with transportation to the Shadowlands given her connections to the Ebon Blade. In return they would aid her in perusing the cadavers she had yet to reach, the party set off and assaulted the Desolation gate, with the rampant undead the Ebon Blade find their number spread-thin leaving the scourge to occupy the citadel there.

Mounting a full and unexpected offensive the party shredded the undead that surrounded the citadel doors and the contingent of undead that leapt from the half-open maw of the gates, finding the hall occupied by a Scourgebringer and their daunting master, one of the winged metal fiends that first descended upon Icecrown following the destruction of the veil.

The two however powerful they might have been were overwhelmed with sheer numbers and strength, the battle having worn out the Circle somewhat, it did not abate their search, quickly they located three Kaldorei Corpses and two Shu'halo. Whilst the Shu'halo were given over to the Argent Cursade stationed in their old tourney grounds, the Kaldorei retrieved from the Desolation Gate along with those Kelyiara Ebonfall had already gathered were transported to Darkshore to be returned where they had fallen.
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After the passing of the Moon the Circle and it's allies returned to Darkshore, there Mythanil introduced Zara, an ancient Kaldorei whom had a unique history of dealing with the ritual that would be performed that night. Under the new moon the Circle tread along a path with torch in hand, lighting the lanterns along the way to provide the wisps a path for when they return, upon reaching the border of Darkshore and Ashenvale the party split off of the road and into a graveyard where the heroes of Darkshore had been re-buried.

Zara had instructed the circle to offer a possession they had brought as a gift to the departed, along with a blessed ricecake, one by one those that had arrived offered what they had, and what they believed was worthy of the heroes of Darkshore, some even carried offerings in others' steads, those who could not come.

Proceeding with the ritual the forest' howling winds had dulled into a gentle breeze rocking each ceremonial bell with a distinct harmony often unheard as the ritualist Zara bestowed the dead with the peace of death and were risen as wisps to follow along the path lit for them and scatter once more into the sacred Darkshore.

Recap written by Mythanil Briarblade
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Silversworn and allies of the Silver Circle gathered at Lion’s Rest in the City of Stormwind on the evening of the 17th to discuss the mission before them. The gathering took place on the outskirts of the commemorative monuments, in a peaceful place where the Silversworn could announce who among them planned to venture into the Shadowlands and who among them planned to stay home.

It was decided that the expeditionary team venturing to the Shadowlands would be led by the newly appointed Elder of the Moon and Warden of the Hunt, Celassa Kal’nor and Mythanil Briarblade.

The meeting was relatively short lived, but impactful. The attendants went in a circle, declaring who among them planned to venture through the veil and what skills they would offer to the expeditionary team. A few were adamantly against joining and attempted to discourage the expedition, pleading that the Flame of Elune was not worth the risk. This was a sentiment that was not shared among most of the Silversworn.

Warden Briarblade spoke candidly on the divide, stating that the decision to traverse the Shadowlands is not one to be taken lightly, and that those choosing to stay behind are valid in their concerns. However, Briarblade reinforced the importance of the Silver Oath she took, and expressed that was why she would be leading the expedition.

As the evening drew on, Keeper Nightfury joined the gathering to announce that the time for the expeditionary force to depart would arrive in roughly two weeks time. The Shadowlands expedition team would be escorted through the portal in the City of Stormwind, by their ally in the Knights of the Ebon Blade, Kelyiara Ebonfall.

The gathering concluded with a simple message; take the time to bid your loved ones farewell.
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