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Kovis Moonsong

I am Kovis Moonsong. Much of my life has been spent as a tracker and pathfinder, first guarding the realms of the Kaldorei, then as a member of the Alliance. After the burning of Teldrassil, I chose to return home to my people. I made my way back to Kalimdor, and in my travels learned of the Silver Circle. I wish to honor our people and traditions, and return to safeguarding the land and serving the Goddess as I did in my youth.

(OOC): Hello, I'm a recent transfer from Argent Dawn, where I'd been playing and RPing since the start of vanilla. As there doesn't seem to be much of an RP scene left, I thought I'd look elsewhere. I came across the Silver Circle in the guild finder, and on seeing the work put in to the website, knew I had to try to become involved.

Touch of Elune
OOC: I have been a fan of the Kaldorei since WC3, as I enjoyed their ferocity and cunning, but also their patience and connection to the land. Also, they were the most fun to play. To me they embody the balance of mind, body and spirit.

IC: I have led a long life, and as such I have had many a turning point. Stepping through the Dark Portal not once, but twice. The march on Ice Crown. The terror of the Cataclysm. The brutal campaign against the Burning Legion. And through all of it, the seemingly endless conflict with the Horde. However, when I stop to consider the path of my life over these last few decades, two things stand out most to me.

First was the battle of Mount Hyjal, where Alliance and Horde stood together to halt the Legion and Archimonde's advance. I fought in a mountain pass, alongside Orcs, Humans, Dwarves, Tauren, and many others. It was here that I saw the potential of the younger races, and here that my faith in the Alliance began.

The second was the Burning of Teldrassil. If Hyjal is where my faith in the Alliance was born, this may be where it ended. The Alliance's inaction whilst so many died shook me, and their refusal to aid in retaking Darkshore embittered me. I chose to return to my people, and realized that the call of the Alliance no longer resonated with me. Now, I suppose I am not much but a war weary old soldier who wants nothing more than a new beginning.

OOC: I enjoy table top gaming of all kinds, particularly DnD and Battletech. I build models and paint miniatures, and perform in Operas and musical theatre.

IC: While I've been a hunter and tracker most of my life, I don't consider myself the best of marksmen. I can shoot, but I much prefer the use of blades and spears. Something about the honor of looking my prey in the eyes, I suppose. I like to think I'm a decent singer as well. At the very least my bird seems to enjoy it. He sings along sometimes, so I figure I can't be too bad. In my time amongst the Alliance, Dwarves of the Explorers League introduced me to the study of Archaeology, and now I find myself using the things they showed me to unearth the secrets of the past so that we may gain a future.

Wisp Spirit
OOC: Open and active, mature, willing to hear new ideas, and encouraging to new RPers and veterans alike.

IC: I don't know if 'spiritual' was ever a good word for me. Sure, I paid my diligence to Elune and revered her for the gifts she bestowed on our people, but I was never the outright worship type. I suppose I ran more along the lines of faith. I have faith in my arm and companions. Faith in my people. Faith in the Alliance, though it wanes more with the passing days. I hope serving my people will restore at least some of whatever I've lost.

Thank you,
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In'elah, Kovis

It brought me great joy to have received your message, I am Celassa Kal'nor. A Priestess and Guardian to the Silver Circle. It also sparks pleasantry to me that you wish to return to the guidance of our Mother Moon and help keep safe our lands and protect our people, even more so in these times. While most of our people remain semi scattered across Azeroth, we exist in groups and pockets at the very least.

You have led a long and dutiful life thus far, brother. At least based on all that you said you have experienced. It is hopeful to hear that you still wish to continue to fight in the battles that need it, whether they are waged against enemies of the Alliance or just our people. Or the entirety of the planet.

Despite what you may feel you are lacking, I believe that there is plenty more to fill yourself with. And I hope that the Silver Circle can stand by you as you discover what more you can withstand

Elune Light your path.



GAH I love when people reach out and get all excited about the guild and the content and kaldorei and ALLLL that fun stuff. I look forward to RPing with you and getting to know you better OOCly as well! If you wouldn't mind at all, I invite you to add me as a friend on either Discord of add my on btag so we can connect easier! Though OF COURSE, you can absolutely just continue posting here! Whatever you are more comfortable with!

Discord: Jackie#8644

Battletag: Jackie#12686
#14432352 Oct 09, 2020 at 09:39 AM
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hello, kovis!!

thank you for taking the time to stop by and introduce yourself :D i really like your characters name and im very intrigued about the tracker aspect of her! you'll find a few members of the circle here have also faced similar strifes/experiences, and as such i can see kovis connecting meaningfully very well with a good few of our members. therandra here, for example, also would name the battle of mount hyjal as something that stood out in her life, perhaps they'd be able common ground there :3 i see a lot of potential in your interactions with us, and im very excited to see you around!

welcome to wra!! know that you're always welcome to any of our events found on our calendar, and that you're always welcome to reach out to any of us for assistance or rp <3
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Kovis Moonsong
OOC: Hello and thank you for the warm welcome. I look forward to being able to meet up with you all in game. I'll keep an eye on the events for some I can attend. Also, is there a casual spot members of the guild RP commonly?

My btag is Koronis#1875
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Ishnu'alah Kovis!

Members commonly congregate around Val'sharah for casual RP. If you're familiar with the hidden village of Lightsong, that's where you'll find most of us.

Lightsong is located southeast of Lorlathil in Val'sharah, near the Whispering Bluff and the Lostlight Grotto.