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The masterless Scourge begin rising in a scope even greater than that of the original Scourge Invasion. Undead have begun to swarm graveyards and small hamlets and settlements across various kingdoms. Worse still, the Scourge appear to be infecting the living once more...

The lands of Icecrown have long been a frozen dale of want and suffering. The parched and barren landscape is suited only for the ghouls, geists and other undead creatures. From time to time, a necromancer gathers a small army and tumbles out of the dale to test their strength and arms against the stalwart Argent defenders, but never have they crossed the mountains because straddling its single pass is the Argent Vanguard. No matter how many undead muster, they die upon the vanguard walls. But when the sky over Icecrown ripped open to reveal the way to the afterlife, and left the Scourge masterless and out of control, things changed...

Stage One: Ill Omens (Active IC)
Plagued roaches and vermin have begun appearing in cities and towns throughout the Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor and Northrend. Disease spreads like wildfire, and some have begun to turn into infectious undead.

Stage Two: The Shattered Sky (Active IC)
According to knights of the Ebon Blade, Sylvanas Windrunner has shattered the Helm of Domination and ripped open the way to the afterlife. This wanton act of destruction has left the scourge masterless, and now they have begun to rampage across Azeroth. Winged figures have appeared through the shattered sky and have begun to call upon the fallen to rise again.

Stage Three: A Cult Emboldened (Active IC)
The Banshee's wanton act of destruction has called forth heralds from the beyond. Though we may not know who these dark heralds serve, it is clear that the messages they bring has emboldened the Cult of the Damned. Necromancers have rallied, forming something known as the Shadow Pact, to aid the strange winged heralds from the beyond in their quest to see the dead rise again.

Stage Four: Rising Dead (Active IC)
Winged figures and necromancers alike have begun flocking to graveyards and burial grounds throughout the Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor and Northrend, for the sole purpose of raising the dead. Now, the Scourge is running wild, infecting all living things in their path.
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Wandering Si...
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Event: When the Dead Come Knocking Part One

The Silver Circle receives a letter from an old-time ally, Hilda Hornswaggle of the Explorer's League. The letter describes the rising number of undead in Azsuna and how she wanted the Circle to help. So the Circle met up nearby Nor'danil, the adventure led by Silversworn Elieene Dawnspyre. As the group made their way to the camp, they had expected to see everything being fine. What the Circle found instead was a torn up camp, undead bodies littering the area, and no dwarves. Various clues were found, such as stale bread, telescopes pointed at Faronaar, and black cloth. One of the evidence, found by Silversworn Nadyssa Leafbreeze, was Hilda Hornswaggle’s journal and her most recent entry talking about a former Legion building now having dark magic and undead surrounding it. Orchid Lunargleam confirmed the dark magics by checking it, and the group made a decision to pursue the trail of the dwarves in hopes of finding them alive.

The group was able to get sabers and ride their way deeper into Faronaar, briefly being stopped by a Sin’dorei and Kaldorei Demon Hunter that were fighting the undead near the area. After they were questioned, the Sin’dorei revealed that he met the dwarves as they went in the area and never saw them again. With that in mind, the group pressed on, at one point finding a boot that seemed to belong to one of the dwarves. Demeter and Shadowfang were able to catch onto the scent and lead the Circle and company to the entrance of a webfilled arch, along the way gaining the aid of another Sin’dorei Demon Hunter named Oren.

At the webfilled area, the group saw one of the Hornswaggle’s gryphon’s stuck on the web and got him out, where they entered into combat briefly with undead bony spiders. It did not last long though, and the group followed the gryphon to a glowing blue cave entrance where the dwarves were found in cages. A human woman necromancer with regalia and markings similar to the Cult of the Damned had them hostage, mocking the Circle before entering combat. At some points, she used magic to drain life from others (Waltur being the main victim) to heal herself, but ultimately Tanefrun Stormhelm landed the final blow. With her last words alluding to something coming soon she dies and the Circle is able to free the Hornswaggles from their cage; Hilda and Fennie looking wounded while Gilgamar looking worse for the wear.

As the combat ended, Silversworn Aneldrean Silentstar found the book the necromancer wrote in, where she talks about her various experiments and the mentions of a ziggurat in Azsuna. With that in mind, the Circle now has a goal.

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Event : When the Dead Come Knocking Part Two

Following the rescue of Hilda, Fennie and Gilgamar Hornswaggle the circle's eyes turned toward the information found in the Acolytes tome recovered from the woman who had captured the Hornswaggles and been dealt with already. The Ziggurat happened to be a temple once used to fuel The Legion's arsenal in Faronaar, now host to the Cult of the Damned, days after the rescue of the Hornswaggles the Circle began preparing their assault on the Ziggurat and it's inhabitant.

Armed with mining charges and a battle plan the circle circumvented the host of brittle undead risen from the charred bones of fallen heroes during the last war with the legion, landing on a beachhead a ways away from the Ziggurat. The circle successfully made their way to the necromancers lair stealthily enough, however the necromancer had prepared for a trap and sprung it upon the circle, for several minutes they fought back to back against a horde of brittle screeching skeletons, though wounded the Circle emerged victorious with no casualties before ascending the stairs of the Ziggurat.

There the Necromancer had been waiting with an amalgamation of bone and necrotic energy, the Battle was fierce and sudden, the amalgamation launched members of the circle against the wall with it's massive spiked arm, causing damage to the elves as the necromancer tangled with Orchid trapped in magical bindings before forming a soul chain with the highborn, sharing her wounds with the elf.

The Amalgamation eventually lost too many limbs to remain stable, crashing into the floor, the necromancer however had bought enough time, stealing a portion of Orchid's life essence before unleashing a wind of death upon the Circle to which many could not withstand and collapsed unconscious teetering between life and death. However, before the necromancer could finish those wounded, Glynindra and Elieene decapitated the foe, when the battle calmed the circle desperately healed those wounded as charges were set, with the uncontrolled horde of undead in Faronaar left to freely roam the circle needed to leave quickly destroying the workshop in the Ziggurat and any evidence they might've been able to collect before it could be reclaimed.
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Event: Bump in
The Night

Silver Circle ally, Mognus and member, Celassa, called upon the aid of the Silver Circle to delve into the suspicious activity regarding a group of spirits in Hearthglen, Western Plaguelands. Details given to Celassa and Mognus were that the spirits occupied a specific route and never actually started any interactions. But often left any who approached them with head splitting head aches and other forms of ailment. Though there were never any cases of fatalities.

Several members rallied to aid the people of Hearthglen, though it was anticipated that a large group was not needed. It was genuinely appreciated that so many members and allies rose to the occasion and offered their aid. The group met just along the edges the mountain, where several folks had claimed to hear and see these spirits. Soon after the initial launch of the investigation, Celassa Kal'nor spotted something glistening in the distance, close to the base of the mountain. The group sprung into action and raced forward to see if they could catch a glimpse of whatever it was that was causing the glisten.

Upon arrival, the group came across a destroyed caravan. The contents in which the caravan had been carrying had been picked through by animals, leaving nothing that could be consumed behind. But it was quite evident that it was in fact just animals that had scavenged, not humans. Leaving it clear that this attack was not done by someone or something that had intentions of stealing what the caravan was transporting.

During the inspection, new ally, Drizzty and Ziarandra were a form of catalyst. As three spirits appeared from the wreckage of the caravan. A sizeable hole swallowing the caravan and making the presence known of what appeared to be an underground tunnel system. The spirits, Lyra, Murray and Sylvester seemed to stick to one of the affiliates present, forcing whomever they were stuck to, to mimic their own present emotions. It took but a few moments for Mognus to spring into action with some figurines that were intended to be the 'grounding' for the spirits. Which then allowed the three to speak and hold a conversation with the Circle and allies.

After the brief and semi crypt conversation, the spirits led the group through the mountains and into the actual walls of Hearthglen. Going on a tangent of 'their bodies being used for horrible reasons." and other various implications of their remains and horrible deeds while they flew towards the town. They came to a halt just outside the main gate of Hearthglen, where they then vanished from view of the group.

Despite the disappearance of the spirits, the group heads further in Hearthglen, till the come to a stop within the center of town.

The presence of the Circle was once again a catalyst for the ever impending doom, as an apparent necromancer sprung from the ground...along with several living corpses. Each corpse tugging on massive remains of a abomination. The zombies had a sort of necromantic crystal in their chest. Which was eventually revealed to be how the necromancer held power over so many. The spirits of Lyra, Sylvester and Murray pleaded with the group to free their bodies from the control of the Necromancer.

A swift end was brought to the corpses by the heavy onslaught of the Circle. But the necromancer had more of a fight to give, as the abomination was given life through reanimation. The Circle and allies then had to bring the onslaught to the abomination and the necromancer. Though heavy force and tactful attacks, the Abomination fell. soon followed by its creator, the Necromancer.

The final words that the necromancer managed out through fits of coughs were,

"You fools think you've won? We were so close to reaching his goals. All we need is time, and They are patient."

Which left all of those present unsettled. Wondering who the necromancer spoke of, who was patient and what their plans were.
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Argent Recruit and on of the pupils of Delas Moonfang had gone missing in the nights following the conclusion of Hallow's End. Argent Lieutenant Myner and his knights later found a clue about the possible whereabouts of Mossclaw, but the team he sent out to recover her never came back. Fearing the worst, Lieutenant Myner called on the Silver Circle for assistance, knowing some of them may still be in the region of the Western Plaguelands.

News of widespread necrotic and cult activity and of plagued vermin and disease appearing in cities and towns throughout the Eastern Kingdoms, had unsettled the Silver Circle. Some began fearing a resurgence of the Cult of the Damned and the Scourge. When word of Mossclaw's disappearance reached the Silver Circle, many Silversworn and allies agreed to rendezvous at Uther's Tomb with Lieutenant Myner to organize what they hoped would become a successful rescue mission, and provide them with clues as to what might be plaguing the Eastern Kingdoms and beyond.

Due to an old injury sustained during the Scourge Wars, Lieutenant Myner was unable to accompany the Silver Circle in their search for the missing recruit. Myner was able to provide the Silver Circle with information about the search route his knights had taken, led by Sergeant Thorppe, though the team of knights failed to return. To provide the Silver Circle with some advantage, Myner had sent for a crusader who knew the land like the back of her hand: Wildhammer Crusader, Wyndred.

Crusader Wyndred led the Silver Circle through the rocky hills bordering the Plaguelands and the Hinterlands, and over the rushing Caer Darrow river. Following the arduous crossing of the Caer Darrow river, Wyndred and the Silver Circle happened across the bodies of the missing rescue party, led by Sergeant Thorppe. As the members of the Silver Circle inspected the bodies of the fallen Argents, they quickly realized that the crusader knights had fallen in a dangerous place. They were locked between Caer Darrow Lake, the ruined Isle of Caer Darrow, and the high narrow pass leading to the Hinterlands.

While others examined the fallen crusaders, to determine the reason for their demise, Mythanil Briarblade surveyed the high pass leading into the Hinterland Mountains. She spotted movement in the shadow of the trees in the pass above a moment before Nadyssa Leafbreeze, who had been examining the corpse of Sergeant Thorppe, alerted the party that forsaken arrows had been the cause of her demise. The alert had come too late, and a pair of arrows shot from the trees, striking Mythanil in the arm and shoulder.

A pair of Forsaken archers, donning the colors of the Dark Lady, revealed themselves on the hills above and proceeded to rain a volley of arrows upon the Silver Circle. It became evident in that moment precisely how Sergeant Thorppe and her troop had perished...

Unwilling to concede the fight, the Silver Circle retaliated with spells and arrows and blades. But it was not long into their advance that Dark Ranger, leader of the archers, made her presence known. Flanked by two plaguehounds, the Dark Ranger proved to be a formidable nuisance. Yet, with great effort and exceptional team work, the Silver Circle prevailed, but not before other enemies snuck in behind them and effectively trapped them on the high pass.

The commotion of the quarrel with Banshee Loyalists grabbed the attention of a necromancer and his minions at the Isle of Caer Darrow, only a short distance away from the pass. Mere moments after Fyfaesia landed a mortal blow to the Dark Ranger, the necromancer and his ilk closed in. Alerted by Orchid Lunargleam, the Silver Circle had to think quickly in order to prevent themselves from becoming overrun by the encroaching scourge forces. Known for her quick wit, Mythanil Briarblade saw the benefit of the terrain and sought to use the high ground to the Silver Circle's advantage. While Mythanil encouraged others to assist her in rolling logs down the hill, Ranger Dawnspyre set a flash-bang trap comprised of all the flares and small fireworks she had on hand. The stress of looming demise spurred the Circle to action, and within moments Mythanil's plan was executed. The scourge advance triggered Ranger Dawnspyre's trap and a bombardment of flares and fireworks erupted, blinding the charging undead as Mythanil, Mognus and Wyndred sent massive dead logs tumbling down the hill to crush their foes. The necromancer was forced to retreat.

Relief washed over the Silver Circle forces, but as they began to collect themselves and lick their wounds, the mortally wounded Dark Ranger who had been left to perish on the side of the pass made one final strike. The Black Arrow, which had been intended for the warrior-smith Vaelthir, was taken instead by Priestess Celassa Kal'nor, who was felled almost instantly. Vaelthir retaliated, serving swift justice to the dying Dark Ranger with the point of his spear.

With their comrade Priestess Kal'nor teetering on the cusp of death, the Silver Circle began to contemplate a retreat. But the necromancer yet lived, and soon screams began to echo from within the haunted ruins of Caer Darrow...

Forced to make the hard choice, Keeper Nightfury urged the Circle to see the mission through to the end, for Priestess Kal'nor's life was not the only one that hung in the balance. Mythanil stayed behind with Vaelthir, to stabilize and protect Priestess Kal'nor.

Following the desperate and agonizing cries of some forlorn victim, the Circle managed to locate the necromancer within the ruins of Caer Darrow. The necromancer exchanged a few cruel words with the Circle, revealing his bargain with the Banshee Loyalists and the resurgence of the Cult of the Damned under a new, dark master. Tired of the necromancer's games, the Circle attacked only to realize that the necromancer had shielded himself in a magical barrier of some kind. While Iraavos worked to break through the barrier, the necromancer performed a sinister, sacrificial ritual to claim the lives of his captives and revealed himself to be a Lich. The Lich's gambit succeeded, though the ritual was incomplete. Iraavos's disenchantment of the Lich's barrier exposed the last portion of the ritual, and the Silver Circle were able to execute the Lich before the last two captives could be slain. Among the two survivors was Recruit Auroren Mossclaw, and she had urgent news to bring back to the Crusade.

With the mission complete, the Silver Circle and Crusader Wyndred returned to Uther's Tomb, where the injured could rest at the nearby Chillwind Camp. Unable to rest or recovery without delivering the news of what she had learned, Argent Recruit Auroren Mossclaw met with Lieutenant Myner and encouraged her rescuers to accompany her. During the audience, Mossclaw revealed that one of the couriers who had been captive with her at Caer Darrow had discovered the whereabouts of The Blightcaller during one of his routine runs from Light's Hope Chapel to Hearthglen. The courier spotted The Blightcaller sitting on his porch at the old Marris Stead in the Eastern Plaguelands, simply waiting there. It had not been long after that the courier was abducted by the Banshee Loyalists and sold off to the Cultist at Caer Darrow, in a sort of trade agreement between the Banshee's forces and the Cult of the Damned.

Knowing that it could be a trap, Lieutenant Myner assured the Silver Circle that he would alert the other Argent camps at once, and Delas Moonfang, who could send word to the High Priestess...

Now, agents of the Silver Circle lie in wait while the Crusade rallies to surround The Blightcaller at Marris Stead. Soon, the Silver Circle, their High Priestess and all of the Kaldorei will have their vengeance...

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The Light's Hope courier had been right. In the short days following their mission to recover Auroren Mossclaw, Argent patrols found Nathanos Blightcaller, waiting at his old homestead. In response to this development, the Argent Crusade dispatched messengers to notify both Horde and Alliance allies from nearby areas and soon an assault on Marris Stead was organized.

On behalf of Lieutenant Myner, Auroren Mossclaw briefed members of the Silver Circle who had chosen to stay behind, to join the hunt for the Banshee's Champion. She warned them that though The Blightcaller appeared to simply be waiting for troops to take him out, Argent patrols discovered increased plaguehound activity and the presence of Dark Rangers in the region around Marris Stead. Mossclaw explained to the Silver Circle that, for their mission during this operation, they would be responsible for rendezvousing with a small party of Argents to clear a path for additional reinforcements to the Marris Stead.

The Silver Circle set out at once, many eager to mete out justice to one of the notorious enemies of the Alliance. It wasn't long after crossing the Thondroril River that the party was ambushed on all sides by two great packs of plaguehounds.

The plaguehounds assailed the Silver Circle, leaving many touched by the ill-effects of the plague that the hounds left in their wake. When at last the final hound was felled, the party rendezvoused with a squad of four Argent Crusaders and pressed through the plagued forests until the abandoned farmhouse of Marris Stead came into view on a nearby hill.

The way to the Marris Stead took an abrupt turn, for the stead had no direct entrance save a narrow forest path. Old barrels lined the path and were triggered by a series of precise shots from an unseen enemy in the trees nearby. Plague spewed forth from the barrels, further infecting members and allies of the Silver Circle who had advanced down the forest path.

From the cover of the trees, a party of Dark Rangers rained arrows down upon the Silver Circle and their Argent allies. Slowed and gravely effected by the sickening effects of the plague barrels, the fight up to the Marris Stead took a dark turn for the worse.

Then in the midst of the battle, a plague barrel was tossed toward the trees in a gambit to cover fire, and the action startled one of the Dark Rangers, tricking them into triggering the plague trap all over the canopy which hid them. With the Dark Rangers revealed, the Silver Circle made quick work of them and cleared the way to the Marris Stead.

Many of the injured fell behind as the Silver Circle pressed forward, some so driven by the desire for vengeance that some of their plague-addled comrades were neglected in the advance. When they reached the height of the hill, the Marris Stead came into full-view. The old fields were overrun by hounds, who closely guarded The Blightcaller, as agents of the Horde, Argent Crusade and now Alliance met from all sides.

The forces of the Argent Crusade, Horde and Alliance fought tirelessly to clear a path through the hounds, desperate to see who might land the fatal blow on The Blightcaller. Many tried, and many lost their lives in the battle.

As the battle drew out, the sky darkened and a shadow cast over the moon. A silvery owl appeared in the sky above, heralding the arrival of the Army of the Black Moon. Moonclaw worgen and Darnassian sentinels laid waste to the remaining hounds as the Night Warrior took the field and engaged with the Blightcaller.

In a matter of mere moments, Tyrande brought the Banshee's Champion to his knees. Silence fell over the battle field, and the members and allies of the Silver Circle who were present watched the spectacle unfold.

When the battle was won, and after the Blightcaller met a fitting end, the Silver Circle collected their injured and gathered themselves, then journeyed to Light's Hope Chapel for medical attention and to learn more about the rumor that had spread like wildfire in the aftermath of the Blightcaller's defeat.

According to Kelyiara Ebonfall, a twiceborne of the Ebon Blade who joined the battle late, the rumors was true. Sylvanas Windrunner had shattered the Helm of Domination, leaving the Scourge masterless and out of control...

Now, the Argent Crusade has called all able and willing allies to join them in the fight in Northrend.
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At long last, Nathanos Blightcaller, one of the architects of the Fourth War had been brought to justice. Sadly, his demise did little to quell the unrest that had plagued many within the Alliance, for on the eve of his fall the Ebon Blade and Argent Crusade confirmed a grave and terrible rumor. Sylvanas Windrunner had destroyed the Helm of Domination, leaving the Scourge masterless and out of control, and tore through the veil between worlds.

Vicious winged creatures have descended from the shattered sky in Northrend and have begun to raise the dead in droves. The cult of the damned has become emboldened by this development, and now the Argent Crusade and Ebon Blade seek persons ready and able to aid them in overcoming this threat from beyond the grave.

Answering the call, members of the Silver Circle ventured through a portal in Light's Hope Chapel to arrive in the snowy, windswept forest of Crystal Song. From Windrunner's Overlook, they traversed the crystalline forest and climbed the treacherous and icy pass that led them to the lone Bulwark that held many of the rising damned within the frozen wastes of Icecrown: The Argent Vanguard.

The friendly and familiar face of Crusader Wyndred greeted the Silver Circle upon their arrival to the Vanguard. Wyndred showed the Silver Circle to their tents, then welcomed them around a bonfire where she explained the situation the Crusade faced on this front. The scourge had been assailing the Vanguard in waves. The Breach, which had been fortified in years past, was dwindling in strength. Worse, a number of airborne scourge had bypassed the Breach entirely, laying waste to a number of the Argent camps just beyond the Breach's protection. Medical kits and rations were in low supply, and many insignias from fallen crusaders had been left behind in a swift retreat.

Eager to do their part, the Silver Circle volunteered to sweep the fields around the Vanguard for lost supplies and insignias, and to cull any lingering scourge that remained behind. The party split into small groups and quickly combed the field. They rummaged through crates and offered prayers to the fallen as they collected insignias.

More than once, lurking ghouls sprung from the snow to ambush the Silver Circle and their Argent ally. But the individuals of each small team were steadfast in their protection of each other, and the scourge were felled in quick succession.

With the field sweep complete, the Silver Circle converged at the abandoned Argent camp on the far side, nearest to the Breach. There, they happened upon a wagon and a few crates of untouched supplies and explosives that had been fortuitously preserved by the snow. After briefly contemplating blowing the Breach and quickly deciding against it, the Silver Circle and their ally Wyndred set to work gathering the supplies.

As snow began to fall across the field, the Silver Circle loaded up the wagon until it the crates threatened to tumble down. By the time they were done, the weight of the supplies had encumbered the wagon so much that it proved almost impossible to push through the snow, which was fast-accumulating.

Fortunately, an ally of the Ebon Blade was able to call down her frostwyrm to assist. After shoveling snow out from around the wheels of the wagon, and with the help of the mighty frostwrym, the Silver Circle managed to transport the wagon of recovered supplies back to the safety of the Argent Vanguard.

The Silver Circle's first night in Northrend concluded around the campfire by their tents, after unloading the supplies with the help of the Argents. As the cold winds blew over the camp, and warm rations were exchanged across the campfire, the Silver Circle soberly contemplated what the nights ahead might hold, for none could fathom how the shattered veil between worlds could possibly be mended.
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The Argent Vanguard was rife with activity as The Breach fell under siege. The jagged pass that had been heavily fortified during the Scourge Wars, and now stood as the final bottleneck from which the Crusade could keep the damned at bay. Amidst the chaos of Crusaders marshalling to defend The Breach, Keeper Nightfury roused the sleeping Silversworn to join her, for a message had come from above.

Justicar Trueheart of the Argent Crusade had called all auxiliary forces to take action against the growing threat of the Cult of the Damned. In northern Icecrown, a myriad of cult camps dotted the mountains. The most prominent of which was Aldur'thar: the Desolation Gate. Keeper Nightfury explained to the Silversworn that they had been tasked to fly north to the Tournament Grounds, and move out with other auxiliary forces to assist in sabotaging the cult camps around the Desolation Gate.

With the assistance of Flight Master Moran, the Silver Circle took to the air astride Argent gryphons. Unable to steer the gryphons off their predetermined course, the Silver Circle sailed over the undead assault at the Breach and over the fiend pits and bombardments of the Scourgeholme, hugging the eastern cliffs to avoid hostile threats and harsher winds.

As they soared, the Silver Circle riders could see throngs of winged figures in dark armor descending from the shattered sky above, diving toward the ominous Citadel in the distance. When the gryphons began their descent and rounded a few sharp peaks, a great tumult was revealed in the heart of the valley. Below the party, frostwyrms warred with another fleet of airborne Crusaders in the skies.

During their final approach the full breadth of the Argent Tournament Grounds came into view. Gargoyles plagued the skies in small droves, and full assaults appeared to be taking place around the western arenas. The Crusaders below fought off the encroaching dead with astonishing efficiency, as did the few denizens brave enough to eke out a living in the frozen north. For the keepers of the Tournament Grounds, these meager assaults seemed to be an ordinary occurrence. When the Silver Circle touched down at last, they aided the forces of the Argent Crusade, Alliance and Horde, felling a party of ghouls before rendezvousing with Crusader Recruit Auroren Mossclaw, who had rallied them to join her.

Chilling winds battered the Silver Circle and Auroren Mossclaw as they endured the arduous climb beyond the Tournament Grounds. As they trekked, Mossclaw explained the plan: their team had been tasked with sabotaging the Cult of the Damned camp on the east side of Aldur'thar. Mossclaw explained that, if they succeeded in sabotaging the Cult catapults, the Argent Skychasers would be able to bypass the camps and establish a foothold on the Ironwall Rampart. This was their mission.

After some time the ground leveled and the land opened out. The party emerged on a high fell, with snow-crowned peaks of twin mountains on either side, then began to descend the Aldur'thar Pass. To the south, far below them, the Valley of Lost Hope stretched out as a treacherous expanse of frozen ground. There was rising green and orange smoke that came from the cult camps in the valley, and gargantuan bone giants lumbered back and forth, as if, after their first fierce hunger was sated, they had begun to lose their appetite for living flesh. In the very distance, the peaks of the Desolation Gate jutted out of the land, covering the valley from peak to peak with an impressive margin of iron and saronite.

The Cult of the Damned camp atop the black battlements of Aldur’thar was composed of sparse violet tents, deconstructed meat wagons, and plague catapults. Skeletal laborers wandered the grounds, repurposing meat wagon parts to build more plague catapults. With the cultist camp sparsely manned, the Silver Circle decided that the best and safest way to sabotage the camp was to eradicate it completely. The Circle's twiceborne ally, Kelyiara Ebonfall, led the charge, exerting her will over the skeletal laborers to turn them on their masters. Then the rest of the Silver Circle took the camp, culling the damned and blowing up the plague catapults with moonfire and starfire until none remained on the lower levels.

On the upper level of the camp, a party of four cultists remained, rapt in a dark ritual. Unwilling to risk the outcome of the ritual, the Silver Circle snapped into action, felling the cultists with blade and spell and bow. When the final necromancer fell, the Circle realized it had been too late. A pile of sinew and bone behind the ritual site manifested itself into a bone giant. After much effort, the Silver Circle managed to slay the bone giant before it roused the attention of neighboring Cult of the Damned camps.

With the giant slain, and the catapults destroyed, their mission was complete. Mossclaw shot a flare into the air and summoned a cast of Argent gryphons to deliver the party to safety. The Silver Circle returned to the Argent Tournament Grounds after the Scourge ambushes had been extinguished. They came to rest in the great tent of the Silver Covenant, where they would await further orders from the Justicar regarding the next stage of the Icecrown Assault.

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Argent Crusaders lined the dark battlements of the Ironwall Rampart, surveying the horrific battles that dotted the Valley of Fallen Heroes below. The masterless scourge scoured the valley, hunting fallen skychasers in hordes, and unleashed fiendish cries with each new kill.

Other auxiliary teams had returned from their sabotage missions with unsettling intelligence. Journal pages had been found in the cult camps, describing prophetic messages from a Dark Herald about a coming darkness and the Banished One that she serves. The throngs of Scourge had begun amassing at the gates of the Icecrown Citadel, and Argent scouts believed the Dark Herald was among them.

The Silver Circle only recently arrived at the Ramparts with the second wave of Auxiliary forces, at the behest of Justicar Trueheart. Their mission was a great one. They were to join with the other auxiliary forces and take to the skies, to help clear a path for reinforcements to take the foot of the Citadel and, hopefully, the Dark Herald.

Harsh and glacial winds buffeted the Silver Circle and their mounts as they soared toward the gates of the Icecrown Citadel. Beneath them, a procession of behemoth undead giants toting stockpiles of plague barrels made their way toward Citadel. The skies between the Silversworn riders and their objective was a brutal clamor of icy dragonspit, frostwyrms, Argent Hippogryph riders and auxiliary forces on the ground.

As the party advanced, they were stormed by waves of gargoyles and lesser frostwyrms. It was only by quick action and the help of a mysterious highborne mage that the party was able to cut a path to the gates.

With the skies cleared and more reinforcements fast arriving, the Silver Circle soared ahead to Corp:rethar: The Horror Gate. The iron wrought gates were heavily guarded. Bone giants patrolled the battlements and foot of the gate, with small plague barrels in tow. As the airborne teams approached the gate, the undead giants began hurdling plague barrels into the skies at the incoming fighters.

The Silversworn and other forces swooped and bombarded the bone giants until each had fallen in their own stock of plague barrels.

The scourge defense at the Horror Gate was decimated when the last fleet of Argent Crusaders arrived, joined by a large party of Horde and Alliance auxiliary fliers.

As the Argent and auxiliary fleets soared over the Horror Gate, the flying fortification of stone and bone known only as Archerus: The Ebon Hold appeared through the cloudy veil. Knights of the Ebon Blade dropped from the hold astride winged skeletal beasts and joined the Argent Crusade in the skies.

In the west of the Court of Bones, atop the high stair before the Cathedral of Darkness, a winged figure in dark armor appeared. Droves of cultists suddenly marched forth from the Cathedral of Darkness, led by Cult of the Damned standard bearers. A deep horn blared from somewhere within the Cathedral of Darkness as the Dark Herald ordered the defense of the Citadel.

The lines of cultists launched waves of spells at the Argent and auxiliary forces. Gargoyles were roused from their stony slumbers, and ghouls began to rise from the snow drifts around the Court of Bones, waiting to leap on fallen pray.

The Silversworn joined in the assault, led by their Argent ally Wyndred. The battle waged on and the Dark Herald's forces dramatically thinned the numbers of the Argents and auxiliary forces, and at length, infantry reinforcements arrived, led by a heroic figure silhouetted in silver and gold armor. Then finally, as the battle neared its end, the Dark Herald made a swift advance toward the breach in the heavens. Warden Razorleaf's hippogryph gave chase and the great beast's talons raked through the wings of the Dark Herald.

All watched as the Dark Herald plummeted from the skies. Yet, as the Dark Herald lay dying in the snows of the Court of Bones, the Champion in silver and gold armor stepped forward to study the Herald a moment before plunging a blade into the Herald's chest, claiming the kill. A wisp of dark magic broke away from the Herald's form and floated up into the shattered sky where it vanished from sight.

With the foot of the Citadel secured, the Argent Crusade and Ebon Knights ordered the auxiliary forces to return to the Tournament Grounds for rest, while they took control of the massive spire.

For the members of the Silver Circle, the aftermath was bleak. Their mission was completed, but there was still no sign of their High Priestess who had last been seen in the Plaguelands, where she claimed the life of the Blightcaller. With Icecrown secured once more by the forces of the Ashen Verdict, Keeper Nightfury bid the Silversworn to return home to Lightsong, where they could rest and recuperate until news of their High Priestess's whereabouts might reach them.
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