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#14413201 Sep 01, 2020 at 09:56 PM
Ayune Nightwhisper
Ishnu'alah Kaldorei of the Silver Circle,

Greetings to you all, esteemed guild members.

By way of introduction, I am Ayune Nightwhisper, a Night Elf Priestess of the Temple of the Moon in Darnassus. Since the burning of Teldrassil, I have been charged with the responsibility of seeking out and tending any moonwells that might still remain in the lands beyond. I was recently visiting Boralus to learn about the herbs in this region, and saw a posting on a bulletin board about your Kaldorei guild in Val’sharah. It cheered my spirit after all we have been through lately to know that there are Kaldorei communities that follow High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind still and honor the way of Elune. Thus, I put quill to parchment to reach out to your guild.

OOC Wisp Spirit: I am looking for a mature, kind, engaged, and thoughtful role play community focused on the unique aspects of Night Elves in World of Warcraft (“Mature" is not a euphemism for "adult content”). I'm looking for a community that is not so much about anyone’s OOC personal life. While our OOC life matters, that is not the focus of my gaming life. I’m here for the fun, the play, and the discovery. Thus, I am focusing my game time on developing a rich and connected IC RP life with others.

I'm interested in an RP community focused on the uniqueness of the Kaldorei and the Kaldorei spirituality. I'm interested in an RP community that isn't in a rush to 'get somewhere' so much as to 'be together now' in the unfolding moment of the environment, the people, and the stories. I'm delighted by the depth and rich content that is shared so freely on your website. It has given me some taste of who you are and what you do. That there are Path quests and campaigns as well as a moon-based calendar to work with as Headcannon makes me smile ear to ear.

In my personal life, I am a fulltime caregiver of my elderly mother during these very interesting times. I can be on WoW in the evenings/nights especially if I plan ahead. Yet spontaneous WoW time is also possible.

Ayune Nightwhisper is deeply spiritual. This was a natural outcome of her personal history and upbringing in a Kaldorei household. Yet it was truly only in her most recent years stationed in Darnassus, that her spirituality became her lifeway. She was stationed in Darnassus and was thus close to the main temple and in the embrace of all that is Kaldorei. Life was slower. Herbs abounded. The night sky was beautiful. There was another moonwell to discover around the next twist in the dirt trail. Ayune came to know the land and the people and the moon and Elune and Her priestesses. Ayune’s training deepened; her spirituality went from a teaching in a book or a way of life, to an in-born knowing that is life’s work. As a result of this deep spiritual transformation, her responsibilities for the Temple and the Kaldorei also deepened. She was tasked by the Temple in Darnassus to be one of the moonwell tenders.

Even now, as a guest in the various lands of Azeroth, Ayune is mostly a night creature who lives in rhythms with the moon. With the burning of Teldrassil, she has been thrown out into the larger world of Azeroth and its politics, trying to cope with what has happened and what is happening. She is now exploring as much of Azeroth as she can, looking for the lost moonwells, to tend them and restore them if possible (fighting satyrs is part of her repertoire). So, her devotion to Elune, her deep commitment to the wellbeing of the Kaldorei, and her deep love of Teldrassil are all part and parcel of who she is.

ICC Wisp Spirit: I am writing to ask if any of your guild might hold any of ancient knowledge of any of the moonwells in greater Azeroth? After the burning of Teldrassil, our records have been lost and I have been given the responsibility of finding as many of them that might still exist. The moonwells are vital not only in the healing of the land and it’s creatures, but also in the healing of Kaldorei hearts and spirits during these times. It is by Elune’s grace that any of the moonwells remain at all. I am charged to protect them, defend them, and restore each and every one, as Elune’s servant and devotee.

Having mostly been in Val’sharah these past months (with small excursions to other lands), it is time to move to some of the adjacent lands to continue with this work. If there is anyone in your guild with some of the ancient knowledge of the moonwells, or perhaps has copies of any of our ancient Kaldorei documents or maps, I would like to request a meeting to discuss this more deeply. So much has been lost, yet perhaps among all of you, something was preserved? My research continues so that I might plan the next stages and steps of this work on behalf of Elune and the Kaldorei.

All replies can be sent in care of the Inn in Lightsong, Val’sharah.

Thank you for your time and attention. I eagerly await any response you might be able to give.

Elune ‘dorine talan,

Ayune Nightwhisper
#14416410 Sep 08, 2020 at 09:35 PM
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HI!!! omg, your gal sounds so amazing and I think her and Celassa would get along SWELLINGLY. Recently Cela has also been delving into some *ancient* artifacts. I could see the two of us creating some AMAZING content for the two to experience! Celassa is also a Priestess too! So the two could totally spend HOURS talking about our great mother moon.

I would also like to let you know, IRL comes first. And we absolutely do NOT expect you to share anything more than what you want! We ain't going to pry information about your life out of you, we respect boundaries. So you have absolutely no reason to stress about that! Your life is your own and by all means, share (or don't!) what you want! 😀😀😀

We also really really follow lore here. With some head canon just because some things, Blizzard does not really give depth to!


In'elah Sister,

My name is Celassa Kal'nor, I received your letter of inquire about our knowledge of ancient Moonwells. While our duties bring us all across Azeroth, I do not believe we have come across any forgotten Moonwells, at least to my knowledge personally. I encourage you to probe our members though, ask around. See if there truly is any knowledge of lost Moonwells. Or even Moonwells that require cleansing and attention. I can easily see with all the loss that there are forgotten Moonwells. It brings me great pride to hear of a fellow sister who has set herself out to reclaim lost artifacts in the name of our Goddess.
Anu Zin-Elune!
#14416863 Sep 09, 2020 at 12:55 PM
Ayune Nightwhisper
OOC: Hello and greetings! Thank you for your response. Is there a way we can connect in-game or on discord so I might ask some more questions? I would very much like to 'shadow' for an event or two to discover if we might be a good match. I am interested in lore and a Kaldorei RP immersion community and I smile to read your response to me.

IC: In'alah Sister Celassa Kal'nor,

Thank you for your warm and helpful response. It is good to know that such communities as yours are strong and cohesive during these times.

If you let me know where your travels take you next, I will try to meet you so we can discuss all that might need discussing and share in the blessings of Elune together.

In Elune's service,

Ayune Nightwhisper
#14417564 Sep 10, 2020 at 01:02 PM
Ayune Nightwhisper
OOC: p.s. I'm on a different realm in-game, so I can't send in-game mail or whisper you there as I might usually. Thank you again for being in touch.
#14420946 Sep 16, 2020 at 04:44 PM
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HIYA! Yes! If you would like, you can add me on discord/B-net! I have the app so I can get back to you pretty promptly! I AM SO EXCITED TO CONNECT!

Discord: Jackie#8644
B-net: Jackie#12686