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#14412678 Aug 31, 2020 at 05:51 PM
Sarah :)
Hi! I've been looking for a kaldorei rp guild and this seems like a good fit :) My name's Sarah and my character is a night elf priest on wyrmrest accord. Illusia Lunefeather is a traveling priestess and hippogryph rider. I've chosen the quickness prompt because it seemed like the easiest set of questions for me to answer.

OOC-My dream job is definitely working in the mental health field. I'm actually studying in university right now to become a mental health therapist or school counselor. I just really enjoy helping people as much as I can and making people feel better and happier. I also find psychology and most sciences really interesting to learn about anyway. My favorite hobby on the other hand is definitely music, which is pretty common, but something about singing and playing piano just makes me happy.

IC- Illusia has certainly never been a teacher before, but she would certainly be willing to share her knowledge of riding/caring for hippogryphs, and her knowledge of the places she's traveled. I would say she has a hidden talent in getting herself out of trouble, likely running away from many uneasy situations on her travels. Singing is one too, but she doesn't really do it that much outside of her religious hymns and chants to Elune. And being a former innkeeper apprentice, I would imagine she may have a talent for making various drinks as well. I randomly got inspiration for the character from an innkeeper npc in northrend afterall.

btw just to be clear my character's in game name has an accent on the first I of Illusia which would make it ├Źllusia in case I need to be contacted in game. My btag if needed is also Sylania#11365

I look forward to meeting you all <3
#14413127 Sep 01, 2020 at 04:40 PM
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Good evening, Illusia,

Great to hear that you like what you see so far from our website! I would definitely make sure that you check out our Event Calendar to check out when and where we have our events. We only have a couple of hippogryph riders so we could certainly use some more teaching from your priestess! Hearing sings, especially on hippogryph-back, could be really interesting.

When we're online in an IC capacity, you can usually find us in Lightsong, Val'sharah as that is our current base of operations. Feel free to reach out and come witness, or even participate, in our events to see if you like what you see!

Be well,
Kelanthos Ivyfang, Elder of the Wild