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#14224262 Oct 08, 2019 at 07:19 PM
Hello friends!

My name is Ellesthe Shadowfern and I am a druid of the talon and a distant relative to Thinius (so he and I both think anyway). I came upon the circle while I was taking a walk through Val'sharah, they were very nice and even offered me snacks and as someone that doesn't interact with others very much I was impressed! But anyway I should say something about myself. I was born and raised in Feralas and I consider most of southern Kalimdor to be my stomping grounds. I was born shortly after the fall of Eldre'thalas or was it before? I'm not entirely sure but I do know my parents didn't use magic, at least to my knowledge but I've always been fascinated by it and even tried to teach myself some which ended up with my mother pushing me to be a priestess but I didn't care for that and when a druid visited our village in the form of a bird I knew what I wanted to do. Female druids weren't very common at the time or really at all but that didn't stop me from learning everything I could before I was able to become one.

My life's story aside I love my solitude and spend most my time alone in the forest or jungles. I also enjoy the mapping of stars, yes it's strange I know. Anyways, uhhh, sorry I tend to ramble I guess I'll leave by saying that you should watch what trees you bump into, some of us are trying to sleep up there.

OOC: Hi, I go by Ler. I've been RPing in WoW since BC and a night elf on and off since wrath so you'll have to forgive me if I'm a bit rusty on some of the lore and such. I'm mostly around during the evenings. Ellesethe is essentially introverted but is friendly so say hello if you see her around.

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Hi, thanks for posting! I look forward to meeting you and your character.

Kynthae would tell Ellesthe that mapping stars is not strange at all and sounds very interesting!
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Hey there! I remember meeting you in Val'sharah. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed meeting us a few days ago and I hope we get more chances to roleplay soon. Keep an eye on the calendar for upcoming events and holidays because that will be when most of us are on, but also don't hesitate to ping some of us in game and hit us up for roleplay.